Cosmic Disclosure: Contact Is Made

Season 2, Episode 1

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DW: All right, welcome to the show. I'm David Wilcock. And we are absolutely having fun here. This is all new information, even for people who think they know it all. I think we're just peeling away the layers of the onion here. And it gets more and more interesting as we go. I'm here with Corey Goode. And we are discussing insider information that he gained through his work in the Secret Space Program, or what's often abbreviated to SSP. Corey, this Secret Space Program, how does something like this get started? If our conventional technology seems to be so primitive as far space travel is concerned, did the space program actually have some help? Was there some outside assistance that allowed it to develop this far at such an early time in history?

CG: Actually, the reason there's such a wide range in technologies in the Secret Space Program and what we have down here is that this is a complete breakaway society.

DW: What does a breakaway society mean?

CG: It is a society that is so divergent from the one that it came from that it's a completely different society that runs on totally different technology, different social dynamics, different control systems, that are unrelated to the ones that it came from before. It broke away. And it's now existing separate from.

DW: What might be an example of a different social dynamic?

CG: Well it's definitely more of a controlled, totalitarian regime.

DW: Really?

CG: Yeah, yeah. The current era breakaway civilization really began in Germany, as far back as the '20s, but especially in the '30s. There were some of the German secret societies that were doing a lot of really interesting work. They were some of the first that didn't separate science and what our mainstream science considers esoteric spirituality kind of topics. They intertwined them. And they had some groups that were doing channeling, trying to contact groups from other worlds. And they were also scouring the Earth for texts-- ancient texts from the East that had talked about ancient Vimana and other craft that they hoped that they could get information from to engineer craft from.

DW: One of the most contentious pieces of research that I came across dealing with German occult societies was apparently one of the top occultists in the time, who later advised Hitler, saw a talk by Gurdjieff. And Gurdjieff described this grand hypothesis of a symbol that was showing up, a sacred symbol, literally all over the world. All these different ancient cultures had this symbol that the Hindus called the "sah-wah-STEE-ka," or swastika. Do you think that the Germans in these occult societies, by seeing this almost worldwide prevalence of one symbol, were they reconstructing what they felt was the traces of a worldwide ancient advanced civilization of some kind?

CG: I don't know that for sure. But I know that as far back as the late '20s, and through the '30s, some of these secret societies were already well into expeditions all across the world, looking for ancient texts and relics that they could start to piece information together to create technology from, modern technology from.

DW: Also I did a ancient aliens episode not too long ago on something called the German Roswell. And I'm wondering if you'd ever heard of that.

CG: I believe it's 1936, a crash in the Black Forest.

DW: Right, on Eva Braun's family's land, apparently. And she later became Hitler's wife.

CG: I read that there was a crash and that there was technology recovered in the glass pad. But most of my knowledge goes to the contact that was made through the channeling, where they made contact with another civilization, and ended up arranging meetings with them and also, through their expeditions, ended up making contact in the Himalayas with the ancient breakaway civilization that a lot of people call the Nordics that they started to work with. They were working with these two different groups that helped them put this together.

DW: One of the most common things the critics keep saying is Corey has no proof. But when you're describing channeling, this is something that people can go and read for themselves. It wasn't all kept secret, right?

CG: No, a lot of this is out in mainstream. And people, I think, have written books and stuff about.

DW: So this is the Vril Society--

CG: The Vril Society.

DW: --Maria Orčić.

CG: Right.

DW: Can you tell us what you know about the channeling, like did they form a contact with some sort of extraterrestrial group?

CG: Yes, they made contact with one of the Draco Alliance groups. And it was when they drew a picture of the face, a lot of people today say it looks like the Gray, or the Reptoids, which look very much like the Grays, except they're reptilian looking.

DW: Was that group here already before they made contact? Or did the contact draw them over to our solar system?

CG: The Draco, according to the glass pad-- smart glass pad-- had been here at least 375,000 years. And they considered Earth theirs.

DW: What do they look like? Where are they from? What's their story?

CG: Well the Draco are-- most people picture them as only these large reptilian group. But the Draco Alliance is made up of a lot of different beings. Most of them have some sort of reptilian blood in them, some sort of reptilian genetics. And I guess you could say they're very genetic purists. They like to have beings involved in their alliance that have some sort of reptilian genetics. But there have also been other insectoid-type beings that have been associated with the Draco Alliance.

DW: When you say reptilians, you're talking about a humanoid body?

CG: Right.

DW: But with a reptile-type appearance to it?

CG: Right. Reptilian skin, reptilian eyes, muscular build, reptilian disposition-- very aggressive-- and what a lot of people probably would picture as a demon. That's probably where a lot of the demon and devil ideas came from, the way they were depicted in medieval art.

DW: And you also said Reptoid as if it was something different from reptilian. So could you explain the difference?

CG: Yeah the Reptoids look-- they have a more narrow jaw, elongated head, and eyes that are larger. They look a lot like what people picture as the alien that you would see stamped on a sign at Roswell, the typical Gray.

DW: But there would be a difference between a Gray and a Reptoid?

CG: Definitely. And there are a whole lot of different beings that get thrown into the Gray category. There's a lot of confusion with Grays. There are quite a few different types of beings that get tossed into that category.

DW: So why is the term Draco being used for these people?

CG: I don't know the genesis of the name. I don't know if the name is something that came from them or comes from a more ancient derived manner. I don't know where the actual name comes from. I have heard all of the stuff that's on the internet about the Draco star cluster and that kind of stuff. But I don't know for certain.

DW: But the term Draco sounds a lot like dragon.

CG: It does.

DW: And Dracula, I guess, would be another similar thing.

CG: But I don't know which-- the chicken or the egg, I don't know which came first.

DW: This obviously starts to get immediately into the David Icke kind of stuff. To your personal knowledge, are there people on Earth that are reptilians that shape shift to look like human beings?

CG: The only type of shape shifting that we encountered when we interrogated intercepted beings was done through a technological means.

DW: OK. So this idea that the so-called Illuminati are in fact reptilians that are masquerading as human beings and they don't look like that at all is not anything you encountered in your line of work?

CG: It's not anything I encountered.

DW: So just briefly, if you have-- we've talked about avians that look human but they have birdlike features. Now we're talking about reptilians that look human but have birdlike features. Is the biome that we have on Earth-- meaning single-celled organisms, algae, vegetables, plants, mammals, fish, birds, reptiles-- is that type of thing a fairly common pattern for worlds that are Earth-like in our galaxy?

CG: Yes. And it seems to be some sort of-- there's some sort of humanoid template.

DW: Right, so different types of beings that we see on Earth could evolve into a human-like form, depending on the conditions of that planet.

CG: Right.

DW: And you're saying the Draco basically were like interstellar racists and found others who had evolved out of reptilian life or insectoid-type life. And that was their preferred group.

CG: Right. Or they genetically interfered, one or the other.

DW: What was their objective in coming here in the first place? What did they want from our solar system or from humans on Earth?

CG: Conquests, furthering their dynasty, their Draco alliance was-- they're all about spreading their empire.

DW: So the German occult societies-- were they contacted, or did they try to make contact with the Draco? How did that actually happen?

CG: They reached out and made contact, consciously, to this group.

DW: Through this Vril Society?

CG: Right.

DW: And you also said that there was a Nordic-looking group?

CG: The German secret societies had been doing a whole bunch of expeditions. And as they were in the area of the Himalayans, they ran into a group of Nordic-looking beings that presented themselves as alien, ETs. And they were actually a ancient human breakaway civilization that had existed under the Himalayas for tens of thousands of years.

DW: Under the Himalayas?

CG: Right, and further on in a network of cities connected underneath the ground.

DW: Had they reoccupied the stuff that was built by the so-called ancient builder race?

CG: Yes, but they had actually built out a very, very sophisticated, high-tech-- they were a very sophisticated, high-tech civilization on their own. And they built out their own high-tech infrastructure.

DW: But this was one of these underground areas, as you said before, that has the bioluminescent bacteria and has trees and running water and its own evolutionary path of animals and fish and birds and all that kind of stuff?

CG: But their's was closer to the surface, underneath mountains and networks that reached down to that area. And they called theirselves the Agartha Network.

DW: Really?

CG: That was according to the documentation. And they had a space fleet, or a space program, that they called the Silver Fleet.

DW: This sounds a lot like people who have been contacted by what they think are extraterrestrials, the so-called Nordic ET is a pretty common thing to hear about.

CG: Yes, that happened a lot by this group that pretended to be ETs. And later on that also happened by this German group that created a breakaway civilization using technology they obtained from the Draco and this Agarthan group under the Himalayans.

DW: Do you think these Agarthans are the reason why the Germans became so obsessed with blonde hair and blue eyes and said it was a master race?

CG: Most likely.

DW: What did the Agarthans tell the Germans about themselves? Where did they say they were from?

CG: I believe they said they were from the Pleiades or something like that originally.

DW: So take us now through the origin of the space program based on these contacts. First of all, did the Draco and the Agarthans get along with each other? Did they know about each other? Did they have some kind of partnership?

CG: They had an understanding. They weren't allies. The Draco do not play well with others that don't bow before their feet. But they had an understanding to stay out of each other's hair and scales.

DW: So how does this turn into space travel? Who gave the Germans the space travel capability? How did that develop? Because obviously they're not going to build a space program without space travel.

CG: Right. Well the Germans, they were very intelligent. And they had already made some pretty excellent discoveries on their own from observing nature and the fact that, unlike in the West-- like I said before-- they didn't separate science from spirituality and some esoteric beliefs. They actually would use some esoteric beliefs, some of what we would call magic or black magic, at the same time they used science. They mixed it. And this actually gave them an edge.

DW: Did you ever run across the work of Viktor Schauberger in any of the documentation you saw?

CG: Yes. Yeah, he originally studied the fish, or the trout, travelling up the stream, up the waterfalls and stuff.

DW: It appears that Schauberger saw that there was some kind of antigravity effect with trout and salmon swimming up a 30 foot high waterfall and just gliding their way up.

CG: Yeah, OK.

DW: So did you encounter any information suggesting that Schauberger was on the right track, that he actually did invent something real?

CG: There were not only him. There were several German and Polish and I believe other scientists that were having some pretty good interesting breakthroughs that had that information confiscated and brought into these secret societies.

DW: Did these extraterrestrial groups, like the Draco and the Agarthans, give assistance to the Germans at some point so they could perfect or make a greater development of progress with what they were already working on?

CG: Yes. They had already started to build some pretty interesting devices based on some ancient texts and information they had found on the Vimana, creating mercury vortex electrogravitic devices that created a gravity-canceling technology.

DW: When you say mercury vortex, what are you referring to? What would this technology look like if we were going to see it?

CG: Basically in a glass cylinder with mercury in it, they would spin it at extremely high velocities and--

DW: Like a ring, a glass ring?

CG: In a glass cylinder.

DW: Oh, a vertical cylinder.

CG: Right.


CG: Or sometimes in a--

DW: Sphere?

CG: Sphere. But usually it was in a cylinder. And then from the top and the bottom they would spin it at very high velocities and then apply very high voltage to it.

DW: And that causes the antigravity?

CG: Yes. And then they started doing counter rotating copper plates as well-- involved in it as well.

DW: So I know one of the books that I've seen that really talks about this Bell craft quite a bit is "The Hunt for Zero Point," by Nick Cook. He's done a lot of really original research on this subject. To your knowledge, when was the first Bell craft actually constructed and became operational, at least they got some kind of an effect out of it?

CG: Not quite sure. I can't really remember the exact dates and details from what I was reading. They were doing that stuff in the early '40s. I do remember some of the accounts I read about the Bell. I remember they had several that they had tethered that had broken loose from the tethering and had pretty much just disappeared.

DW: Really?

CG: And then they had others. It was a process, a scientific process. And supposedly there were some scientists that died from getting too close. And they had some explosions. They had a lot of problems getting that started.

DW: Did they have little propellers that whirled the mercury around inside the cylinder? Or how did they make it move?

CG: From what I understood, there was an actual huge electrical cable that went to it and fed electricity to motors that spun very high RPMs and spun the mercury around. And interesting thing that happened, something that was dealt with later, is they discovered that heavy electricity-- I mean seriously heavy electricity-- applied to mercury causes the mercury to turn into gold.

DW: Really? Like alchemy.

CG: Like alchemy. And these cylinders, glass cylinders, kept the mercury-- kept turning to a coral-looking gold. And this was seen as a problem. Creating gold was seen as a problem.

DW: Why? Why would that matter? Wouldn't they want gold?

CG: No, they needed a golem metal, liquid metal, that would stay liquid at high temperatures, high RPMs, and that would conduct electricity for long periods of time without transmuting. And they eventually engineered a different liquid metal.

DW: But what would happen to the craft if it starts turning into gold?

CG: It becomes unstable and crashes.

DW: Really? Very interesting. Did the Draco or the Agarthans give them direct assistance to make this Bell craft work better, to solve the gold problem, as one example?

CG: Yes. It was after they got to a certain point of technological achievement and ongoing diplomatic relations with both these groups that they started getting scientific help in the form of liaisons coming in and helping them, almost like scientist exchanges. And once they developed a stable, working, antigravitic craft, they then started to form more and more of breakaway society from the German dictatorship, or the German leadership, and started to keep more things secret and do things their own way.

DW: So you're saying this is not necessarily Nazi?

CG: No.

DW: It's more the German, occult secret societies?

CG: Right, those secret societies ended up creating Nazism.

DW: But Nazism broke away from them somehow and didn't adhere to what they wanted?

CG: I guess. That was more of a mainstream government, control the people kind of thing. They were more interested in starting their own breakaway civilization that had nothing to do with any groups, to have their own civilization, their own master race, their own space program. They had high ideas.

DW: In "The Hunt for Zero Point," Nick Cook, doing his research on this Bell craft, said that the Nazi code name for the project was Chronos, which means time. And he said, in the book, that-- and this was based on documents that he was able to find-- that apparently time started to get weird when they began playing around with this. Did you encounter any information of that sort?

CG: Yeah, when you're playing with electrogravitic technology, time and space, the veil between them thins. So you start to have anomalies.

DW: So what would be an example of an anomaly?

CG: Well an anomaly would be you would travel-- any time you're traveling at a certain speed, not only are you traveling a distance, you're traveling in time. And if they create a situation to where they jump from one place to another really quickly, they have not only jumped in space, but they have also time travelled.

DW: Wow.

CG: So it starts to blur, the time-space veil starts to blur.

DW: Well, we're out of time for this episode. But I think what we're going to have to do is continue this discussion. Because we haven't even really gotten into how these German occult societies then made their way into space. And I want to just stay right on this track. So next time coming up, we're going to take this very interesting discussion and really blow it out into the cosmos and get into information that until I met you I really had never heard before. This is some of the most heavily-guarded insider stuff. Even the insiders who know what they're talking about typically don't want to tell you this. But we're just going to release it all on the show. Because as you've said, the Alliance wants this stuff to come out now. And it's a great honor to have you here so we can start to bring out more and more of the suppressed history of our own 20th century. So Corey, again, thank you for being here. And I'm really glad that you've decided to do this with us.

CG: Thank you.

DW: All right.

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