Cosmic Disclosure: Inner Earth In Crisis

Season 9, Episode 3

admin    20 Dec 2017


David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and I'm here with Corey Goode, once again bringing you vital updates for this on-going amazing saga that we have been experiencing.

Corey, welcome back to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: One of the things that you've shared with me in our private conversation is that you had some new interactions with the Anshar that are actually quite interesting. And apparently this is sensitive enough that I'm only going to hear this for the first time as we're talking about it on camera, so I'm excited to hear about this as is everyone else.

So what's going on in the Inner Earth planes at this point?

Corey: Well, it's not real shocking information at all.

1 Corey Goode

David: Okay.

Corey: What occurred is they brought me down to . . . I was brought down to the temple complex area again. And I was brought right past the area where you cleanse.

2 Anshar Cleansing Room

They didn't have me do that. They had me walk directly out into the corridors that brought me out to the city area, or the cavern area where the cities used to be.

David: Okay.

Corey: In the temporal bubble that was created, they had us fly in.

3 Anshar Temporal Bubble

David: Just to recap, what I remember you telling us before is that the Anshar have actually gone into some sort of protective field because of the possible Solar Flash and they don't know when it's going to happen.

So is that the nature of what this is?

Corey: Right. They create this bubble every time there is one of these cycles that occurs.

David: With the Solar Flash?

Corey: With Solar Flashes and just the other cycle . . . all the cycles that occur . . .

David: Right.

Corey: . . . over time since they've been here. They put themselves in this temporal bubble.

Now, when they flew us in in one of the shuttle craft, Anshar buses, that I've described before, it was huge.

4 Anshar Bus

I mean it was huge. There were a lot of them – a lot of people.

David: What was huge? What did you see? The bus was huge?

Corey: No, the inside, all of the different city components were connected like . . . almost like Legos . . .

David: Hm!

Corey: . . . like electromagnetic “Zezt”, connected to each other, and they were all over, 360° all around and looking up . . . If they were standing looking up, they'd all be looking to the same point in the middle of the sphere.

David: So, again, just to clarify this, you've said that these units that they were living in in the Inner Earth caverns are modular, and they are like little spaceships that can move on their own.

Corey: Right.

David: So they have now joined together like Lego blocks . . .

Corey: Yes.

David: . . . inside this bubble?

Corey: Yes.

David: How spectacular was this to see? Was it a really stunning thing?

Corey: YES! The thing is, when you first fly into the event horizon of this one . . . I did not experience this when we were going to the temporal anomalies on Jupiter. So it was a little different.

As soon as we went through the event horizon, it was kind of like being exposed to a heavy amount of electromagnetic field. I kind of fell to my side and almost kind of passed out.

David: Wow!

Corey: And very quickly after that, after we passed that barrier and went in, I was fine. I was just kind of a little out of it and coming to.

David: So this is a time bubble as well as a dimensional space of some kind?

Corey: It is a temporal bubble that is created outside of this reality space-time.

David: So whatever happens to the Earth, even if it moves in an unusual way, they are not going to be affected by that.

Corey: Yeah. The energies are not going to affect them. They are completely segmented from this reality, I guess you would say.

David: Is it in a higher dimension but somehow still local here to Earth? Or where is it actually physically?

Corey: Well, just like the temporal bubbles that they have outside of Jupiter and Saturn, they are accessible from many different galaxies . . .

David: Really!

Corey: . . . and many places in this galaxy. You go in, and you think that you've just traveled a few thousand meters through a barrier and then you're in this dark place.

But really, you're nowhere in our space-time. You're nowhere. And all of these other galaxies have tunnels that get them to the same point. They can travel in, and it's a real quick trip. It like just traveling to the Moon kind of distance.

And then at that point, everyone's together but when they're really many, many thousands and millions of light years apart.

David: So you're saying this temporal bubble that you went into is potentially accessible from multiple points in our galaxy and even other galaxies.

Corey: It is, absolutely.

David: How would they have any protection against an invasion in that case then?

Corey: The way it is designed, you can only go . . . they call it “punching in” and “punching out” from the same trajectories.

When you come in, you come in and then you come to the meeting spot or wherever you're going, and then, I don't know if it's technology, harmonics or what, then they are only allowed to leave through that same point that they punched in, which will bring them back to their space-time.

David: Are these people using languages to talk to each other, or is it all telepathic? How does the communication happen?

Corey: No, they were using a language – that weird . . . they say it's Akkadian like, but the only thing I can image is, imagine someone that grew up in Turkey, and they have the Turkish accent, and they were taught an old dialect of German or something. Imagine how that kind of might sound. It's very, very weird.

But, yes, they were communicating in that common language.

David: They speak with their mouths.

Corey: Yes, they were speaking.

David: Were you able to understand any of it?

Corey: No.

David: Okay.

Corey: What happens after we landed, they brought me down into one of these domes, and at the base of the dome, they were having a discussion.

And it was interesting to me. They had all of the seven different groups that I first saw when the Anshar had their first meeting that I was invited to.

5 Star Group

David: Oh!

Corey: All these different groups were there.

6 Asian Group

David: Now, just to be clear, you had said before that this is the people from Earth's future that had time traveled back, so all the different racial types on Earth are represented in these groups.

7 African Group

8 Omega Group

Corey: They are. And, yes, that is what they claim, that they come . . . Each of the different racial groups that are here, are here pretty much on the same mission, but they came during different time periods.

9 Saturn Black Group

10 Saturn Green Group

11 Anshar Saturn Red Group

They didn't come at the same time the Anshar did.

David: Okay. Interesting.

Corey: So what was going on is there was a discussion going on about how they were going to integrate some sort of technology that they all share.

And as I've told you, in the past, their technology is powered and controlled all by consciousness. So there are really not a whole lot of physical devices around.

So this was the first thing I was shown.

And they were showing above a small, squared desk-looking thing, they were showing a hologram up of these long square-type blocks that, in the middle of them, were almost like cables. They were very large crystalline like cables that went through that were impregnated in a spiral with some sort of mineral. I don't know what it was.

David: Let's talk for a minute about what the boxes are. What are they connecting? What does this do for them?

Corey: It's going to allow them to network together all of their consciousness to be able to help them power and control technologies that they're planning on using in there for however long they are in there.

David: Now, if I remember correctly, when we first started talking about this, you said that different groups had amulets with little jewels on them that showed what part of the Earth they were living in, and they had different regions for different groups. Is that correct?

Corey: Right.

David: So you might have people that look Asian, but they are going to be in one area, and people that look Nordic might be in another area.

Corey: Yeah, they weren't all mixing together. They had their own blocks or areas. That's correct.

David: Now the priesthood that you originally went into with Ka'Aree, that was some sort of summit that was happening at that time where they were bringing their troops together so to speak?

Corey: Yes, a very rare meeting of bringing all of the decision-makers together. And the decision-makers happen with all of them . . . pretty much all of them. One of the . . . Some of their religious caste are also somewhat warrior caste.

With that Omega group, it was more that way with them.

David: Right. And you had said that the reason they were first coming together was threats from the Cabal actually trying to wipe them out.

Corey: Yes, well, they had a number of disagreements with non-terrestrials that are in competition for a different future.

David: Hm.

Corey: So, yeah, there were . . . they had that component. And then they stated that the people of the surface had developed technologies and weaponry that now reached them as far down as they were.

David: So it sounds like the meeting that you're being taken to now, there's a deeper level of cooperation and affiliation than just that initial negotiation that you saw the first time.

Corey: Yes, and this is something that apparently they do every 25,000 years or so.

David: Hm.

Corey: They come together and stay together in this bubble, basically, and then afterwards, they leave, and then they do what they need to do. They see how far the timeline is off, if any, from when they went in, and then they begin trying to manicure the timeline again to get it back where it should be.

David: So these cubes with the Mylar-type of cable between them, is this the equivalent of them creating an Internet where they have access to all of their mutual intel, that kind of thing?

Corey: The information is shared on a wider bandwidth range – wirelessly, I guess you would say. These are basically almost like cables coming together that reroutes . . . And all of them are putting off energy and consciousness, consciousness energy. That is being harnessed in this technology to power various different types of technology.

And they can also control technology that's in other areas that way, so I guess it is networked in that sense.

David: Did you have the different groups putting their various cities together like Lego blocks in the one temporal bubble? Is that part of what this was?

Corey: Yes.

David: Okay.

Corey: Yeah.

David: So it's . . . In a sense it's linking everything up once they go into that bubble. Why do you think that you would have been brought in to see this meeting? What would be the reason why you would be communicating this to us today?

Corey: Well, that was the strange part of the whole thing. Aree [Ka'Aree] told me that we needed me to witness it and to help arbitrate it, but I didn't know where to begin.

At one point, I got real close to the desk, and I leaned in to look at the hologram, and they stopped talking. They looked at me like I was interrupting.

David: Hm.

Corey: It's like they had me in the room for some reason, but they didn't want to have me in the room at the same time.

And then afterwards, she just . . . we went back to the Anshar bus. She flew me back through the temporal bubble and to the cavern. And then we walked back. We had a few conversations about some action items she had given me about different changes to make in myself, but other than that, that's all that event was.

David: Well, there's one thing that I'm not really clear on, which is, if they're coming together in one bubble, and they're linking their technology together, then what's the argument? Why would they have any differences of opinion?

Corey: In how . . . In how it was coming together. That was the last component that they had left. They had pretty much connected all of their cities together, and then now, . . . and they all have their separate self-contained consciousness energy grid.

And then they were being very tentative on how they wanted to connect that with other people's grids.

David: Hm.

Corey: So I don't know fully if it was security, just old type of maybe competition between certain groups, but everything else had worked just fine. They had all these areas that were all just snapped together all around.

David: You had also said before that some of these groups were kind of adversarial to one another, that they might not all have the same agenda. Some of them might have an agenda that wouldn't be as favorable for us.

Were those negative groups also involved in this, or was this just . . .

Corey: All of them were together.

David: Really?

Corey: Yeah.

David: So do you think part of the argument might have been that maybe these more adversarial groups would have had all of their communications exposed if they made this grid, and they had things they wanted to hide? Do you think that could be what it is?

Corey: No. At that level, the fourth density, there's no hiding anything, really. It's such an expanded consciousness, and connectiveness. They're all connected in a way that we just really can't understand.

David: So did you ask Aree why you were invited to this and what was the agenda for you to see it?

Corey: She said, as a part of my role, I needed to be an observer.

David: Hm.

Corey: That's pretty much all the explanation I get.

David: How do you think . . . and I know you're probably going to have to speculate, but if you can speculate, how do you think this event and this negotiation affects humans on Earth now and humans on Earth as we go through the Solar Flash and after the Solar Flash?

Corey: What the Anshar are doing right now in the temporal bubble does not affect us at all. What they are doing in the temple complexes, and what the other beings are doing in their temple complexes, is germane to us on the surface.

David: In what way?

Corey: They're reaching out, the way I've explained before. They're reaching out, connecting with people on a higher-self level, basically making an agreement on how each individual will be brought up to speed or awoken to certain information.

12 Anshar Reaching Out To Our Higher Self

A lot of it is being done mainly in downloads, which is not what I expected. When they said “dream state”, they also included downloads.

I'm getting emails like crazy about people talking about the downloads that they're getting. And they're pretty bizarre and amazing.

But they are also reaching out to people in dreams more and more.

David: You had said before, since we're on that topic, that this initial contact – telepathic-type contact – would segue into some sort of in-person meeting that people might have on larger-scale levels.

Have you heard anything more about that since the last time we discussed it?

Corey: No, I have not.

David: How do you think that's going to manifest? Will it be right before the Solar Flash? Because you had also said – and I want to link this to something else . . .

The Blue Avians at one point had told you that as we get close to the Flash that people were going to start to see ghosts, and it might be relatives or people that they knew who had died.

Corey: Right.

David: How do you think those two things might be related?

Corey: The closer we get to that Solar Event, whatever it ends up being, the higher the energy build-up is occurring.

So, yes, we're going to see crazy people acting crazier. People cannot hide their agendas anymore – who they are. It's just . . . It's out there for everyone.

It's so much so that I think a lot of people . . . they're not even trying to hide who they are anymore.

David: As an intuitive empath, did you get a sense that these groups were partly discussing how they would interact with us before this shift takes place, like what their strategies were? Was there some debate over how much to contact us or how little to contact us?

Corey: Well, there were big debates on whether to contact us at all.

David: Oh!

Corey: And only a few of the groups really decided to break these Mohammad Accords.

David: Hm.

Corey: And I definitely think that they would start having the face-to-face contact with people before this Flash or Solar Event, because afterwards doesn't . . . you know, yeah, they could show up. We're going to be different. We're going to be closer to them than we are . . . what we are now.

David: Do you think that as we go through the Solar Flash, that if people need to be portaled out of Earth, like it seems to say in so many of these ancient prophesies I've been discussing on Wisdom Teachings, that they would be taken to this temporal bubble?

Corey: I'm not sure. I've talked to several people lately, including Hopi and Zuni, and a lot of them talk about being taken into a cave or a portal, and then being gone like a 1,000 years, or so, and then coming back.

And they may not necessarily be living underground. They may being portaled to a planet similar to Earth where they are refugees, just like I've described happens here on Earth during certain times in our past.

Different beings like the Mayans were brought here as a protection.

David: Another thing you've been sharing with me, now that we're getting into some of this more off-planet type of stuff, is: Gonzales apparently has still been meeting with you. And to me this has been very mysterious because most of this stuff you won't say anything about what he's saying or what's going on.

So, could you tell us anything that you can share about what's going on with Gonzales at this time?

Corey: Yeah, Gonzales, I meet with him usually 7 to 10 days apart. He's helping monitor and manage some of the things that are going on because of doing so many 20-and-backs and being in close proximity to so many different types of technologies that have high EM fields.

David: You're saying that you . . . He's monitoring you because of that?

Corey: Yes.

David: And what would be the . . . What would be needed to be monitored?

Corey: They're monitoring certain things that are going on with my brain and brain chemistry, watching for temporal dementia to onset quicker, and they are keeping it at bay.

But my memory is being affected. I'm having some issues here and there.

David: Hm. Does he have any technology that they can use to help you? What is the form of the monitoring? Is there actual treatment?

Corey: Well, it's what I've described before. I'm brought up to this big cylindrical, stone Mayan ship.

13 Mayan Craft

David: Okay.

Corey: They walk me into the rooms that have the floating panels - the different lights flashing on them.

14 Room With Four Mayans And Panel

15 Lights Flashing On Panel

And Gonzales removes a . . . like a black 8-ball-looking sphere, stone sphere, from them, and walks up to me and scans my forehead.

He's scanned the rest of my body before with it, but routinely, he uses it to scan my forehead.

And while that's going on, similar to when they used the halo on me, he'll discuss, “You're going to feel a sensation here,” and then inside I can feel like a “Zzzh”, “Zzzh” sensation. That kind of thing.

David: Does it also provide treatment, or just diagnosis?

Corey: Treatment as well.

David: Okay. And this is treating long-term damage from, as you said, multiple 20-and-backs and also exposure to weird equipment.

Corey: Right. Typically what happens is, people that are exposed to those types of magnetic fields, leaving the 20-and-backs out of it, these technologies, you begin to have major eye issues, a lot of neurological issues occur, and then those usually occur first, and then the temporal dementia starts to occur. And it's pretty scary.

David: Is there any other aspect of what has been going on with Gonzales that you are authorized to tell us right now?

Corey: He's been working very diligently for a while now to reinvigorate the SSP Alliance that pretty much all went to ground.

David: Hm.

Corey: You know, right after several were exposed, and Sigmund's men started rounding them up.

So what he is doing is he's getting command and control communications rolling again.

There's a lot of stuff going on in the background that has eyes on a different problem and not them. And the problem is all of this information starting to come out, be exposed. How are they going to let it be exposed? What will they share? What will they not share?

Different groups competing for . . . all with different agendas.

David: Some of the briefings I've gotten from Pete Peterson recently have said that there is still a pretty active battle going on between Draco-type Reptilians and their groups and some of our own groups with our technology.

And he said that sometimes we're gaining and sometimes we're losing in that war, but that it's an on-going war – lots of ships involved, lots of casualties involved.

Do you have any news on that?

Corey: It's kind of a weird situation they have with the Reptilians. Certain aspects of these Cabal groups are working with the Reptilians, or at least they are being allowed . . . the Reptilians are allowing them to have certain areas of Antarctica.

And there are other factions within the Programs that are more on the side with the Nordic groups and are trying to get rid of the Reptilian influence in this Solar System and many others.

David: Do you know how much of our assets are involved in that war right now in the space program sense?

Corey: The assets don't even know that they are assets most of the time. A lot of the people that I've talked to that work in the DIA, the NSA, the DoD . . . only when they get together at a VFW hall, or have a barbecue at another one of their comrade's houses, and they have some drinks, and they look around and no one's around, they start talking about things.

And something that's pretty common and shocked me recently when one of my contacts told me the same story, is that a majority – a large number of these people – have experiences seeing Tall Grays, usually in their bedrooms. But some of them have seen them in broad daylight.

And usually they're standing over their beds holding a long rod with a light on the tip.

And I've heard some of the names . . . You know, there's colonels, generals, admirals. They're all . . . I've heard some of the names that are reporting this – that have reported this.

On some level, people even down on the DoD level are some sort of an asset in this game, I guess you would call it.

I don't' know what is being done with them by these Tall Grays, but it's common chatter among them that these Grays pop up – these Tall Grays.

David: Now, you had a trip to Spain recently, and I was very, very concerned about whether you were even going to live through it. So could you tell us a little bit about that trip?

Corey: Yeah, Stacy was very nervous as well. I was invited to go to a conference in Montserrat, Spain, close to Barcelona.

There were concerns because Barcelona was going to declare independence from Spain, or a province there was.

David: Catalonia.

Corey: Catalonia.

David: Yeah.

Corey: There were worries about that, but also after that recent attempt to cause a UFO civil war in the UFO community, and it failed, there were . . . I was told that there were Rothschild components that had put out a “target of opportunity hit” on both you and I. And what that means . . .

David: That's lovely.

Corey: Yeah. Which means that they're not going to come looking for you, but if you happen to walk into their establishment, you're free game, basically.

David: Right.

Corey: And I was over in Spain in an area that . . . It was not exactly an Alliance foothold.

David: And it wasn't even politically stable.

Corey: No, so the Alliance provided security for me. There were a number of people that I didn't . . . that were undercover security that I never knew about. And, you know . . . big-time security.

The Alliance was paying each of these people $10,000 apiece to be security for me.

David: What would be the difference between that type of security guard and a VIP-like a head of state, something like that?

Corey: These guys do head-of-state security.

David: Really?

Corey: Yes.

David: So at that level.

Corey: Yeah.

David: That's how concerned they were about you being taken down.

Corey: Yeah. They were very concerned. They were very concerned, and I really appreciate the elements of the Alliance that made that possible, because there were a few little incidents we didn't report to people at the conference, because the security guys wanted everything kept quiet.

David: Understood.

Corey: But they were watching this guy and talking about UFOs, and they were thinking it was really pretty silly. One of the times, the apartment that we were staying in was tossed or broken into while we were gone.

David: Really.

Corey: And when we came back, they flipped out. You know, I didn't know these security people, so the first night I put a light bulb on my handle of my door, you know.

We were pretty paranoid that night.

David: The light bulb would fall and smash if it opens?

Corey: Right.

David: Okay. Interesting.

Corey: Right.

David: So were there any signs of suspicious . . . I mean, obviously, you get your whole apartment trashed, but other than that, did you see people that looked like they were stalking you? Anything like that?

Corey: No, not while we were in Spain. But as soon as I landed in the Florida area, on the return flight, I had a number of things occur.

I have video on my phone of two of the guys that were following me.

David: You showed me.

Corey: Yeah. One of them came and sat right next to me. The other one sat a couple seats over. And he had either a Strategic Air Command hat or a SOC hat. It's one of the two.

16 Guy With SAC Hat

The Air Force, obvious Air Force guy, and he was older, wanted me to see that he was staying close to me.

This really big guy that I got video of too, came and sat down next to me and was fiddling with his phone a lot, and then he leaned over to me, and he said, “I'm a friendly. The others are not.”

17 Air Force Guy

And I was like, “others?” I only saw one, and I looked over, and I saw another guy that was watching me quite a bit and kind of wanted me to know, but I didn't see anyone else.

So that was enough to get me completely paranoid. And that was on my flight from Florida to . . . to fly back home.

David: What can you tell us about the possibility that we're finally going to get the truth about the UFO cover-up? Are there steps of progress being made in that direction that you can share with us?

Corey: Well, just the same steps that were going before. These Earth Alliance groups pretty much kind of came to an agreement that there was going to only be a partial disclosure – a partial disclosure of information, and that was going to be what we've talked about – ancient ruins under the ocean, under the ice in Antarctica, and then, “Oh, guess what? We've got this Secret Space Program.

“It's somewhat ahead of time. We can use a type of gravity nullification to fly to a couple of bases in the Moon, and Mars. Oh, by the way, we found ruins there, you know. But it's all ancient. There's nothing new there.”

And that's how they slowly plan on, over a protracted period, giving us Disclosure, which is obviously not what we want. We want an immediate Full Disclosure, rip-off the Band-Aid event.

David: Are you seeing signs that the Cabal will not have the power and influence that it does now when those announcements are made?

Corey: Well, the Cabal is seeing that – the signs. There is more and more activity around routing out Deep State operatives, both in the United States, in other countries. It's occurring right now.

And I've given you updates recently about all of what has been occurring with these secret grand juries, you know, a lot of very interesting things going on. They had pretty much come to a conclusion and were preparing sealed indictments when they just received, very recently, very recently, a treasure trove of other information that's bringing them in all kinds of different directions.

David: So one of the interesting things that you've been telling me about in a very circumspect way, without a whole lot of information, concerns some tangible artifacts that you might have been given that would really help Disclosure move forward.

Could you tell us what those artifacts might be – or objects of some kind?

Corey: Right. I was given some documents a number of months ago – I'm going to be non-specific for a number of reasons here – three documents that were very exciting. They were basically like books, very thick. And they were about things like wormholes and warp drives and different things like that.

And I was very excited, but I was told to sit on it. So I sat on it, and then one of the people I talked to in the Alliance said I should get it authenticated.

David: Uh-huh.

Corey: And they gave me the name and address of a place. It happened to be kind of a pawn shop and a gold and silver exchange kind of a place.

David: Hm.

Corey: I went in, introduced myself to the guy. It was all set up. We went into the back room and sat at a desk.

And he sat there, and he looked over the document for probably 30~40 minutes. I was sitting there for awhile. He was looking. There were document numbers. He was looking at the way things were arranged.

And finally, he leaned back, and he said, “How much do you think this document's worth?”

And I said, “I have no idea.”

And he said, “Well, I'll give you half a million dollars. How's that?”

And I was like, that sounds very familiar. I've heard that happening to other people, including Bob Wood, and it turned out okay for him, but at the same time, I knew that I was . . . It was tempting, but I said, “No, I can't do that. I've been told that I needed to handle this document in a certain way.”

And at that point, he just reached under his desk, and I heard all these like magnetic locks, “pop, pop, pop . . . pop”.

David: Oh, my god!

Corey: And he took out a pistol revolver, sat it on the desk, and he said, “You're not leaving here with that document!”

And I turned over the document. I left, was shaking all the way home. I was a mixture of really ticked off, and I was really upset. Freaked out.

I went home. I reported it to aspects of the Alliance in ways that we have of communicating. Then I went to bed.

And that night, Stacy and I, we hear something . . . like a box fall over in the attic. I'm thinking it's animals, squirrels that have gotten in. Told her I'd check it in the morning.

I pulled down the stairs and walked up into the attic, and immediately I saw the area where I had stashed the other two books - the installation pulled up and boxes in disarray.

David: Wow!

Corey: So they were in my house and they took the other two.

David: Do you think that somebody might have zip-lined in off a quiet helicopter – something like that?

Corey: I have no idea.

David: Okay.

Corey: That's scary.

David: Yeah! Big-time!

Corey: Because when you pull down the stairs, the springs on it make a lot of noise.

David: Wow!

Corey: I really don't know how this happened.

David: Wow!

Corey: But it freaked me out sufficiently, and very recently, I was meeting with some Alliance contacts, and they said, “I've got a couple of documents for you, but, be careful how you use them.

18 Document Traversable Wormholes Stargates Etc

“They are not classified.” And they gave them to me.

19 Document Warp Drive Dark Energy Etc

So I have them. I took them. I have them with me at my house, and they're not classified documents, but what I was told is that I had to reveal the documents in a certain way, with a certain protocol, that if I did that, that the different scientists, engineers and military intelligence folks that had worked in these programs would see that as a sign that it's time to start coming out with some more information.

Because these documents, I was told, were documents that all of these people will be familiar with because it was a part of their read-in process.

David: Now, if I can say this, you showed me just some cover pages. And they said they were unclassified. And so the thing that jumped out at me was, to me it didn't seem like they were really that big of a deal because they are theoretical about wormholes, theoretical about portals, theoretical about time travel.

What's so big . . . Why would this guy want to give you five hundred grand for a theoretical document?

Corey: No, those were not the ones that the guy wanted to buy. The ones that the guy wanted to buy were these thick books that had all these formulas in them . . .

David: Oh, wow!

Corey: . . . scientific books that were describing HOW wormholes work . . .

David: Oh, wow!

Corey: . . . not in theory. HOW!

David: Okay.

Corey: That was a book that people would read later on after they were slowly being read into . . . Like an engineer would be given theoretical information to read to percolate in their mind. And then they would be given further information and then fully directed in and read in.

David: So if we eventually go public with these documents, then the idea is that others will now see that as a cue that it is safe for them to talk.

Corey: Absolutely.

David: Very interesting.

Corey: Yeah, and we're looking to start something similar to a WikiLeaks place where people can upload documents and doing dead drop mails and a few different ways that we're working to not only protect the anonymity of these engineers and scientists and military types, but to handle it all with the protocols we're asked to do it under.

David: All right. Well, that's all the time we have in this episode of “Cosmic Disclosure”, bringing you updates from the front lines here. I'm David Wilcock with Corey Goode. Thanks for watching.

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