Cosmic Disclosure: New Frontiers in the A.I. War

Season 2, Episode 16

admin    28 Dec 2015


DW: Welcome to "Cosmic Disclosure." I'm your host, David Wilcock, and I'm here with Corey Goode. We are now getting into some of the most recent updates, having built the foundation of a discussion about the immense problem faced by the entire space program and all the different intelligent civilizations working with them from artificial intelligence, or AI. This was a necessary foundation for us to build before we get into the updates that have come to us from the Alliance through Lieutenant Colonel Gonzales, which is the pseudonym that we're using for his own protection. So now here with more about Gonzales and the updates from the Alliance is Corey Goode. Corey, welcome to the show.

CG: Thank you.

DW: This AI problem that we've been speaking about has affected the space program so dramatically that you said no one can go to these Super Federation conferences without being scanned for AI. Is that correct?

CG: You can't even go to the Lunar Operation Command. You can't interface with any technology unless you've been scanned and cleared.

DW: If the signal is out there trying to do its magic, then can't it infect, in any way that it wants? Why does it need to be in a person? How does that affect the way that it works?

CG: Well, the person is used as a Trojan horse to get past the basic shielding defenses that keep it out.

DW: I see. So there's a force field that will block the AI, but if it can be stored inside a person, such as through nanites, then they can actually defeat that shield.

CG: Correct.

DW: OK. Now you said something extremely provocative in the last episode that I'd like to get back to, and that is tell us again the story about these Draco. How did they find the Draco bodies that had AI in them? How did that happen?

CG: Well, to get there I really need to start at the beginning. When I was at Gaiam the last time for a week, shooting the first episodes, in my absence, Lieutenant Colonel Gonzales was tasked to attend two major meetings in my absence. One of them was with a group that I had honestly refused to go and visit again, and this was the Draco Alliance Federation.
I had had a very, very horrible encounter with one of what is described as a White Draco Royal, which is a reptilian being that is 14 feet tall, has a vestigial tail, vestigial wings, and is extremely, extremely powerful. I have interfaced, which is what we call, as we've said before, communicating telepathically with nonhumans.

I had interfaced with a number of beings and had never had such an invasive communication experience that I did with this one.

DW: Now, why would these loving sphere beings that wanted you to be their delegate, why would they ask you to have to go in there and have a meeting with what would be the biological equivalent of the devil?

CG: It's part of the job.

DW: You had told me before that . . . Because I remember when this was happening, we were talking about this on Skype. You were originally going to go in and then the meeting got canceled. And I think it was the sphere beings that called it off?

CG: Yes. I was expected to be picked up. I was actually contacted and told this has been canceled. I was picked up and brought in the usual manner, with the blue sphere's beings, the little orbs.

DW: Could you just again briefly describe what happens?

CG: In my room, a blue little sphere, orb, comes into the room and zips around until I acknowledge it and let it know that I'm ready to be transported.

DW: So you get out of bed or get dressed?

CG: Get out of bed, get dressed, whatever needs-- for that occasion. And then it zips to about 18 inches from my chest, stops, and then in the twinkling of an eye, expands to where I am now inside of it and I am floating directly in the center of it. And then it shoots through the wall and off into space into one of the giant blue spheres where either one or three of the Blue Avians is waiting for me-- unless it takes me to another location, but in this instance that's where it took me.
And Raw-Tear-Eir explained to me and showed me holographic visualizations of these beings talking about ripping me apart and humiliating me by urinating on me and all these horrible things, and that they had called off the meeting. I was supposed to originally meet them, and I'm speaking a little bit faster because there's a lot of information to get in.

DW: Sure.

CG: I was originally supposed to meet them in a deep, deep underground cavern somewhere. So this was called off and renegotiated to where I was going to be meeting them on the surface of the planet, and I was allowed to have four Secret Space Program security personnel with me, who were also intuitive empaths. And so that is what occurred.

DW: Now, these Draco wouldn't have wanted a meeting, necessarily, prior to December 5, 2014?

CG: No.

DW: And what was it that happened on December 5, 2014 that was such a game changer?

CG: There was what we're calling an outer barrier erected by the sphere beings that encompasses the entire solar system, and it reaches out far beyond the heliosphere. It is pretty far out. And it keeps any beings from coming in and any from leaving. It is a quarantine.

DW: What about radio communications or those types of things?

CG: There's been a lot of confusion about that. These quantum correlated communication devices have worked that the Secret Space Program people have been able to contact the Galactic League of Nations program to try to talk with them, to try to negotiate allowing them back into the solar system. So I don't know what all other groups . . . If we have that type of communication technology, surely some of these more advanced groups do too. But radio communications and that kind of thing are not going to penetrate.

DW: What was the immediate action that the Secret Earth Government syndicates had taken that seemed to cause this barrier to go up as sort of like an instant karmic blast?

CG: Well, I don't know if this was a cause and effect, but the Secret Earth Government and its syndicates and the military and some extraterrestrials had developed a very powerful weapon that they aimed at a sphere. And I don't know if that can be put up right now, but--

DW: Yeah. Let's have the clip now. This is a shot from the International Space Station, December 5, 2014. What are you going to see is a little red spot and what looks like a laser beam. So what we're seeing there is a red sphere that looks about 1/4 or 1/5 the diameter of the moon in size with what looks like a red beam going up to it. So what were we seeing there?

CG: What occurred is there are three different sized spheres from the Sphere Alliance. One is the size of the moon, one is the size of Neptune, one is the size of Jupiter. This is one of the ones that was the size of the moon and was in fairly close to Earth.

DW: Now normally, we couldn't see it with a telescope.

CG: Right. It was . . .

DW: It was cloaked.

CG: . . . it was cloaked. But somehow through the extraterrestrial help, they were able to pinpoint it, target it, and fire this incredibly powerful weapon into space at the sphere. The Sphere Alliance use defensive type technology and what they did is they redirected the power from the beam back to the source.
So what witnesses said is they saw the sphere light up red and then a red beam come back down and hit the installation where the weapon was fired from. And the installation was destroyed with loss of life of humans and non-humans that were involved in this attack, the attempt.

DW: Do we know where this was?

CG: I was told that it was one of two locations in Africa or Australia, but I've since been told it's most likely in Australia.

DW: Well, Pine Gap in the middle of Australia, is a major facility. Do you think it might have been that?

CG: That's where I was told it was. It's likely in one of the-- not Pine Gap proper, but one of the . . . They have Pine Gap and kind of like you have Area 51 and S4. They have a lot of areas like that, but one of their weapons testing facilities close to there.

DW: So this must have been extremely demoralizing for the Cabal. Were they expecting to get a big light show and actually blow up the sphere? Is that what they were hoping to do?

CG: Yes.

DW: And instead they got instant karma spanking.

CG: Yes.

DW: So a lot of high level people died in this.

CG: Yes, very high level people from what they call the Cabal were present for this weapons test, and there were some extraterrestrials that were there, as well, that were here on Earth that were engineers that were helping develop this, that had a vested interest in this.

DW: How soon did this outer barrier go up after this happened?

CG: It was almost immediately.

DW: Well, I just have to point out how interesting it is with the Law of One material that they are always talking about how with their Prime Directive, or the law of free will, that they cannot take an offensive action. But if the negative tries to do something more negative, that that authorizes new actions to be taken. That sounds like exactly what happened here.

CG: I was told it was somewhat of an Aikido principle that was used, redirecting their energy back to them.

DW: So let's get right into it. You're saying there's tsunamis of energy coming into our solar system through the sun. You mentioned to me in a private conversation, and maybe on camera, that these Sphere Beings have used the word "major cycle," which again is also used in the Law of One. The source of the Law of One says, I am Ra.
When the people in that first meeting you had as a delegate asked these beings behind you, who are you, what did they say?

CG: Well, one of the people asked, "Are you the Ra from the Law of One?" And his answer just was one quick answer, "I am Raw-Tear-Eir."

DW: In the Law of One, they talk about the fourth density shift. They say somewhere around 30 years after 1981, but they're not specific, that we go through a quantum leap. Now, why would these extraterrestrials be so urgently wanting to get out of our solar system after this outer barrier goes up? What would happen to them if they don't get out? Are they expecting something to happen?

CG: Well, they apparently are going to be held to account for all of the negative things they've been doing here for many millennia. And when this barrier went up, they were trapped. And that's why Gonzales and myself were named as delegates to start going to these meetings.


CG: And getting back to Gonzales, as soon as I got back from that week of doing videos here, I was contacted by Gonzales, and he told me, "I've had quite a time." He said, "I was brought to meet the Draco Alliance Federation, and I also sat in on one of the Super Federation conferences." And I was very surprised, but apparently he did a very good job.
He immediately told me he apologized because he thought that I had exaggerated the experience with the White Royal Draco and when interfacing with it, it was such an invasive . . . It was like microwaves penetrating my frontal lobe, and it grabbed ahold and held me there, held me in place when it communicated with me. It was very invasive. It was unlike any type of other communication.
And when it did so, everything else I lost . . . I was no longer paying attention to anything else. And its eyes were constantly morphing and changing colors-- blue, red, all colors-- and its slit pupil was going wide to where its eyes were getting black. And then it was just very, very invasive. And in his situation, he had come in and this group, this Cabal, pretty much group or Secret Earth syndicate group called the Committee of 200 that we had dealt with before, had their leadership there, and they call themselves the chairmen.

DW: Well, I want to interrupt you because the viewer may not know, what was the demand of the white reptilian when you met it the first time? What was it asking you? What was it demanding?

CG: In my meeting, it started off with demands and then wanted me to bring proposals to the Sphere Beings. And its proposal was that they would give up all of their human followers, which are the Secret Earth Government and their syndicates, to the Secret Space Program Alliance. They would give up their lower caste reptilian soldiers and their ET allies that were trapped inside the solar system if the Sphere Being Alliance would allow the White Royals, Dracos, safe passage out of the solar system.

DW: So they were literally willing to betray everyone working for them-- their entire army, all levels of the hierarchy, everybody who was told they were gods on Earth, they're so special, they're the Illuminati, they're the white light of the Earth. And the Royals said, "We'll give you everybody, just let us go."

CG: That was the offer.

DW: Did this trickle down into the Cabal? Did they find out that this betrayal had occurred?

CG: Well, the representatives of the Committee of 200 were there and witnessed this betrayal.

DW: Well, you're saying Committee of 200, but everybody who's studied this, all the Alex Jones people, say, wait a minute, it's a Committee of 300. Did something happen? Have some of them defected? Do you think that's what it might be?

CG: I don't know where the difference comes in. I was introduced to them always as the Committee of 200.

DW: For how long?

CG: Going just-- back for the last several months.

DW: So it's possible that there could have been a defection of 1/3 third of their members.

CG: Could be.

DW: OK. So they're willing to give everybody up and then all of the Cabal people find out this was done.

CG: Yes.

DW: That must have been very upsetting to them.

CG: Yes. And this immediately caused a lot of splintering and infighting among all of these Cabal groups and syndicate groups.

DW: Undoubtedly.

CG: And they were turning on each other. This is also when a lot of these Cabal groups started to turn state's witness, I guess you would say. They would defect to the Secret Space Program Alliance and bring with them a treasure trove of evidence against the Secret Earth Government Alliance and give a promise to testify against them in future hearings if they were granted off-world sanctuary and an off-world witness protection program for them and their families.

So all this stuff occurred, and it'd been a big mess. So that kind was important to ask. That sets the scene for when Gonzales came.

DW: You and I were here working, so the Sphere Beings couldn't use you as their delegate because you were already busy.

CG: Right. And they considered this as important. So when Gonzales arrived and these chairmen from the Committee of 200 met them in a similar location above ground in the southwest US, he said that his jaw dropped. I'm not going to say the name, but it was a very prominent policy maker, well known for advising many presidents and supporting the New World Order and being behind depopulation efforts - an old guy with a thick accent, droopy eyes, and curly white hair.

DW: I think you've said enough.

CG: Yeah. He said his jaw dropped when this person came up and introduced himself, guided him down the hall, told him that he needed to be a little bit more respectful than in a previous incident, that Gonzales had made some major waves at. And he was walked in, and he said that him and the guards' intuitive empaths, felt everything was staged, everything was set up to be very theatrical from the very beginning.

DW: Theatrical for what purpose?

CG: To give the perception that the Draco were not dealing from weakness, that it was just theater, a show of strength.

DW: OK. What were some of the features of the site or the way that it was done that were intended to show strength?

CG: As they walked into the giant foyer of this shutdown hotel, there was what wasn't present previously, a giant, huge honor guard of soldier reptilians holding these long staffed weapons with blades at the end that looked almost like broadswords. And they were standing there with their feet about shoulder width apart, standing there kind of like at attention. And behind them were mantid beings and some other insectoid beings that were standing in some sort of loose formation. And then they were walked, and in the middle of this formation was standing this same White Reptilian Royal Draco.

DW: And this is basically the head of the whole Draco, the number one.

CG: So he claimed.


CG: And he immediately grabbed a hold of Gonzales' mind, and Gonzales said it knocked him back on his heels.

DW: Wow.

CG: Gonzales said before that point, he was sure that I was exaggerating. And at this point, it-- in no uncertain terms it told him, "Repeat everything I'm saying so everyone can hear." It said that "Blue Avians in the Sphere Alliance have deceived you in how powerful we are and how powerful our overlords are." And I was sitting at the table with Gonzales at the time, and Gonzales said, "This is the first time that they had confirmed their overlords, that they reported to someone higher."
And he stated in no uncertain terms that none of the human followers were to be prosecuted, they were all to be given clemency, and that all of the ET groups and the Draco were to be allowed to leave the solar system at will and that if they didn't, they were going to begin to start reaping havoc on the surface of the Earth through war and strife. And he just went on and on and on--

DW: Like false flag, lone gunman-type stuff?

CG: Yeah, to build up loosh energy.

DW: So it's not like reptilian soldiers with broadswords are going to break loose on the surface of the Earth.

CG: No. It was using their human-- manipulating events on the surface of the Earth to reap havoc.

DW: But aren't they already doing that?

CG: Well, yes, but this was . . . They were talking about stepping it up in a major way. We're talking they were, like, threatening World War III and all kinds of stuff that we've already been assured by the Sphere Alliance is not going to be allowed to happen.

DW: Well, and it seems like benevolent beings such as the Sphere Alliance and maybe others helping them are making it impossible for them to do that.

CG: Yes. There's been so many attempts to start World War III that have been thwarted. We could talk about that later. But anyway, this--

DW: So now they're going to push much harder than they were before.

CG: They made this threat.

DW: Right.

CG: And he made all sorts of grandiose threats and then broke off contact with Gonzales and turned away. And then him and his whole delegation just marched out-- lumbered out of the room is the way Gonzales described it. And Gonzales had a huge headache. He was nauseated, all the symptoms I had afterwards, and he was just wanting to get the heck out of there.
And as they were leaving the way they came in, that same chairman person was walking them out, telling them how serious it was that they - more theater - he said how serious it was that they listen and take up the offer that this White Royal had offered. And they went back, went up to the roof, got in their vessel, and flew back to give the report.

DW: Sounds like the Draco actually gave away a very impressive secret, a very valuable weakness, that they have an extradimensional overlord that they answer to.

CG: Right. And this extradimensional overlord-- also Gonzales leaned forward. He said, "We believe this extradimensional overlord is also responsible for the ET/ED AI threat." He said there's a lot coming together right now that has been speculation, and intelligence has been leading towards for a long time, he said, but this was a very big confirmation.
And I asked if these reptilians, the Draco, if they were AI prophets. And he said, "Either that or they're working side by side."

DW: Does the Space Program Alliance have a plan to defeat the extradimensional overlords of the Draco? Is there a way to cleanse us of this AI? You mentioned the AI is seeing threats against itself in the future?

CG: Yes. To answer your question real quickly, and I cannot get into it, there is a plan to cleanse the Earth and the solar system of all AI signal.

DW: So we'll be completely free of this?

CG: Yes.

DW: And is this akin to the archetypal notion where if you yank the brain out from the central nexus, then all the drones just collapse over?

CG: All of AI will be taken out in this one move that like I said, I can't get into.

DW: Without that signal, what will happen to the beings that are loaded up with nanites?

CG: The nanites will just be dormant.

DW: So if those beings are feeding on the nanites, if there's some sort of symbiosis, it would be really bad for them.

CG: Yes. And this leads us into some other discussions about etheric beings that are also going to be driven back to what they call the outer realms and humans that have these entity attachments, that have symbiotic relationships with these entity attachments, and how they're going to suffer when these entities are driven back to these outer realms. We can talk about that another time.

DW: All right. Well, we ran a little over on this one but you probably didn't care because this is all very fascinating. I'm David Wilcock. This is "Cosmic Disclosure" and we'll see you next time. Thanks for watching.

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