Cosmic Disclosure: Potential Of Human Consciousness

Season 1, Episode 11

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DW: Welcome to Cosmic Disclosure. I'm your host David Wilcock, and we're here with Corey Goode, an insider who has a truly remarkable breadth of information, in a variety of highly classified projects, at the cosmic top-secret level and above, that's 35 levels above the secrecy of the President of the United States. We've been talking about intuitive training, and how the programs that Corey was a part of and other insiders who I've spoken to were a part of, trained you to become more psychic, to have greater powers and capabilities. And, all of this ultimately builds up to the “rainbow body” - a very interesting subject from Tibetan Buddhist meditative practice. So, Corey, welcome back to the show.

CG: Thank you.

DW: So, the Tibetan rainbow body seems to be the core of where all of this discussion is ultimately taking us. I have written about this extensively. For those who don't already know, in case they're new to this, the rainbow body is some sort of transmutation of the physical body at the time of death. And the core of the practice seems be – to stay in a continual state of meditation, and have every thought be a loving thought. Obviously, what you described in the previous episode is very disturbing stuff - the kind of training you said that some of these guys in the program saw themselves as like a “Sith Lord” (from Star Wars).

CG: Yes. They see themselves as masters of the dark side of the force - Sith lords. Very much of that mythos is a part of their belief system.

DW: Without getting too graphic, were they using the most negative things you can do to other people as black magic to enhance these capabilities that they had?

CG: Yes.

DW: So, you were describing people who could actually throw a ball of energy out of their hand and dent metal with it. Is this just like a little ding on the metal? What are we talking about?

CG: No. We're talking like – “majorly” collapsing, pushing in metal doors.

DW: Wow!

CG: If they were to do that to a human being, the human being would not survive it.

DW: When I was talking to Daniel before (one of DW's insiders) he was describing two types of psychic - “TPs” and “TKs”. TP is your telepath and TK you're telekinetic. Did they ever break it down like that in the program that you were involved in?

CG: People that had telekinetic abilities were moved into another program.

DW: Daniel was told that TKs were one out of a 1000 people, that they are a lot more rare, but that they could be trained, just like a telepath could be trained. So, did you experience the same thing, that telekinetics could be trained to become more telekinetic?

CG: Any of these abilities can be enhanced. They can be enhanced through training. They also give people chemical injections that somehow enhance these abilities. So, yes, all of these abilities can be enhanced.

DW: Daniel also said to me that they gave people a scale of psi-ability. And you had the letter "P" and then the number. So, I guess a P0 is like a typical person with no real psychic abilities or aptitude, and this would be telepath or telekinetic. A typical psychic, somebody who we would actually think of as really good would still only be a P4. But in the training that he went through, the people that got to the highest level could be all the way up to P8, P9 or P10. Which, if you are a telekinetic, apparently they would use these people to pinch the carotid artery in somebody's neck, and kill them by a blood choke to the brain. Were you aware of psychic abilities being used for assassinations and that kind of thing? Is that part of what they were training?

CG: Yes, they were using some of the abilities to train these young people to be able to kill, with telekinetic abilities. This person, did he start his training as an adult or as a child?

DW: Yes, he was working at the Montauk base. They had a peculiar way of approaching you, where they would just have somebody, seemingly start up a random conversation with you - “What do you think about E.S.P. What do you think about psychic ability?” And then, if you show interest in it, and you say that you've had your experiences and things like this, then they say “Well as it turns out there's a program, and you can get paid extra, and it won't affect your normal work hours and you're going to be able to learn a whole lot of really cool stuff... What do you think? Do you want to try it out?” That's how they would recruit you.

CG: Well the reason I asked is that one of the reasons they created the MILAB program, is that children between the ages of 5 and before they hit puberty – if they get these kids, especially they want them very young - and if they get these children that have these abilities at a very young age, and start these training tactics on them, they get much, much, much more enhanced abilities than when they try to train adults. If you would take a person like you're talking about, that's an adult and has been trained and is on this P-scale and one of the MILABs that has been trained and enhanced since this young window, age, and then if you were to measure them on this same P-scale, they're going to blow this other person away.

DW: I believe Daniel said he only ever got up to P7 and he was a telepath. They also said something weird, which is that, TPs and TKs are like a yin and yang of the conscious and the subconscious. If you are telekinetic then your telepathic ability is subconscious and it will happen but you can't control it. And if you're a telepath then your telekinesis is subconscious and you can't control it. You either have one or the other, but not both, is what they seem to have discovered.

CG: Well, you have both but the other one is very weak. During a lot of the IE (Intuitive Empath) training, weird things would happen, with things moving across the floor and across the room when people were seriously focused on.. especially when they were being enhanced technologically in remote-viewing training and intuitive enhancement training. This was with these younger people, in this age-window that I'm talking about.

DW: One of the things that Daniel was really impressed by was the sci-fi show “Babylon 5”. And the author, J. Michael Straczynski featured this P-scale system in the show. And one of the things he remarked on was that some of the ETs in “Babylon 5” were like P11 or even P12. And he was told that it can't go any higher than P10. But that, obviously, is not true.

CG: MmmMmm (in agreement)

DW: That's just what he was told.

CG: Yeah, when they start people in adulthood, and start training them with these abilities, they have already missed a major window. When you are at a young age, you haven't formed all these preconceived ideas of what is possible, what is not possible. Your consciousness is more malleable, and therefore – your consciousness is more malleable, your consciousness is the trigger to your abilities. So, these younger people are going to be able to be trained and formed to be able to do lot more things than someone than someone that has been way past the age of puberty and into adulthood, and has an established belief system and ideas about what is and is not possible.

DW: Why do you think that these rainbow-body practices seem to require so much more work than them giving you injections and technological advancements to get you negatively empowered as a psychic.

CG: It's always a short cut. To enhance yourself and to evolve on the positive path is a very long and difficult path. The Blue Avians gave this message, for us to become more loving, forgiving of ourselves and others, to stop the wheel of karma, and to focus daily on becoming more service-to- others, and to raise our consciousness and to raise our vibrations. And, that sounds real kind of hippie, kind of flowery, easy to do, but I assure you that is an extremely difficult path to walk. When you can walk a very short and jagged negative path, and get some very strong and interesting abilities – that is going to seem like a more interesting and doable path for people.

DW: Why do you think, in Hollywood movies that it's always the evil characters that seem to gain supernatural powers, and then it's always the heroic characters who have to just fight them based on weapons, and true grit and dumb luck?

CG: Well, because in movies – who controls who makes movies? They want to promote, that going the path of hate and fear, the dark path, is the most powerful path. That's the way to get rich, and famous and powerful; to be ruthless in our society. And, to be nice is a very hard, and almost always, losing battle. A very difficult battle to win.

DW: Tibetans also had black magic, and I think people don't realize this. There were some very negative practitioners in Tibet that are described such as in books like the (Life and) Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. One of the things it talks about in there is, some of these black magic Tibetans would, if they want to assassinate somebody, they would take a knife or dagger and charge it up with an incredible amount of hatred, and then, apparently if they do that enough, the person would then want to pick up the knife and actually kill themselves with it, stab themselves with it. But they said that this was an extremely dangerous form of black magic to practice, because almost invariably, you end up wanting to use the dagger to kill yourself. Or some kind of bad karma happens to the person. So, what do you think is going on there?

CG: These are, kind of universal natural laws kicking in. If you are going to use hate and fear as a tool, then the laws of karma are going to always catch up with you. It seems like we always see, I'm not going to mention any names of politicians, these really evil, horrible people, that seem to always get away with everything, and go on and on and on doing horrible things and they are never held accountable. Well, eventually the law of karma is going to catch up with them, and they're going to get hit with it all at once.

DW: But we also see them getting hit with incredible scandals, or they get injured somehow. It seems like they are required to be there to fill a certain job description, but even within one life I don't think they are having a lot of fun.

CG: Even us, who are trying to walk the positive path, if we are not being challenged, with the yin the yang, if we are not being challenged by the dark – the more sinister side of the coin, we're not really ever going to grow spiritually. We grow through adversity. That makes a lot of people angry when you say that. They say “you know what, leave me alone, leave me at peace, and I will sit in a lotus position, and I will meditate and I will grow. And I will ascend a lot quicker than if you have me in a world to where all these negative things are happening to me.” And that is not the way things are designed.

DW: Interestingly, the Tibetans say that the worst thing you can do is to sit, meditate and be blissed out all the time. They warn that you could go into “the realm of conception-less gods” and that it is a very dangerous thing. One of the funny things that they say, is that if you are in a situation of extreme fear, fear for your life, like a pack of wild dogs is chasing you and you're running – that in that moment when you're running from the dogs, that's the closest you can get, in many way, to cosmic consciousness, to having a full breaking down of the veil of who and what you really are.

CG: Well you're never more “in the moment” and feel more alive than when you're in danger.

DW: Do you think that that's the basis of why they would put you in these horrible simulations, was to try to evoke this “yearning of the soul” to the higher-self or to God, to preserve your life?

CG: It's to have you focus on being in the moment, to focus on preservation of life and to draw on the inner energy and power that you have through your consciousness; that is 'built-in' to help you with preservation of life.

DW: What do you think is going on in these documented cases - you don't hear about them as much anymore, it was prevalent in the '70s - like a mother whose child is trapped under a car, and she literally lifts the whole car off the child. What do you think is happening in a case like that?

CG: Well a lot of it people say it's adrenaline, and they have done tests that prove adrenaline has something to do with it, but a lot of it is, they say, mind over matter. But I say “mind over what's the matter”. It's consciousness. And our consciousness is extremely powerful. And more than likely what is happening is, our consciousness in that moment of the now, is changing the physics or the matter around you, changing the reality, to where you are changing the outcome of that situation.

DW: My space program insider, Jacob, told me that those people who documented those cases were often secretly abducted and blank slated and tested in secret. And what they found was that these people have some kind of DNA energetic overload, and it actually damaged their DNA and many of them would die within a few years of doing something like that, because it seems to have messed up their biological mechanism somehow.

CG: They spent all of their life-force energy in one kind of blast.

DW: So you would agree that, that might be damaging to us at this level if we try to jam that much voltage through all at once?

CG: If we're not spiritually evolved enough to be able to handle it, yeah.

DW: So is there a way to positively generate that kind of connection, so that we can handle the voltage increase without it breaking us?

CG: Well yes, and we're having to do that now. With.. Our solar system is entering a highly charged, energetic part of the galaxy and we're experiencing high energy right now that is affecting the psyche of people all around us. It's obvious.

DW: Well it seems like people are going through more stress in less time than ever before. Life is getting increasingly difficult.

CG: And time seems to be compressing and speeding up. And the people that are working on becoming more service-to-others, raising their vibrations and consciousness, opening their minds up to this type of information, are going to be far more prepared and able for this type of transition than those who are more service-to-self and exploiting other people.

DW: The Germans, you said, went to Tibet and grabbed scrolls and people that knew how to read them, which you said actually had blueprints to make vimanas, correct?

CG: UmHm (yes)

DW: So if they're encountering these cultures, where every thought is supposed to be a loving thought, and that gives you magic powers , how in the heck did they get a black magic spiritual philosophy out of this? I think some people might have trouble understanding how that could have happened?

CG: Well they brought their ideas and their beliefs and overlaid them onto wherever they went. They constantly.. they corrupted what were even positive symbols, positive teachings and ideas, and twisted them and turned them into negative ideas as we well know from the history that we know.

DW: So what do you think a Cabal type of person's reaction is going to be when he hears you say “be more loving, be more forgiving”?

CG: They are going to cringe (chuckle). They want us to be always anxious, always fearful and always at each other's throats. They want us to be divided, religions against religions, races against races - as long as they can keep us at each other's throats, we're not at their throat. They divide and conquer us.

DW: Were you personally aware of social programs that were intended to foster that type of condition in humanity?

CG: I want to be careful because they have co-opted and used religions that are based on this very love principle that I'm talking about. This golden rule principle, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” They have infiltrated a lot of these religions, and twisted them and taken control of them and started to use them in hateful ways, and (in) ways to divide us.

DW: Well, it certainly seems that all the major religions have been contaminated to varying degrees in that sense.

CG: MmHmm (nod)

DW: I guess I'm also trying to find out... there's people out there, scholars that have looked at something like feminism and said, “well Gloria Steinem was financed by the cabal and women are now getting up to be about 40 years old, and realizing wow, I've spent my whole life chasing things that men want, now I want to have a child and it's too late”. Do you think that they are deliberately doing things like this, to try and drive men and women a part since that's the basis of family?

CG: Well, they are constantly socially engineering, and to a degree, yes. To one degree - women were repressed for so long, but to another degree, they take movements, like the women wanting to be equal and anything positive they see, they move in, infiltrate and twist.

DW: Right.

CG: So, I see the women's movement to become equal with men after all the millennium of repression as a good thing, but there has been infiltration and twisting that has gone on that has hurt the cause and has caused schisms in our society.

DW: You said before that there are 22 genetic programs that we've been run with, consciousness alterations, that kind of thing. Some of these do appear to be engineering us to be more easily controlled.

CG: Right.

DW: Do you have any specific examples?

CG: These are social programs, these are genetic programs and these are spiritual programs. These spiritual programs also include them incarnating in human bodies. They are a part of this grand experiment as well. They are very much a part of this grand experiment. They are not just custodians creating and manipulating these experiments. They are very much vested in these experiments. But, there is very strong evidence that I was shown in these smart-glass pads, that they created and manipulated our genes to create a “God gene” where we have a genetic, a very genetically-driven need to worship and follow a leader and to worship a higher being. And this was done to make us a little bit more controllable. These 22 programs, they are running parallel together, but some of them “step” on each other. Some of these programs want us to become more spiritually enlightened and grow and then some of the programs want to keep us “down” and keep us spiritually ignorant and ignorant of our co-creative consciousness.

DW: Why would worshiping a higher being be a bad thing? Most people would think that's a good thing?

CG: It's a good thing, but it's bad when these beings step in as that higher-being to be worshiped, they come in as trickster gods. Not only are these ET's doing it, but for a long, long time, a lot of these break-away ancient Earth civilizations have also been coming to the surface and pretending to be gods.

DW: What seems with the rainbow body training, that you're not really worshiping a divine being, you are becoming awareness. All the stuff I have read about it says, you recognize the nature of existence as emptiness that is aware and that you become that empty awareness. That seems different than worshiping something.

CG: It is. And one of the things that I was told by these higher-density beings, is that we are all one. And this goes along with something I used to say as a child that would upset my parents, who were very conservative, especially my Mom. I would say: “I used to be you. You used to be me. I used to be Grandpa, Grandpa used to be me.” And they would say, “that doesn't make any sense scientifically. In time, we're all existing all at the same time, how could you be me, and I used to be you?” I would say: “time doesn't matter; only the experience matters.” And they would be like “What?” I am like five/six years old when I am saying these weird things. And, as it turns out, this is what these higher-density beings are saying - that time is an illusion, we are all fragmented but we're all one.

DW: Why do you think in the (book) A Course in Miracles, which is similar to the Law of One, that one of their core teachings would be: forgiveness collapses time?

CG: I don't know. When I hear “forgiveness of yourself and forgiveness of others stops the wheel of karma”, that tells me that it ends a cycle somehow. And time to us may seem to be cyclical, maybe there is a parallel there.

DW: We talked about the idea that “forgiveness collapses time” and “in forgiveness lies the stopping of the wheel of karma” - are the same statement.

CG: Yes.

DW: That time is karma. That the experience of duration, the experience of being in this universe, is in and of itself a participation in a fragmented soul. And that the more you can forgive those around you, the more that your soul is reintegrating - hence stopping time, collapsing time and stopping the wheel of karma.

CG: When you are forgiving others, you are forgiving yourself. A lot of times, if you have done something wrong to someone else, the hardest thing to do is to forgive yourself. Forgiving yourself for doing something horrible - and trust me on this, I know - forgiving yourself is the most difficult of the equation. Forgiving others is very altruistic and freeing thing to do for yourself spiritually. When you forgive someone else, spiritually it is very freeing. But to be able to forgive yourself – that is a very difficult pill to swallow. It's a very difficult thing to dig deeply in to and shine a light on.

DW: Did you encounter any information on your own, in the program, suggesting that the rainbow-body phenomenon is real, that this could happen to a human being? That they could turn into some kind of light being?

CG: There was information that I saw, that I didn't pay much attention to because it was not a part of what I was interested in at the time - about people in the east ascending.

DW: Hmm, that was in there?

CG: That was in there, but I really didn't pay that much attention to it at the time. Of course, my interests have changed now, and that's something I'd pay a lot more attention to, but I do not remember reading anything about a “rainbow body” or seeing anything about a “rainbow body”.

DW: Did you ever encounter beings that may be more like that kind of a state, than more of a biological state?

CG: Other than the sphere-beings, I have not.

DW: Is it possible though, that we could go through a transformation at this time, where our abilities would have a rather sudden and dramatic improvement?

CG: I believe that once we become a transitional civilization, transitioning into 4th density, depending on each of us, where we are in our “walk”, we will begin to awaken - abilities will begin to awaken in us. And those who are more advanced will have higher abilities. Those who are lower-advanced will witness those with higher abilities..more advanced and developed higher-abilities and that will “boost” them, because they'll know it's possible. But I haven't seen any “hard” evidence on how that will occur. If it will be a sudden change or a gradual change. But I feel, personally I feel it's going to depend on each individual's personal development and where they are in their “path”.

DW: Well it's really interesting that before these Tibetan monks would actually reach rainbow body, they were already able to do things like the running, where you would run and step one foot at a time and shoot 30 feet high, 200/300 feet through the air. That's called “lung gom pa”. “Lung gom” is the actual exercise, “lung gom pa” is a person who can do that. They would be able to push their hand into a rock and make a handprint. Or push their foot into stone and make a footprint. So this suggests that even before “rainbow body” is attained that a much grander ability to control our reality and to impact physical matter is taking place.

CG: And that's probably where most people will go before they come anywhere close to be “rainbow bodies”, in my opinion.

DW: Alright, well that's all the time we have for, in this episode of Cosmic Disclosure – because you need to know the truth. We have much more fascinating information coming your way next time here. I'm your host David Wilcock and I thank you for watching.

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