Cosmic Disclosure: Staged Alien Abductions

Season 9, Episode 8


David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. And we are here with Emery Smith.

Emery, thanks for being here.

Emery Smith: Oh, thanks for having me again, Dave. Appreciate it.

David: So in our previous episode, we started to talk about these genetic programs that have been done, including this idea of synthetic cells, synthetic biology.

And you mentioned something that I think . . . It seems to come very easily to you, but it was probably difficult for a lot of people to really grasp: this idea that . . . it sounds like, from what you're saying, a very large number of clones could be manufactured by various processes.

What is the fascination with making all these clones? Why are they so involved in manufacturing life forms?

Emery: Well, I think they have their own agenda. And each organization has its own agenda.

1 Emery Smith 1

I mean, there is, of course, one operating everything, but you have to understand it trickles down to many different types of facilities and agendas and organizations. And, you know, who knows where it goes from there?

But, you know, I can have . . . I believe in my opinion that they're doing this to maybe form a fake . . . or stage a fake invasion maybe, or use these beings as part of . . . to serve in a war of some sort, or to even possibly use for abduction purposes.

David: Abduction is something that began with Betty and Barney Hill in the early 1960s.

2 Betty And Barney Hill

Emery: Right.

David: And from that point forward, we have these alleged Greys that are apparently doing this.

Emery: Right.

David: So I'm curious as to: why do you think really there were not reports of Grey abductions before Betty and Barney Hill? And what might that be that we're seeing?

Emery: This is the most controversial question I get all the time, and I have the great answer for it.

And, you know, these people DID get abducted. Okay? It really did happen.

And that's why they can pass a lot of the truth tests. And we've interviewed a lot of these people. And it's real. I mean, they really had this experience in their mind, you know, or physically.

But what I'm getting at is it wasn't real as far as the beings and the stagecraft and the things that were going on, because there's many of these stagecraft and these programs running the entire planet because they all want them to coincide together.

So when we interview an abductee from New Hampshire, they have the same exact story as the abductee from Namibia and the abductee from Japan, because they make them very similar, and then they'll do many different types of episodes of what they want that person to see and remember, and how to make them traumatized.

And they can do that in many ways by, number one, using fake stagecraft, using clone programmed life forms, knocking them out first, and then having them wake up in a room with staged surgeons there prodding and poking at them, using special types of gas.

David: Wait a minute. Are you saying that the UFOs are fake?

Emery: Yes.

David: Okay.

Emery: Well, they're . . . right.

David: But is there a craft? Are you saying that there are craft that can be flown?

Emery: There are craft. Yeah, they're real craft that we reverse engineered.

David: Okay. Right.

Emery: But they are OUR craft. They are not the extraterrestrial craft.

David: It's not just like a hologram? There is a craft.

Emery: Right. They can use holograms too, though . . .

David: Okay.

Emery: . . . that have been used in staged moments, absolutely. And they'll show the hologram, and then maybe let off a gas in the area, and the people maybe crash the car.

The next thing you know, they wake up in some facility, but it's blurry. They're always groggy for some reason. You know, something happens.

Or they'll come to the house and do it. You know, they'll pick a specific person.

David: Before we go any further, I just want to ask you this question, which I do know the answer to, but I want to get you to say it on camera.

Have you been watching “Cosmic Disclosure”? Are you familiar with all the ins and outs of what Corey has said?

Emery: No, I don't watch it. Sorry. Yeah.

David: And the reason for that is what?

Emery: I don't like to be influenced by any type of outside source of any type of outside source of information coming from another person in case one day I might HAVE to come forward.

And it's interesting sometimes when you tell me, “Hey, Emery, I actually had an insider that told me almost the exact same thing”, because I know I'm not the only one.

David: Right.

Emery: There's hundreds of thousands of Emerys out there that are just petrified to come forward.

And I'm hoping that this series will bring a lot more people forward to feel a little bit safer.

David: Right.

Emery: Because it does protect you, I can assure you.

David: Why do you think that these abductions are being done? We're kind of going around it, but I don't feel like we've quite hit it.

This is something that would take incredible resources. We're talking about craft. We're talking about beings being cloned. You're saying that it could be in America, Namibia, Japan.

What is the point of all this?

Emery: To install fear in the world. You know, fear needs to be installed to control and order, you know, to have control and order over a civilization.

So what better way to do that: to have these people on TV saying that this happened. And I'm very compassionate about them, because it really did happen, but it didn't happen the way they think.

That's because Hollywood has basically released an evil alien movie every month, and it goes from here to The Philippines in a year. And everyone in the world is now petrified of this giant creature coming at me.

David: Do you remember last night when we were talking to that guy, and you had told him about the little Atacama being? And you remember the first question that he asked us was: “Am I supposed to be afraid?”

Emery: Right.

David: Why do you think that was the very . . . and he kept asking it in different ways.

Emery: Yes.

David: Like: “Am I supposed to be scared about this?”

Emery: Well, “We shot them down. Are they going to come back with their guns and kill us?”

David: Right. Right.

Emery: You know, and it's like they know the risk. You know, the Earth is what I call the Disney World of the universe.

David: Ha, ha.

Emery: And it's a very dynamic, beautiful place. You know, you would laugh. You know, let's go see a bunch of hairless monkeys, right?

But what I'm getting at is it's such a diverse community of so many living biological species that they used to come from all over just to kind of like hang out, look around and not do anything malicious or anything.

And this is in and out of all the other negative stuff that has happened millions of years ago with the different civilizations, by the way. I'm not getting into that.

I'm just saying, in this time of age, really the last 1,000 years, it was a really beautiful place to come and show your kids.

David: Hm.

Emery: And this comes down to now after Roswell and a little bit before that with the Germans when they realized there were these other entities, some formed alliances, some didn't.

And the next thing you know is gas, coal and oil got involved and didn't want any of this type of stuff going on, or the government.

Because if you prove how extraterrestrials get here, they weren't using gas, coal and oil.

But getting back to your question: why did he say this? It's like: “They're going to come back because we just killed his family, or we shot down a craft.”

And I was like: “Well, you know, they're a little bit more conscious than we are by a few million years. And they were once us. And they're watching us grow out of this barbaric, medieval way of cutting each other's heads off.”

And that's why we haven't been back to the Moon, or, you know, ventured into space with the normal NASA space program, that is.

David: Right.

Emery: And that's . . . You know, this whole stunted thing is: until we learn how to behave with each other and love each other and accept each other and not have this association of, you know, “you're my enemy because you don't believe what I believe in,” or “you're a different color of race or gender.”

It's ridiculous. It doesn't exist in the higher consciousness of extraterrestrials beyond this universe.

So they're giving us time to behave and time to work it out on our own. And they WANT to see this happen. And they're really interested in that.

So that's kind of what I believe they're there for.

David: I had Whitley Strieber, who is the famous guy who wrote the book “Communion”, kind of broke the alien abduction story in a big way in the 1980s . . .

3 Communion

4 Whitley Streiber

I had Whitley Strieber on my panel at Conscious Life Expo in February 2017.

And one of the things that I thought was fascinating was that he reported having more memories of his abduction, and that he wasn't just seeing Greys. He was also seeing regular humans in black military uniforms who were there at the same time.

What do you think is going on with that?

Emery: What has happened is, yeah, he was probably moved to an installation or something. Or maybe the black ops team for that division, when he came to a little bit, his memory caught a glimpse of it.

I mean, we give medication every day. Every day, we'll do thousands of millions of surgeries around the world. We always give patients Versant right before they go, so in case we do mess up, or they don't hear us telling jokes while we're operating on their heart, they won't remember it. And it's very successful.

But they do sometimes have a total recall.

David: Ah.

Emery: And that's bad. That has happened . . . You can Google that where people are actually awake during the whole procedure and remember everything.

David: Wow!

Emery: Or they'll hear everything and remember it. And they can't move 'cause the anesthesiologist has paralyzed them.

David: Wow!

Emery: Yeah, very scary situation. So that's what happened. He is getting a little bit of a recall back because the drugs didn't work on him, or the gas.

David: So this abduction program would be to instill fear on a mass scale.

Emery: Correct.

David: So there was a sense when Whitley was saying this that he might have been abducted by the military.

Do you think that there are real Greys doing real abductions that are actual extraterrestrials? Or do you think that this is just a vast weird government program of some kind?

Emery: I believe it's a program. Right.

I believe there have been . . . there may have been, not to my knowledge, there may have been like real abductions a very, very, very long time ago because of certain countries that were making some weird, bad mistakes of exchange of information maybe for DNA.

But it's hard for me to believe that now, after what I've been exposed to, knowing what they CAN do anyway . . . Like I said, they don't need anything. But there's a lot more to that story with other beings and other things.

So I believe it's a complete form of military, or some sort of faction organization that works beyond the military, that's doing this.

David: Now, I remember at least three or four times seeing Dr. Steven Greer speak on stage, and you were standing there on stage in full tactical gear as his security guard.

Emery: Uh-huh.

David: And in some of those talks, he mentioned a UN Secretary General being abducted. And that is the highest level of politics on Earth. So what could be going on? Why would this production go all the way up to the elected heads of state in the highest offices in the world?

Emery: They wanted to install fear into the other people that were in these higher positions by doing it to this one.

David: So you can confirm . . . or can you confirm that that actually did happen, that that abduction happened?

Emery: That's secondhand information from two very higher-ups in D.C., and also, of course, working with Dr. Greer and The Disclosure Project and seeing a lot of the official documents that he had shared with me, yes. Yes, he is correct.

David: Wow! So are there hypnotic suggestions being planted in people's minds as well when this takes place? Are they getting post-hypnotic suggestion, things that will be cued by events that took place . . .

Emery: There are no hypnotic or mind control things going on unless you watch TV or have an iPhone or listen to the radio. So good luck with that one.

David: Ha, ha. So in your estimation, there could be subliminals that are being put out.

Emery: 100%. That's definitely happening.

David: Do you have secondhand knowledge of that, or do you actually see briefings on it?

Emery: No, I've seen . . . I was part of a project one time in Los Alamos . . . well, it wasn't owned by Los Alamos, but it was associated with a corporation there, that dealt with frequency control, mind control and cellular frequency control to make you angry or to make you sad or to, you know, manipulate you in a way that this would happen.

David: Getting back to Betty and Barney Hill, as we've drilled into this more over the years in ufology, it has emerged that he actually was testifying early along that he thought this was a military abduction. And he had very specific details.

And then, as time went on, more and more of the so-called “alien component” came in.

Emery: Right.

David: His initial impression was that it was not extraterrestrial.

Emery: I wonder why. You know, it's very realistic. You know, they have these alien reproduction vehicles. You know, we already have conquered anti-gravity for the elites.

So it wouldn't be hard for me to fly one of these devices over your house and jump out in a very expensive Hollywood alien suit and try to convince you to do what I say, especially when I have these frequency devices that I'm beaming at you that basically paralyze you or stun you for a certain amount of time while I inject you to put you out.

David: There was a particular insider disclosure about the Illuminati that I read, a very, very disturbing book called “Paperclip Dolls”.

5 Paperclip Dolls

And this particular female witness went through a lot of the most savage stuff that you hear about in ritual abuse cases, but she also reported having to wear an alien suit, having to dress up in this kind of silvery alien suit with a head that looked like a Grey, and actually abuse people in that capacity.

Emery: Wow!

David: And that's in the book.

Emery: Hm.

David: So are these cases where people . . . where you could confirm that maybe in older programs?

Emery: I can confirm there's hundreds of thousands of people that go missing just in the United States alone every year, but you don't hear about it except for a couple of websites because they're the derelicts and the drug users or the homeless or the runaways.

And I do believe that these people are being collected and tested and also seeing the response and measuring the chemicals of the person while they're actually being attacked by someone dressed in a suit or something like that. Because for some reason, they're trying to figure out what kind of chemicals are released with this type of fear.

David: Could you tell us a little more about some of the stagecraft that you said is happening in these abduction cases? Like, what are we actually looking at?

Emery: Right. They don't always have to use a real craft, but it always helps. And what I'm getting at is these ARVs - we call them Alien Reproduction Vehicles – do exist.

And I have seen them firsthand.

They're not as well-created, of course, as the original extraterrestrial crafts that they try to reverse-engineer them, but they do what they're supposed to do, and that is hover and look scary. And that's all you need to see.

And then it could be done, and the next thing you know, you're kind of knocked out. But you remember that before the drugs.

So they want you to have a visual of a little guy running across the street in front of your car first, or maybe this thing that just landed in the middle of the Interstate, you know, because you'll remember that. And that's all you're going to talk about the rest of your life because of the most amazing, horrific, scary thing.

Because then you woke up in another temporary tent set up in the woods right off the street. And they're making it look like an operating room. And someone caught a glimpse of some guy carrying an M16 and a tactical vest they remember.

So it's a very classical typical thing that happens all the time.

David: It would appear that if we are dealing with a globalist organization that's doing all this behind the scenes, that they have a lot of limitations, that there is some sort of benevolent force that is stopping them from doing more.

Because these abductions are not really that bad, right? People are getting returned. They don't remember very much. They're not . . .

Emery: They need them returned. They have to be healthy because they won't be able to tell the story the rest of their life. But yes.

David: But there is some aspect of opposition to this. It's not like it's just evil.

Emery: As you notice, these abductions have been going downhill, not uphill, since the '60s, '50s.

David: Right.

Emery: And that is because of this Alliance that has been formed. You know, a high percentage of them now knows that we don't need to do this. We don't need to go this route.

And, you know, this other part of it, you know, whatever you call them, the White Hats, or however you guys . . . there's many different terms you guys use.

But, you know, we're now at the level of 90% good, 10% bad.

David: Right.

Emery: And that's going to come pretty quick here. It's going to be exposed. And the truth WILL come out about all these programs.

And, you know, the politicians are leaning more towards that because they're not taking care of their families properly. They're not protecting their families.

Instead, they're extorting them by drugging them and making them have sex with an underage person on film. And now you have to do everything I say for the rest of your . . . your . . . And you know this stuff, how it goes.

David: How do you think, or how does the Alliance think, based on briefings you've had? What will happen once they've really crossed the line, and it's actually disclosed instead of just people wondering maybe it's true?

Emery: The polls show that mostly everyone does believe in this, like a high percentage, 70 to 80%, believe there is existence beyond this planet.

David: Right.

Emery: And the problem is: how many believe they're evil and how many believe . . . there ARE good and bad, absolutely. But how many people believe what?

How many people believe that the good is trying to protect us more than evil? And how can we show that and prove that without having people come forward and talk about it and release this information?

David: I want to bring this up too, Emery. One of the things that we talked about, and we laughed last night, but it's come true, is that let's just say a significant number of Americans have never forgiven Vietnam.

And on some level, they're still fighting the Vietnam War. They're still listening to the music. They still worship the musicians who became famous during that time. They act like nothing else has happened that's really of value since then in music.

And we have this kind of horror of the military in America. And I think that's very sad, because like we talked about, if there was a Red Dawn scenario, if we actually had a land invasion, we lose a couple of states to a foreign invading power, . . .

Emery: Right.

David: . . . at that point, what would happen? Everyone wants the military BACK again.

Emery: Well, your attitude changes pretty quickly when you start to lose your freedom. And even though people are angry from past wars and things like this, when you come back home, it's difficult.

And when you have these old programs in you from those times with these soldiers, and I can speak because I am a soldier, you form this “against mode”. “Like, that's all. That's it. Everything else is going to be bad. And I lost my faith in the government, and da-da-da-da-da.”

But it does change quickly when there is a threat in your backyard: “Okay, my neighbor's playing the music really loud. What am I going to do?”

But now I just jump the fence with a 12-gauge shotgun. And he's kind of coming up to the porch. That's not normal.

So, you know, you want to help protect your home, and you want to have that fence. And that fence needs to be there, and maybe a little bit higher.

So people have a change of heart if something like that would happen, because people have families, and people don't want war. People are not born to have war.

If you asked the majority of the world without the warmongers, you know, “Do you want to go fight?”

If a human had a chance to fight or not fight, the polls show they would not want to fight – all of them.

So who's controlling all these soldiers? And who's, you know . . .

So that's kind of where it's at right now is just a bunch of puppets. And that's going to be exposed.

David: I think a lot of people feel as if the wars that we HAVE fought are wars for empire and domination to control oil, to control poppy fields in Afghanistan – that it's all about money and profit.

And there are so few people who are directly aware of the Alliance who have ever spoken out at this time.

What could you tell the people who might still be locked in this belief system that the military is just out there doing the whims of globalist bankers?

And then they would ask, “Well, if there IS an Alliance, then why haven't we heard from them?”

Emery: Well, I can assure you that that man on the front line and his commander and even that general most likely has no clue about what's really going on.

“But I'm so gung ho about my country, I'm going to do whatever it takes. And I'm going to protect it, and I'm going to protect my mom and dad and my sister and so forth.”

David: Right.

Emery: “So I'm going to do that because I'm 18 years old, you know, and I believe in this.”

David: Right.

Emery: “I believe in this.” So they made you believe in this with all of the . . . however it happened.

So now that this is coming out, the nonbelievers are going to say, “Well, where ARE these superheroes?”

And you cannot fight a war . . . You know, the war is not fought hand-to-hand combat. It's fought way behind the scenes first to control who's controlling the generals and the commanders.

David: Right.

Emery: So you have to change that first. And that's what people don't understand. It's a very delicate and very difficult situation that's going on: this little secret war behind the scenes.

But that's what changes the paradigm. That's what's going to make everything tilt.

David: It seems as if there's an astonishing lack of truthfulness in mainstream media. And that's become . . . I mean, even the polls are now showing distrust in the media is actually worse than distrust in Congress. It's lower than 12% in some cases.

So do you feel that the media is in cahoots with this globalist crime syndicate in some way?

Emery: No, I know they are. Yes, I mean, the media controls the world.

David: So with that kind of power in place, would that pose a problem for the Alliance if they were to try to let us know what they were doing right now with that much media control still in that apparatus still in place?

Emery: No, because that will be fixed. That will be taken out.

The leaders that control the media are going to have a big eye-opening problem soon. And the Alliance is working on that through the inside, actually, rather than from the outside.

So it's going to come from within. And it's actually going to have to do with also civilians, which is nice to know that people are going to stand up too and find out that, “Hey, this isn't right. We've been lied to.”

And it'll be brought to an attention in a way called “live streaming”. And no matter if it's only on there for five seconds, I can guarantee you someone recorded it, and it'll go . . .

So they would have to shut down all the main servers in those tanker ships off the coast of California, and everywhere else in the world, for that not to go viral.

And it won't be just one person. It'll be many. It'll be hundreds of people.

So that will help. You know, you have unheard superheroes on the ground. You have unheard superheroes way above. And they're all working toward the same thing, and that's to expose that problem.

David: There's been a lot of unpleasant stuff coming out about Hollywood. And I'm wondering if you think that might be part of the Alliance's plan.

Emery: Well, without mentioning movies or anything, Hollywood is also kind of controlling how we think.

David: Yeah.

Emery: But they also encrypt really cool things into it . . .

David: Right.

Emery: . . . for those people who are aware of symbology and different languages and texts. And I think that helps because I believe that's a subliminal message that things are sometimes moving to the direction that it needs to go. And that's where it's going.

And I think it's important for people to know that the message IS being sent out. If you can't see it yet, it's okay. You will. It'll be in another form.

David: So a really blunt, dumb question. Is the military working for our best good? And if so, will the abductions stop once they succeed?

Emery: Yes, the military is definitely on our side 100%. You know, these . . . The higher-ups are getting very upset about the manipulation. They have their own agents. They're starting to find out things.

So it's a very good sign that this is happening right now.

David: You've said that the abductions have already decreased a lot. Now, are you telling me that the Military Alliance people have already been fighting a war to greatly reduce how many abductions are happening?

Emery: Oh, I believe it's more of a money thing going into secret corporations. They used to use the military to help them do things, but the military didn't know why they were going to pick up . . . or going to this place and slice up a cow.

They didn't know why they were going to go pick up this individual or take part in this. They just know, “I'm there to come here and provide security.”

They have no idea what's going on, and they're not allowed to ask. And if they do, then they're terminated immediately.

David: If this Cabal, as a lot of people call it – that's a term that I'm using now . . . If the Cabal is defeated, the disturbing things we've talked about in this episode with abduction, will that largely, if not completely, be stopped at the same time?

Emery: Yes, if the Cabal is defeated.

David: So in a sense then, we're having like a shadow World War III going on.

Emery: That's right.

David: And so many people are completely unaware that it's even happening.

Emery: It's right there in front of your eyes if you really think about it and look at what's going on around the world. But, you know, we don't have time for that.

And it's not the people's fault.

David: Right.

Emery: “I have to work. I have to eat tonight. You know, I have to do these things. I'm in the Matrix too, guys.”

David: Yeah.

Emery: So, it's like, “What am I going to do? Okay, I'm going to conform too.” We all have to conform for a little bit, but now it's time to give back a little bit.

David: What do you think the world will look like once we get Disclosure and the Cabal's defeated?

Emery: Overnight, it will change. The devices of all the technology they've been hiding will come. The world will flourish. It will be full abundance. No one will starve.

It'll be clean water for everyone. It will be homes for everyone, and the world will come together as one, and everything else will be left behind.

And the old paradigm . . . We will forget about our religions and all that, because, you know. all of this is getting exposed too at the same time.

So it changes how we were kind of tricked since we were born.

David: Right.

Emery: And now the truth is here. And now everyone will apologize, and it will be beautiful.

David: Well, Emery, I want to thank you for being here. And I want to thank you for watching. This is “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock, with our special guest Emery Smith.

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