Cosmic Disclosure: We Were Never Alone

Season 2, Episode 6

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 DW: Hello. Welcome to "Cosmic Disclosure." I'm your host, David Wilcock, and I'm here with the insider's insider, Corey Goode. What we're learning is that the effectiveness of this whole conspiracy comes out of the fact that it was all orchestrated by groups that were extremely secretive from the very get-go. And specifically, we've been talking about German esoteric societies.
So Corey, let's talk about that for a moment. What would happen in one of these German societies? How do they make sure that somebody is not going to squeal?

CG: That was woven into the fabric of the secret society itself. These people were very loyal. They were raised in it from childhood. And that was their way of life. Everyone else was an outsider. Everyone inside were the team, the family. So going outside to squeal, I mean, why would that occur to them?

DW: Let's say 1930s, as Germany is rising to become another great industrial power, somebody says, I can't handle this anymore. I'm tired of this. I'm out of here. What would happen to that person?

CG: Very similar as to what would happen to one of Al Capone's men that had a similar epiphany and change of heart. They would end up pushing up daisies, I guess, as they would say back then.

DW: So the point is people are not apt to want to talk at all. So you have an esoteric order. And you said last time they have great physical power. They're controlling the money system and industry?

CG: And have for some time.

DW: How do they enforce loyalty? Do they have initiatic rights in which you have to swear to secrecy on pain of death, things like that?

CG: Well, there's the whole theater part of the esoteric belief systems and black magic and all that. But it always comes down to the carrot and the stick. And making someone wealthy while everyone else is standing in line for bread is a strong motivator. And if you have a family, you want to provide for them.
And you're made to feel special. You're made to feel as a part of something bigger, grander. You're born into something that is bigger than everything else in the world. All the other people are useless eaters. You are important. What you're doing is important to not just the useless eaters and humanity but to the future of the planet and to a very ancient plan that your order or society has been meticulously working on for many generations.

DW: Italy was a fascist nation in World War II that worked hand in glove on the same goals in the Axis with Germany's fascist government. I'm wondering if these German secret societies might have also spread into neighboring countries like Austria or Poland or Italy. Or were they truly just German-centric?

CG: You have to look way, way back into history, back into the pre-Christian eras back when these groups were different pagan tribes. And these groups-- this is what these societies come from, way back then.

DW: Like Celtic?

CG: Celtic and--

DW: Druids?

CG: Druids, all these different groups. They're very ancient.


CG: And they see their roots going back very far. And they see it as they own all of that area, and just as clouds blow across the sky, dynasties change. But they remain, like the trees on the ground.

DW: Well, one of the things that puzzled me as a tangible data point that people can sink their teeth into, is I did research into ley lines. And you see things like Stonehenge and Avebury and Carnac in the northern province of France, ancient sites with giant stones and then modern sites, including German Gothic cathedrals, that are built on these same lines. So somebody knew to build these cathedrals and these sacred sites of worship and even government facilities on these lines. Would you say that might be one tangible data point people could look at indicating that there was a secret knowledge that the public was not being told about behind where these sites were being constructed?

CG: Yes, these secret teachings go back many millennia and are highly guarded. And a lot of this information has found its way under the Vatican and the vaults. And the Jesuits and other groups still have access to it.
There are many other libraries of this sort around, especially Europe, that these secret societies have access to these ancient mystery school teachings. And these mystery school teachings have information going all the way back that have several different ancient languages in them that translate older and older texts. And it goes further and further back talking about technology, and technology of people and beings that come from the heavens.

DW: You've said before that breakaway civilization groups living inside the Earth contacted people on the surface and posed as gods.

CG: Still do.

DW: Were there in these European, Celtic, and Druidic societies, priests or nobility or royals who had a more technically involved and accurate contact with these breakaway civilizations?

CG: Yes. The priests of Odin and all these other groups, the priest cast in just about every one of these ancient civilizations, they guarded the secret teachings. They had access to these scrolls, these books, this information, all the mystery teachings. They kept the information from the kings, emperors. They kept the information from the commoners. And it is from them that a lot of these breakaway secret space programs and advanced technological, subterranean civilizations sprung from.

DW: Are there members of these subterranean civilizations or space-based civilizations who are the descendants of people that might have been pulled out from human life on Earth, maybe even as old as thousands of years ago or even, let's say, in medieval times? Has there been a continuing abduction of people from Earth into these various groups over time?

CG: Yes, and that is one of the reasons the Germans were so interested in all of this and they were so focused on the "master race," because some of these groups that were coming out from underground and presenting themselves to them as either ETs, depending on the time period, gods, and in some cases their forefathers, were a lot of times blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and very Caucasian, master-race looking. The master race that was depicted by these groups during that late World War I, Word War II era, they had very much that look about them.

DW: If people had been pulled from the Earth into these groups, did those groups interbreed with those people, or were they used as more like a slave caste?

CG: Well, they were more manipulating the surface.

DW: Oh.

CG: They were teaching them agriculture to have them provide agriculture as an offering to them. So with these groups, it was more about manipulating the surface population to have a return in what they considered an investment.

DW: Would you say that the priest caste you referred to in these Druidic and Celtic and other societies around the world, did they have access to space travel and portal technology?

CG: Some of them definitely did.

DW: Really? So there's been, to some degree, certain people on the surface of the Earth who have had access to space all throughout our history?

CG: Yes.

DW: That were people born on Earth from human parents on Earth.

CG: Yes. Yeah, I had read in the smart glass pads about the Spaniards chasing some of the Mayan priests that would run right up to a wall that had a door carved into a wall that went nowhere, and they would be holding a bunch of scrolls in their arms. And they would run up to the door, touch the door, and then walk into the rock, walk through the rock. So I mean, that was obviously some sort of portal situation.

DW: Well, I remember doing an episode on Ancient Aliens where we talked about this thing like you're describing, looked like a doorway, but it was just carved into the side of a rock wall. And there was almost an identical one in Turkey. Is Turkey another country that is really central in these breakaway groups based on its location near the Mediterranean Sea? Egypt?

CG: Yeah, Turkey is a mixture. There's a breakaway group there. And there's also an ET group that has settled there.

DW: Do we know anything about that ET group?

CG: Yes.

DW: You don't want to tell us?

CG: Well, it gets into some of the disturbing stuff. The groups that are the Sumerian god kind of groups.

DW: Oh, like Draco type, reptilian type?

CG: Yeah. They are more of the negative groups that are also down in South Africa right now, Marduk and different names that you would hear.

DW: What about the breakaway civilization in Turkey? Is that similar to the other ones, or is that a unique group?

CG: In Turkey mainly, there's quite a bit of ET activity going on down there. There's a breakaway group there, but they're more subservient to the ET group. Turkey is a very ancient area, and it's been controlled by a certain ET faction for a very long time.

DW: I've just been trying to map out some of the terrain here so we can understand how the Germans end up making their way out into space here. This was not the first time that humans from Earth had made it into space by any means based on what you're saying.

CG: Right.

DW: OK, you also said that these breakaway human civilizations in the Earth or outside the Earth were one of the groups that the Germans were channeling that were helping them find these scrolls that help them build craft. I guess what I'm concerned with is why wouldn't these extraterrestrial or breakaway Earth group people, why wouldn't they just give the Germans the technology they already had? Why were they trying to make the Germans go through this painstaking process of archaeological excavations and doing it themselves?

CG: Well, eventually they did start giving them more advanced technology. But they had to develop a certain amount themselves.

DW: Is that part of the esoteric rules they have to follow?

CG: I'm not sure. But they basically had to prove theirselves as not only being able to have the engineering and scientific ability to create this technology and understand it, but once they got to a certain point, not only did the Draco group start to give them scientists to help them and give them technology, but also the breakaway Agarthan group did the same.
Now, the Draco, this Agarthan group don't necessarily get along all the time, and the Germans favored the Agarthan group. And they were getting a lot of very excellent and very, very unique technology from these groups. And they started using it to venture out past our atmosphere and go to the moon and study the asteroid belt.
And when they went to the moon, they learned very quickly that the moon was a pretty much hub for many other ET groups to meet in a neutral area to have bases to be a part of some grand experiment, which the Earth is a part of, to observe Earth and be close. And the Germans had traveled to the moon and had planned on starting colonies there and saw that it was pretty hostile to try to land any place around on the moon and start building. So they signed, just like we did later on, they signed agreements with the Draco and also these Agarthan groups.

DW: When you say "we," you mean the United States government?

CG: The United States government, yes.

DW: Signed a deal with the Draco?

CG: Well, the United States government signed deals with several groups. But the Draco were one of them, as were the Agarthans and others.

DW: I'm just curious, did they have any trouble getting outside the Earth when they tried to fly out of the Earth?

CG: Once they started flying around and approaching the moon, they started having some issues with resistance. And once they formed partnerships with these Draco, who had a very large portion area on the back side of the moon that they then fell, I guess, under their protection. And then they began to start at first trying to build their own moon bases and colonies-- that didn't go very well. Then they started discovering these very ancient buildings, very ancient buildings. And they then found a way to pressurize these buildings and use them temporarily while they built a moderate German moon base.

DW: All right, there's a lot you just said that I think we need to untangle. First of all, I want to ask you a really stupid question. Is there a breathable atmosphere on the moon?

CG: No.

DW: Did they have some type of astronaut suit like what we see later with NASA astronauts to walk on the moon?

CG: Yes, they developed pressurized scuba-type rebreather suits.

DW: And you said that they made early attempts to build on their own that were not successful?

CG: Several-- many attempts.

DW: Did they try to bring native materials from Earth? Or did they try to build with local materials they found on the moon? What was the attempt?

CG: They would bring some materials from Earth, and then they would try to build out of the local material, create concretes with the concrete building technology that we used on Earth. And they tried several different techniques. They had quite a few problems.
There was one group that was involved with a reptilian reptoid group-- a project that was traveling not through spacecraft, but through portals to the moon and apparently back to a different time period on the moon and were building above-ground facilities. And these at some point were abandoned. And later on, the Secret Space Program were finding these very ancient buildings with Nazi insignias and symbols and eagles with swastikas in them.

DW: You said very ancient?

CG: Yes.

DW: What do you mean by very, like 2000 years old?

CG: Many thousands of years.

DW: Many thousands?

CG: Yes. There's a temporal technology that the Secret Space Program uses that is kind of like carbon-14 dating, but it reads a temporal signature of a building that is constructed.

DW: Temporal meaning time?

CG: Time.

DW: Time signature?

CG: To be able to tell approximately how old it is. And I don't recall exactly how old they were, but they were thousands of years old.

DW: So this technology is able to tell when material was last disrupted?

CG: Right, when it was--

DW: Or when it was constructed.

CG: --manipulated.

DW: So these were highly decrepit buildings? They were breaking down?

CG: Dilapidated and falling apart.

DW: So this is an extraterrestrial technology that they had access to that allowed them to portal back into the past?

CG: Right. This was a joint operation with reptoids.

DW: You also said to me in private conversation that when they started to build on various locations that they found explosive charges had already been planted underneath the locations.

CG: That was the Secret Space Program. When we would go to build outposts, mainly security outposts-- and I described how we built those out of local and materials brought from home, giant kevlar bags, they would fill it with the local soil and build up a structure. I've written about it. It's a whole long process. But the engineers that were there that were using some of this temporal technology for surveying of the land discovered that underneath where they were building there were charges that had been placed there and that somehow someone had figured out that someday someone's going to build some sort of facility there and had placed charges there thousands of years ago.

DW: Wow.

CG: And so they found a way to remove them.

DW: You said that one of the first things that the Germans did when they went into space was they went to the asteroid belt.

CG: Yes.

DW: Did they see anything that would be considered strange or unusual by our normal, terrestrial standards when they went to that area?

CG: Yes, they found signs that it had already been mined for quite some time.

DW: Really?

CG: That this had obviously been another planet at one point and very small remnants of Ancient Builder Race technology were found embedded in some of the asteroids.

DW: What would a very small remnant of ancient builder race technology look like?

CG: Just pieces of their technology, small remnants here and there that they would find.

DW: Well, you had described before that it's going to look like just stone that's very nicely carved, that kind of stuff?

CG: Yeah, something that you would find, it would look like a piece of a diorite or very hard stone that was shaped in a very unique and pleasing way to the eye to where you would think an ancient culture had carved it and maybe it was an altar or, the way we think, it had some primitive use. When in reality, it was a very extremely advanced, multi-dimensional device, and there were many, many asteroids that-- there had been mining activities going on for millennia in the asteroid belt.

DW: And this was something that was very clearly able to be seen, like strip mining lines, that kind of thing?

CG: Yes, big holes in the asteroids with built-out areas for docking, for resupply vessels and pickup vessels for picking up the raw materials.

DW: Did they ever find smashed spaceships that had been destroyed by weapons fire that were just kind of tumbling end over end in the asteroids, anything like that?

CG: Most of what I remember them finding was on the moon after some of the ancient battles.

DW: Were they able to find ruined ancient craft and gain something from them, like debris from a technological flying craft?

CG: Yeah, that was found on Earth, on the moon, on Mars. It's been found all over the place.

DW: Wow. So you can't breathe on the moon. So they have these space suits. And you said they were fascinated to find Nazi insignia on ancient buildings.

CG: Yeah, completely stripped buildings and dilapidated buildings with the eagles with the talons holding swastikas and German writing, German script, but anything of value or useful, it was all stripped.

DW: So you had said that there was a Draco area on the moon, that they had a large tract of land. And you had said in previous episodes--

CG: This was on the Draco area.

DW: OK. Did the Draco provide material assistance to them, or were they more just allowed to develop the land on their own?

CG: Both.

DW: OK. So at what point did the Draco become involved in the building process, if you said that these early building attempts they made were unsuccessful?

CG: They finally built a successful, small base--

DW: "They" the Germans?

CG: Germans built a small base and used that as a jumping-off point. And then they successfully built a base on Mars as well. The Draco did not assist them in all of this. There was a separate base on the moon that is a joint base that the Draco and the human German breakaway groups use still to this present day. And it is a heavy Dark Fleet base. And it is shaped kind of like a pyramid with the top cut off, or what would you call that shape?

DW: Trapezoid?

CG: Yeah, trapezoid.

DW: Do you know when that base was constructed?

CG: This would have been in the '60s, early '70s.

DW: Did the Draco have their own buildings in this tract that they owned on the moon before?

CG: Under.

DW: Oh, underground.

CG: Mm-hmm, under the moon.

DW: So their effort to help the Germans build their own facility was more just kind of letting them have their own territory, feel safe, feel like they got their own home?

CG: Well, it was a part of a wider plan of integrating them all together in this control system over the Earth that the Draco is very much involved in.

DW: There are movies like "Iron Sky" talking about stuff like this with Nazi base on the moon.

CG: I had so many comments on that. I finally went and saw that ridiculous movie.

DW: Yeah? Did they build the building in the shape of a swastika?

CG: It was in a shape of a swastika originally, but now that building is now the lunar operation command, and that has been built out and built over. That is an old and very small part of what is now the lunar operation command that the overall Earth secret space programs use on a regular basis. The trapezoid-shaped moon base is off limits to everybody except for the Draco allied human groups and the Draco.

DW: Did the Agarthans have any material support or logistical support in the colonization of the moon early along? Or did they kind of back off from that aspect of it?

CG: They backed off from that aspect of it, but they do have a presence on the moon.

DW: So this is "Cosmic Disclosure." I'm your host, David Wilcock. We are exploring very fascinating information, and that's going to continue next time. So as always, I thank you for watching.

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