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  1. I have a strange feeling with your "SSP delegate badge". Is it a real badge used in the SSP, why does it look somewhat "amateurish", and why does it show the same occult symbolism like the logos of U.N.; NASA and the likes?

    If you read closely at the posting you will see that there are two graphic artists producing images for me right now. I never stated this was an actual badge that the SSP Alliance was using. I only stated that the motto on the badge is the same that is on the SSP Alliance Badges.

    As for the symbols. You have to remember that all of these SSP Programs were started by the same root groups. Some of the symbols used have meanings that the public doesn't realize. The "Chevron" image in NASA Badges (And Others) represents the Secret Space Program in general.

    I do not know of what other symbols you are speaking of. I understand there are some people that see "Demons Under Doilies" and find conspiracies in everything. Please in the future make sure to read information fully and research data fully before jumping to conclusions.

    Thank you,


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    08 Jun 2015