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  1. RA stated years ago that 65 million "soul wanderers" from 5 & 6D incarnated on earth to help raise it's vibrations. Any indication from the Sphere Beings as to their (wanderer's) purpose and role now, during this critial transistion?

    All indications are that this number has since grown. The majority of MILAB's are "Star Seeds" and the "Cabal Groups" have been very interested in identifying and using trauma to cause these individuals to stray from their "Soul Missions". These "Cabal Groups" seem to be very concerned about these individuals and the part they will play in the near future. The Blue Avians have had large numbers of regular citizens who are most likely "Star Seeds" being communicated to by Blue/Indigo Colored Orb Beings as well as inviting many of them recently to come up and attend meetings and classes. The Blue Avians have communicated that these individuals will have a major part to play in future events but have not shared any details. They are careful not to share certain information about our future as it can interfere with our current progress and balancing of our karma.  


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    29 May 2015