Fade to Black Interview with Corey Goode July 12, 2016

Ep. 488 Corey Goode Interview on Fade to Black, July 12, 2016

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Corey Goode was identified as an intuitive empath with precognitive abilities. He was recruited in one of the MYLAB programs at the young age of six. He trained and served in the MYLAB program from 1976 to 1986-87, and towards the end of his time as a MYLAB, he was assigned to an IE support role for rotating Earth delegate seats.

He shared . . . He was shared by secret Earth government groups, by the way, in a human-type ET Super Federation Council.

During his 20-year service, he had a variety of experiences and assignments, including the Intruder-Intercept Interrogation Program, assignment to the ASSRISRV Auxiliary Specialized Space Research Interstellar-Class Vessel, and much more.

He is in direct physical contact with the Blue Avians, the Sphere-Being Alliance, who have chosen him as a delegate to interface with multiple ET federations and councils on their behalf and liaison with the SSP Alliance Council and to deliver important messages back to us.

Tonight we're going to talk to Corey about his new website, which is TrueDisclosure.org. We're going to talk about whistleblowers and the move toward enlightenment and disclosure.

His websites are www.SphereBeingAlliance.com and www.TrueDisclosure.org and I would like to welcome him back to Fade to Black, our good friend, Corey Goode.

Corey good evening.

Corey Goode: Good evening to you.

Jimmy: How are you, man?


Corey: Doing pretty well. Doing pretty well. It's been pretty hot down here in the Dallas area, so I'm just trying to stay cool.

Jimmy: Yeah, there you go. Well, stay by the pool, man. And I wish I had one. And right now we're going the same thing. It is a heat wave rolling through Southern California.

You know what? What's funny here is it lasts for about two weeks. And that's our complaint, because the other 50 weeks out of the year it's pretty bleepin' nice. And so I really can't complain about the weather, because the rest of the country goes through the four seasons and all the stuff that they deal with and we've got it pretty good out here and it's kind of the same for you in Texas.

Corey: Right. Are you guys still dealing with the drought or has that recovered any?


Jimmy: No, man, chemtrails have taken care of that.

Corey: Right.

Jimmy: You know what's weird . . . You know, it's funny that you bring that up, because about a year ago – and I'm not making this up – about a year ago, I get this little blip in the local news, right? The local news.

And I'm on a local news website, you know, just checking out the community stuff. And I see this little article that says, “A one-year agreement has been reached with the City of Burbank to install 10 cloud-seeding stations in the mountains to combat the drought.”

And I was like, “You've got to be kidding me.” And I open up the article and sure enough it was a $500,000 contract with this private company and they're literally doing cloud-seeding.

And you know what's happened in the last year? Rain. Nothing but rain. Is that insane?

Corey: Well, maybe David Wilcock will let them put a couple stations behind his house up there in the canyon.

Jimmy: Yeah. Now check this out. He doesn't reap the benefits that we do on the east end of the valley. He's about 30, 40 miles from us. It is no joke, and this is the other thing that I thought about. And I should have talked to David about this.

I think it was a masking, if you will, like a false flag to the chemtrails, right? They could say that it's the cloud-seeding program, when in actuality, it's the spraying that's going up in the upper atmosphere.

And that's my way of looking . . . You know, you never believe the news, right? And to have this blurb in there, like this blatant admission to altering the weather for us for the good of the drought. I just saw through that.

But wasn't that an interesting thing to have in the paper. It wasn't on the news. It wasn't spoken about. It was just like out there so they could say that, “Oh, we talked about this.”

You know? You know what I mean? In this little spot in the paper. Isn't that interesting.


Corey: Yeah, it's pretty interesting what's popping up in the mainstream media recently.

Jimmy: Yeah, what do you think . . . Before we get feet first into what's going on in your world, this last couple of weeks and certainly this last year with the darkness, with trying to cause this racial divide in the country, and the last week has really, really bad.

What do you think is going on with that?

Corey: To be honest, I think it's a part of what the Blue Avians . . . the message that they delivered to me the last time I spoke to them. They said that individuals and groups are being forced to deal with our karma during these high influxes of this energy that's coming in through the sun and, you know, the galaxy is now pouring onto our planet and whole solar system.

Everyone has their ideas about the status of the racial divide in America, but I have a little bit . . . I'm part Native American and part English so I have a little bit different view on things than most people.

And I think that we're going to be forced to deal with something that happened generations ago and that most Caucasians don't feel that tied to or they don't want to.

But as a country we're going to have to deal with the racial divide that is there, or we're not going to be able to move forward.

Jimmy: And I don't think . . . and I agree with what you're saying about the attempt at that. I don't know . . . I just don't feel the racial divide that the media is telling us that exists.

But you guys in Dallas . . . Well, let me just ask you, how is the city doing today?


Corey: Dallas, you know, I grew up here, and Dallas is a pretty big melting pot, so it's unfortunate, very unfortunate, that it happened at all, but that it happened to the Dallas Police Department, because they've done a lot to improve things.

You just feel the sadness hanging over the whole city, but you don't feel any fear or anything like that. It's just that
people are anxious and sad.

Jimmy: And how is the . . . How is the local Dallas news treating this too, as well? I mean, is there all of this talk about racism and racial divide that you get from the national news? Are they treating it the same way in Dallas?

Corey: Well, some are, but I posted on my Facebook site today . . . In Dallas, they had a Black Lives Matter group that was getting ready to do a protest, and then an opposing group . . . And they were videotaping them coming together. They did like a prayer for the people, I guess, who had passed in the two states where the shootings had occurred.

Jimmy: Right.

Corey: And they all hugged and they were coming together and unifying, and you don't see that on the mainstream national news, but it was being shown locally here. And it's been very inspiring.

Jimmy: Yeah, and I thought about . . . and I kind of want to stay on this for a second, because I'm very concerned about the darkness that is pulling us down. And with Dallas, with the Black Lives Matter protest, if you want to call it a protest, that went during . . . that was going on when the police shootings happened, I didn't see angst. Right?

I didn't see, you know, bottles being thrown at the police, for instance, and instigators trying to cause this.

And then suddenly when the gunfire broke out, there was panic because the mood was a good mood, and it was broken with the gunfire. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Corey: Well, I do, and also if you look at the videotape, you'll see a full spectrum of the different races that were out there supporting this Black Lives Matter protest. And it was very peaceful.

Everyone was getting along just fine. The cops were getting along with the protesters, etc.

Jimmy: Right. And the genuine fear that was suddenly on everybody's people's face in the videos that I've seen – that we've all seen – it's heart-breaking, because that was not what they were there for.

Hence, back to my discussion about darkness. And that is what is here now. It's this darkness.

And I think that they only way, Corey, that we can start to avoid this and not allow it to effect us emotionally, because that's what they want, right, - they want us to be dragged down by this – is to quite simply unplug from the machine.

You know, stop watching the news. Stop, because that is what's causing this emotional shift that is out there. And if we give in to that, well, the dark players win, don't they?

Corey: They do.


Jimmy: What can we do . . . you know, I've suggested to unplug from the machine. Is there something else that we can do to combat this darkness?

Corey: Well, it's going to be one of the obvious answers for a lot of your audience. It is very important to ground yourselves and to meditate on a regular basis to get yourself grounded and to reset your frequency so it's not dealing with all the cross-over from other people's energy and from the negative information that we're being bombarded with.


Jimmy: Do you feel, when you . . . not only when you go to the Council, but also, you know, the Inner Earth here as well, do they have those same issues with racism?

Corey: That's a little bit hard to answer, because they don't have animosity or negative thoughts or energy toward other races per se, but they have ideas about this great genetic experiment here on the Earth.

Jimmy: And what do you mean by that?

Corey: Well, back when all these different groups were starting their own genetic little experiments, or little groups, they were telling and instilling religion in them and also various knowledge . . . different bits of knowledge that they were imparting to them.

Jimmy: Right.

Corey: They also imparted to them that you need to not mix your genetic line with any other. So that's something that's gone way, way, way back, and it's also been a part of some of the racial and religious infighting problems, as well.

Jimmy: That's interesting. Are you saying that they actually had a problem with that at one point and they had to literally speak about it?

Corey: Well, what they had done is when they were giving the people religion, they were also instilling in them that as a part of their religion and their culture that they should not mix their blood, their children's blood, with any other blood on the planet. They should keep their genetic line pure.

That's something that has gone way back with a lot of different groups - people keeping their genetic line pure. A lot of that goes back to a lot of these genetic farm races that had come in started all these different genetic programs.


Jimmy: That's really interesting. And for those out there that are here for the first time, that are hearing you speak for the first time, when you . . . let's go back a little bit.

When you first started to get this kind of information handed to you, how did you deal with it? Not only is it probably shocking to the system at one point, but also you have to accept it and learn and acquire the knowledge.

How did you start to do that at such a young age?

Corey: Well, from a very young age, I was being put into situations that most people my age would never even dream of. So I had already built up a pretty thick skin towards this type of information and these types of experiences.

It had become quasi-normal to me. It was something that . . . It was just something I grew in or just . . . it was just a part of my experience.

A lot of the information that was coming in was very disturbing at times. Some of the experiences were very disturbing, but just like a person that grows up in a family that has a lot of issues and they have a lot of crazy stuff happening in their family, it's just kind of becomes a part of your experience.


Jimmy: Right. Right. Is there a version of . . . And I've never asked you this before. Is there a version . . . Do you have to change the information for us to understand it?

In other words, have you grown into . . . You collect the information and then when you give it back to us, do you change it some way so that we can understand it?

Corey: I report things pretty much verbatim. The only things that I change or remove are operational details that need to be protected.

Jimmy: Such as? What do you mean?

Corey: Well, if I . . . If there is a certain base, I will not . . . I will either not give the location of it or not give . . . or I'll give a general location. I will not give exact location details, you know, that kind of thing. You leave out certain people's names.


Jimmy: Right, right, right. I've got you. And that leads me to this next point. I want to talk about the definition of a whistleblower. With the new website TrueDisclosure, that's a large part of the website and who is doing this.

What is your definition of a whistleblower?

Corey: My definition of a whistleblower is someone who is working within a system or a corporation and witnesses or experiences things that they know are wrong and then they speak up and report it.

There are all different kinds of levels – people that are whistleblowers about money not being spent right in a corporation or all the way up to this cosmic issue that we've been discussing for, or that I've been discussing for over a year now.


Jimmy: Do you consider yourself a whistleblower, because I don't? So I want to hear . . . Do you consider yourself a whistleblower?

Corey: I consider myself . . . I am blowing the whistle on the Secret Space Program and my experiences in it. So yes.

Jimmy: But yet . . . Oh, go ahead. Go ahead. I'm sorry.

Corey: No, go ahead.

Jimmy: Because I think you're also a conduit. Right? You're relaying information too, as well. And, so . . . You know what I mean,

Corey: I get it.

Jimmy: I don't think that you feel like you should be imprisoned, in other words, like you're breaking the law.

Corey: No. And that was the whole point of them doing projects like they did ours, is because there's no documentation and there's no real trail there.

Our parents didn't bring us to Carswell Air Force Base and drop us off. We were being brought there without their knowledge, so, you know, they've done these things this way for a long time.

They know how to keep secrets. I know that's hard to believe about the U.S. government being able to keep secrets, but . .

Jimmy: Yeah. Ha, ha, ha.

Corey: In these Special Access Programs, they have gotten the compartmentalization and the manipulation of assets down pat.


Jimmy: Right, right, right. And, so, now, being a liaison, not only for the Sphere-Being Alliance and the Blue Avians – that's one thing, but then you're also nearly – and I want you to help me clarify this – a diplomat.

Would you call yourself a diplomat?

Corey: I would. I wish that I was a little bit better at it or a little more diplomatic at times, but . . .

Jimmy: Ha, ha, ha.

Corey: . . . under the extreme circumstances, I think I've been as diplomatic as I could be.

Jimmy: Right. Expand on that. If you . . . expand . . . just expand on that. What do you mean by you wish you could be better at being a diplomat? I gotta hear this answer myself.

Corey: Well, I've talked a little bit about it before. I'm a very introverted person. I'm not a person that's in a room normally . . . I'm normally the quiet person in the room watching everyone. I'm not the person that wants the attention or craves the attention, or even wants to get up in front of more than two or three people at a time talking.

So me being, I guess, chosen or picked to liaison information and be in front of large groups of people is definitely out of my comfort zone. But I've had to overcome my weak speaking voice and my introversion to do what I've done over the last year.


Jimmy: Are you getting better at it?

Corey: I don't know. You tell me. I think I'm getting a little bit better.

Jimmy: I have . . . I've seen the change in you for one. I've seen you speak, as you know, and I actually sat next to you off to the side of the stage. And I want the audience to understand at that point it was just myself, David and Corey on this stage. That was it, right?

And I'm sitting down and Corey and I are, you know, kind of nodding to each other throughout everything. but I have to say, Corey, for that many people in front of you – you know, a thousand people, you handled yourself really well. And I didn't see . . . I didn't see any apprehension. I didn't see any stage fright. And you handled it really, really well.

So I think you're starting to grow into your own skin. Now, so . . .

Corey: Well, thank you. I definitely . . . I definitely was . . . There was definitely stage fright. And this . . . In August in Mt. Shasta, I'm, on August 26~28, I'm doing a conference and it's . . . that's going to be . . . I'm sure my heart will be in my throat the whole time.

Jimmy: And it seems . . . This is the other thing, you have the first five minutes on stage, right? You know, I pushed you out on the stage, so to speak, right? Or anybody, right?

But the audience is there to listen to you and the vibe in the room, and the brain power that is there, has got to be relaxing, because the next two hours for you . . . your feet were definitely on the ground.

Can you tell the difference in the way that you are dealing with yourself?

Corey: Yes, I can. I've gone through quite a metamorphosis over the last year. When I was doing the “Cosmic Disclosure”, in the beginning, I was going through bilateral, rotator cuff and biceps reconstruction surgeries, so a lot of the time I was sitting there and I was in so much pain that it was unbelievable.

Jimmy: Oh, I'd forgot about that. You had like a cast on. Yeah, that's right. Yeah, I completely forgot about that.

Corey: There was a big difference when I . . . once I put the surgeries behind me, too. There were some changes that popped up that were pretty obvious.

Jimmy: And now, this is a . . . this is what I find really important. That now that you're out there and people are coming up to you, this is not what your personality is about. You didn't . . . You know, you didn't ask to be thrust into this kind of limelight, if you will.

But, you can't turn back now, like any whistleblower, right? Now you're out, man.

Corey: Yeah.

Jimmy: But How is that? The questions that are hit with you and the people that come up to you now, and the questions that you have to deal with because you are in that position that they can't ask these questions from anybody else. You have to answer.

And they're going to hang on your every word. Now, you have responsibility to go with this thrusting into the public eye. And how are you with that?

Corey: I'm actually getting better and it's pretty easy dealing with the people and the crowds, because like you said, they're extremely intelligent. They're asking very well thought out questions and they're just very positive vibe people.

So it hasn't been difficult. The most difficult thing is to get through the crowd because everyone wants to talk to you it feels like for 30 minutes and you just can't do it if you want to meet everyone in the crowd.


Jimmy: Yeah, I totally get that. I totally get that. Now, we're going to hit a break here in just a second. And when we come back, we're going to talk about the launch of the new website, and I want to start to pick the website apart a little bit and discuss with you different sections of the site.

How has it been going? How's the launch been? Any technical issues? Everything cool?

Corey: You know, we've had the normal couple little technical issues and the content is still flowing onto the page, so the whistleblower list is going to grow dramatically over the next couple of weeks.

Jimmy: Can you tip our hat in a certain direction? Who else is going to be added?

Corey: Well, it's going to be a good deal of the people from Steven Greer's Disclosure Project. I believe it was 2001 where he got all the people up before the media in Congress, I believe. A lot of those people are going to be in it, and there's also going to be people from the financial sector and whistleblowers from different sectors as well, not just whistleblowers on the ET issue.

Jimmy: Yeah. And we're going to talk about how you're actually doing this launch and the marketing behind it, because it is very interesting.

This is Fade to Black. Our guest tonight is Corey Goode. We're going to hit the ground running. www.TrueDisclosure.org is the new website. We're going to start to discuss that right after this short break.

Stay with us. I'm your host, Jimmy Church. You can follow me @jchurchradio on Twitter. You can follow Corey @BlueAvians. This is Fade to Black. More with Corey Goode right after this short break. Stay with us.

BREAK (57:58~1:02:17)

Jimmy: All right. Welcome back to Fade to Black. I'm your host, Jimmy Church. Follow us on Twitter @jchurchradio. Use the #F2B for the Sandbox. You can follow Corey Goode @BlueAvians and all of the links are up for his Twitter stuff too as well as his new website, which is www.TrueDisclosure.org.

We'll get to that in just a second. I just got an email during the break that came in and said, “Jimmy, you've got to mention it's Brad Delp's birthday today. And Brad left this Earth back in 2007 when he did commit suicide. But he was the soaring voice of the band Boston.

And I've got to tell you, Corey, man, were you a Boston fan growing up?

Corey: Well, I grew up . . . My dad was a rockabilly . . . He's in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in Dallas. So I grew up with rock'n roll all around me, so yeah, I grew up with all of that.

Jimmy: Yeah, man, and Brad . . . You know what? The first time I ever heard Boston – just like everybody else did the same thing – holy crap. How could somebody sing, you know, . . . How could somebody sing like THAT!

I mean, it was . . . He was just all of that. So Brad, happy birthday. And Boston, I think, for all of us, meant a lot to our childhood and high school years going up. So there you go, our dead guy's birthday today, Brad Delp.


All right, let's get to TrueDisclosure.org. I know you've been working on it for a long time and you've spoken with us about it a lot. It's now launched.

Why did you decide to do this? And was this your idea? Who suggested a True Disclosure?

Corey: Well, TrueDisclosure.org . . . I've actually had just a small part to deal with it. There are a lot of great volunteers that have put it all together and I don't have permission to use their names, so I'm not.

The idea of getting a Full Disclosure project together to try to bring everyone together . . . to bring, I guess the big buzz word we've been using is “unity in the community”. That originally started with . . . the Blue Avians wanted that to come about.

And then the SSP Alliance, once that was disclosed to them, they were all on-board about it occurring as well, though they were sceptical about whether people could come together and put aside all of our belief systems or notions of what disclosure will be and actually come together and work on our common goal of getting the information and then deciding what's true or how it fits into our belief systems later.

Jimmy: Now, you've decided to go a unique path and taking this also into mainstream marketing. And why that choice? I think it's excellent, but it's also courageous. Why did you decide to do that?

Corey: Well, why preach to the choir? You know, everyone that is listening to this probably on some level already believes that we're being visited.

So what the Blue Avians want is for us to start affecting the joint consciousness – our collective consciousness – in a way that other people . . . You know, they'll hear a lot of this information and they're not going to believe it, and they will go on with their life. But that seed has been planted. It's entered their consciousness.

So that has a measurable affect on the rest of humanity and can cause the Hundredth Monkey Effect to start kicking in.


Jimmy: And so what are your marketing plans? Can you share that with the audience?

Corey: Yeah, yeah. On TrueDisclosure.org, you will not see myself or anyone else in this community under the whistleblowers or advertised on the page that are not credentialed.

You know, like Steven Greer went through and got all of his witnesses credentials, verified them, and, you know, these are the type of people that we need to present . . . the type of information that we need to present to the mainstream.

Because to be honest, if I come out and I start talking about 8-foot tall blue birds beings, what do you think that the normal mainstream is going to do? How are they going to react?

We've got to start advertising, and I'll tell you about the advertising here in a minute, promoting this information out to the mainstream so they can start digging through the nuts and bolts information, and as they grow, or awaken as we say, they can start coming to the rest of our information.

Jimmy: Right, right, right. So . . . Yeah, go ahead . . . Well, . . . Yeah, go ahead. Continue with the marketing.

Corey: Yeah. And what we've decided to do with the marketing is we're going to create commercials for YouTube, television, radio, that are marketed directly toward the mainstream person who's already programmed to giggle when they hear UFO, presented in a nuts and bolts way, to where they will . . . they'll be more apt to accept the information.

Jimmy: So, are you suggesting – I'm just going to through some things out there like sports radio, CNN, radio, you know, that type of mainstream and we can expect . . .

Corey: Yeah. Financial radio, you know, stations where people listen to business networks, you know, that kind of . . . those kinds of places. And putting up signs in public transit, roadside signs. You know, all these different things are going to start peppering people with information.

All of this is going to be crowd-funded. We're going to make all of our advertising open sourced to where you can just go to our website, download . . . If you want to put a magnet, a car magnet, advertising sign on your door, you know, you can download the file for that, take it to a planner (?) in your area and order a door mat.

Or if you want to . . . you know, if your area, if you want to have a billboard hung, you know, we're going to have crowd-funding for different cities and people can donate for billboards or advertising in their area.

Jimmy: And buses – mass transit?

Corey: Yeah, exactly. Yeah, hanging on buses, inside train stations.

Jimmy: That's a . . . Now it's ambitious, but it sounds correct. What do you think the answer would be coming back from that. Do you think that somebody like CNN, or the mainstream media would pick up on this advertising campaign and then turn around and comment on it? Is that part of your vision?

Corey: Well, it's what will most likely occur. It's not necessarily part of our vision because these people will treat it tongue-in-cheek on their news reports. But when we first do it, we'll target a few cities and a few advertising venues in the beginning, and then once people start to see those advertisements . . . different types of advertising, it's going to bring more attention to it.

Let's say if we get a good billboard in the middle of L.A., that's going to get the attention, or in New York, that's going to get the attention of people in the media for certain.


Jimmy: And what is the difference, I mean, in your opinion of Edward Snowden and, say, Gary McKinnon?

Do you think that Snowden's disclosures for not only the ET presence, but ufology in general, is strong enough to put him in the Gary McKinnon category, because Gary, you know, blew the doors off of SSP and shocked everybody.

Corey: Right.

Jimmy: Is Edward Snowden at that level?

Corey: Well, Edward Snowden's information is pretty powerful, and it has not been fully released. There is a lot of data in Edward Snowden's information that we haven't even heard anything about. So there's more to come from Snowden in the future – especially when they start doing more of these information data dumps.

Jimmy: Have you been in touch with Snowden? Has he reached out to you?

Corey: No. I have not, no.

Jimmy: And what about Julian Assange?

Corey: No.

Jimmy: Okay. Do you expect to hear from them?

Corey: I don't, not unless . . . I really don't, because when we start having some of these data dumps, all of these people are going to be so busy dealing with that that they're probably not going to want to talk to me.

They're going to want to look at the data that's in black and white in their hands that's dropping. So I don't see that they will really want to talk to me unless this True Disclosure thing really gets rolling and gets the attention to where they see it as a vehicle of releasing information.

Jimmy: Yeah, the website itself too, well the look of the website, is very mainstream. Right? It doesn't look like what people would expect, you know, tin-foil hats, and, you know. little green men, and so forth.

Corey: Well, absolutely.

Jimmy: Was that also intentional so you could get those that aren't part of our circle to not be offended?

Corey: Well, absolutely. We've designed everything in a way to where it's going to be welcoming to people that, like I said, have normally when you just say the word “UFO”, their eyes start rolling in their head. If we want people to stay on the page and really start digging into the information, then we have to create an environment where they're going to be comfortable.

Jimmy: Right. (Cough.) Oh, excuse me. I didn't hit my cough button.

All right, I want to change gears off of TrueDisclosure and we'll come back to it. But there are a couple of things that are in the news right now, that I think are pretty remarkable.


One of them is NASA with what's going on with Jupiter. I want to talk about that project. And also the conversations about Mars that have been nearly daily and what NASA is doing with Mars.

Why the focus on Mars and Jupiter right now? I mean it's a daily press release now.

Corey: Well, of course, you know, Jupiter is being focused on because the Juno probe has arrived and we're going to start seeing some very spectacular imagery coming out and also telemetry.

They are really going to find out a lot more in the mainstream about what's happening around Jupiter. You know, Jupiter is basically like a mini-solar system. So there's a lot to learn there.

As far as Mars goes, it has been seen for a long while as a place to create continuity of species in case a catastrophe happens on Earth human species will continue because we have colonies or it would be basically like an ark.

Jimmy: Do you think, Corey, do you think that Juno's going to find out something that you already know and they will be honest with us with that information?

Corey: Ah, you know, this is a time of disclosure, and they've been hinting and allowing us to know more and more information about microbial life and the possibility of microbial life on other planets in our system.

So the things that I think they'll start running into they most likely will share with us at least partially.

Jimmy: Is there . . . And when it comes to the Federation and the Council that you rotate with and are a part of a delegate of, is there anything that is going on with Jupiter that Juno is there checking out?

Corey: You know, there's a lot going on around Jupiter and it's moons. There is a lot of the area that's off limits to the Secret Space Program.

Jimmy: Right.


Corey: So, yeah, there's a lot going on there. Very few are fully privy to everything that's going on. I don't think anyone's privy to everything that's going on there.

There's a lot going on in our solar system and I think a lot of this is to start psychologically preparing people to find out we've found microbial life on a moon going around Jupiter or in a small crater on Mars, you know where water is able to stay liquid just under the surface.

We're going to . . . I've got a feeling we're going to start hearing something like that before we see any world leaders standing up next to a non-terrestrial.

Jimmy: Yeah, that's exactly my point. You know, is this part of . . . because, obviously, they know something. And I'm talking about NASA in general with Europa and the different moons around Jupiter, and the fact that they're covered with water. And they've suspected . . . they've suggested that . . . to us that they've expected life there for a long time.

And I also think that Arthur C. Clarke knew something too, as well. He certainly wrote about this.

But the way that Juno is going to check out Jupiter for the first time, is it because they know something is going on and they need to drip, drip the information back to us so we don't go into shock, which I don't think that we will, but that's what they think is going to happen.


Corey: Well, you know, the way that these programs run is that there are a number of parallel programs going on and the NASA, let's say the NASA Juno Mission . . . the people working on that, their mission is to go there and what they feel is the most advanced technology we have and to get telemetry on a planet that we have a lot of questions about.

So on their level, that is there agenda.

You know, other people up the ladder are going to have different agendas and use the program to disseminate information to the public that they feel will guide the public's . . . the public mind, I guess.


Jimmy: Yeah. And what I see with that . . . because, Corey, you and David have a very large following. That is expanding every single day.

You've got this show. You've got Coast to Coast, right? Right? And it's expanding every day. Sooner or later it's going to be out of their control – out of THEIR control.

In other words, the mask – and this is where I'm going with this – the mask of Juno is not going to work, you know. And those types of programs, like you said, they're parallel programs, and that's not going to work any more.

Eventually, the real truth is going to get out, not only through TrueDisclosure and the Sphere-Being Alliance, but it's this show and it's the word on the street. And it's people that talk to each other.

And the mask of Juno and those programs aren't going to work any more.


Corey: They're already starting to lose their ability to manipulate people. You know, regular people are waking up. I see it all around me. I see people that normally . . . they go to work and they go to church and they turn on the boob tube and listen to the government's daily propaganda and they don't think about anything.

Jimmy: Right. Right.

Corey: I've been hearing these people make comments and ask questions that they didn't use to even consider. So, yeah, there is something going on.

Jimmy: I've got a zillion questions that have come in via email and also Twitter and so forth, and I want to try to get through some of these really quick.


This is from Annie. And she says, “Please ask Corey about the possible incoming energy blast from the rumored sun-burst and what us little people can do to get through the experience besides moving to Antarctica.”

Corey: Ha, ha.

Jimmy: Yeah, right.


Corey: Yeah. Well, there are a number of groups that have different ideas and belief systems on what is going to occur at the end of this cycle or age.

Like I have stated, we have the Cabal types that . . . their remote viewers and their probable future technology has shown them that there's going to be a big blast that is going to hit the Earth and it's going to be devastating.

Well, there are other people that have different ideas that it's going to be a positive experience or that it's not going to be the experience that we've built it up to be. So you . . . There's a whole spectrum of different ideas about what is going to happen.

So we can't move forward in fear. We have to move forward . . . just, I guess, focus on the Blue Avian message that is the best way to get through it, you know, to make sure that you've worked through everything in your karma by forgiving yourself, forgiving others, to daily try to be service to others, you know.

Make sure you . . . Really make sure you've forgiven yourself for things that you've done or that you've allowed to happen.

You start doing that, your frequencies are going to begin to match that that we're entering.


Jimmy: I wanted to ask you really quickly before I get back to the questions here. What happened to you personally out at Contact in the Desert? I'm talking about the action that was going on in the skies above us. It was a pretty insane weekend.

What do you think was actually going on with that, because you had your own sightings, I had mine, we had some mutually together at the Faderhouse with the night vision that was going on there too as well? What was going on there?

Corey: Well, you know, I don't know. I was sitting in the cabin I was in and there was a skylight above me. I looked up and I saw . . . it looked like a blue star.

And I was like, “Was that the curve of the skylight reflecting the light or something?” I looked and it blinked and then moved away.

So I went outside and I saw a blue light just flying around in the air, and I caught it on videotape. It was not like my normal experiences with a Blue Orb. But the blue light kind of flew, zig-zagged around, and then flew off behind a mountain peak.

And I texted David immediately. He went out and was able to observe it as well.

I observed a few other things, but, you know, I really don't have any more insight than anyone else does on what exactly they could have been.

Jimmy: It was a pretty incredible weekend, wasn't it? And I . . .

Corey: A lot of people had some very interesting experiences. A lot of people had their first visual sightings of things like this. It was a pretty exciting and a big weekend for a lot of people.

Jimmy: It was pretty amazing, and I don't know if it was because of Contact in the Desert, right? I don't know. It's kind of ironic . . . Yeah.

Corey: Yeah. I think it was. You had all those people of such a loving, high consciousness there reaching out. That's bound to attract some attention.


Jimmy: It was just extraordinary. And the year before, I don't know if I've mentioned this to you. I've certainly talked about it on the air, but the year before, we had a cabin that was about . . . No, I'm sorry. This was two years . . . This was three Contacts ago.

We had a place out in the middle of the desert, about 20 miles away on the outside of Joshua Tree. And we're out there and what was incredible about this is that it didn't hit me quite as hard as this, you know, this past Contact in the Desert, because that was an extraordinary thing to witness.

But three years ago, this orb – I don't' know how to explain it better than that – but this ball of light about a quarter of a mile away, out in the middle of the desert, just shot straight up – just straight up, Corey – just out, out, just went straight up and then out into the atmosphere.

And there were about 10 of us that were out there and saw it. And it was just like, “What was that?”

Now that was a moving experience, but it was nothing – and that's extraordinary by any measure to go and see something like that happen. It's a white ball of light.

But this past Contact in the Desert, this was a show. You know, this was truly . . .

Corey: Yeah, it was a show. That's a good way to put it. It was as though they were just up there waving at us.

Jimmy: Winking.

Corey: Yeah, literally.

Jimmy: Were you able to . . . Since then have you been in communication with the Blue Avians or anybody in the Federation, and asked them about what they were doing at Contact?

Corey: You know, I have had contact with the Blue Avians, but that was not a topic that was even on my mind.

Jimmy: Would you do that for me the next time you're in contact? Just go, “Hey, man, I've got to ask you, what was going on at Contact in the Desert? Was that you guys? Do you guys have any information about that?”

You should ask, because just maybe there'd be some information there.

Corey: Yeah, it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Jimmy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Exactly. All right, we're going to head to a break. When we come back, I'm going to hit the rest of these questions that we have for you here. I want to ask also about your most recent contact and anything that you need to share with us and the audience.

This is Fade to Black. Our guest tonight – Corey Goode. You can follow Corey right now @BlueAvians, and you can follow us @jchurchradio. More of Corey after this short break. Stay with us.

BREAK (1:27:14~1:30:58)

Jimmy: Welcome back to Fade to Black. I'm your host Jimmy Church. Our guest tonight, Corey Goode.

Now, I've got a list of questions here. We're going to go through that. If you do have any questions for Corey, hit us in Twitter @jchurchradio#f2bq. You can also shoot me an email to @.

And Corey, at the top of the hour, you want to take some phone calls?

Corey: Sure.

Jimmy: All right. That's what I'm talking about, Corey. See, you're coming out of your shell, man.

Corey: Ha, ha, ha.

Jimmy: I love it.

Corey: Maybe a little.

Jimmy: Yeah, maybe a little. Well, yeah, let's do that at the top of the hour. So everybody, just get ready for that.


All right, let's go through these questions. Let's see, first one up, “What do you feel is the purpose of the divine feminine in disclosure?”

Corey: Well, the divine feminine is actually probably what we are going to disclose into. We're . . . This whole, I guess, masculine-testosterone driven war-like world that we have now is going to fade away, you know, as they say, people are going to beat their spears and swords into plowshares. And people are going to . . . they are actually going to get along. So, you know, I think that's very much what we're heading into – that type of energy.

It's just what we're . . . We're phasing out of the, I guess, . . . And I know when they say 'masculine' and 'feminine', you know, what . . . I think I know what they mean.

We'll really transitioning into more of a feminine energy.

Jimmy: And is that the way the Blue Avian culture is based – something more balanced and not as masculine?

Corey: Yeah. They're . . . . You don't have the ego. You don't have the people broadening their chest trying to get the attention or trying to push their point of view across.

It's really hard for us to understand what beings are from another density, because we try . . . you know, we try to project the way we think and the way we behave onto them, you know, just like we do other humans.


Jimmy: I've always wanted to know this with some of the . . . a lot of the depictions in Egypt of . . . and not only Egypt, but Greece and other cultures with bird-headed humans. Is that . . . Do you think that that is a direct connection to Blue Avian contact in the past?

Corey: You know, I have been on the fence about that until I met William Henry, and saw a lot of his . . . You know, his book right now is selling out like crazy, because the art work and all the research that he's done . . . and he's done it for a long time – since like 2003, he's been looking at these things.

Jimmy: That's right.

Corey: So it became very obvious to me that there's a connection.


Jimmy: Oh, let's see here. The Morgellons. I just got an email about this and it says, “I've been dealing with this for over six years. Does Corey know anything about this stuff?”

Corey: I don't.


Jimmy: I don't either. Okay, next question up. “How can we co-create guidelines for 'unity in the community'?”

Corey: The way you do it is in your own behavior and your own thought processes. That's the normal way, the best way to affect the consciousness of others around you. It's basically leading by example.

Don't go onto forums and sit there and argue back and forth, you know, . . . what disclosure is or what alien groups are good and bad. You know what? None of us are going to know until we get all of the information.

Right now, we're picking things up off the floor and investigating and doing the best we can. And we are all looking at things through different lenses and different belief systems.

We're never going to be able to come together, work together or agree if we are focusing on all these little ideologies and belief systems. So, you know, . . .


Jimmy: What do you think about that, Corey? I'm sure that you had no clue about the infighting and the ego that is involved with not only disclosure, but ufology and ET contact in general.

Was that shocking to you? And what do you think about the infighting?

Corey: It was an incredible shock to me. I was . . . You know, a lot of people in this business really present themselves – you know, spiritually evolved – and they'll present themselves in one way and then they're the antithesis of that.

Yeah, there's a lot of people that have gotten caught up in ego wanting their truth or their information to be more popular than everyone else's.

It was very disappointing, but there are also a lot of really solid, good people in this industry. But for us to get anywhere, we're going to have to work with the egomaniacs, the people that are completely triggered every time someone says something that goes against their personal ideology or belief system.

Until we decide to put a mask over all of this information that we're arguing about and just stand together and do protests. We walk on Washington. Do a march – a Million-Man Disclosure March, you know.

None of that will happen unless we begin to agree to disagree on ideology and just push for the information to be released.

Jimmy: Yes, and I, . . . I had a conversation, Rita and I had a conversation recently with somebody that we respect - somebody that we all respect. And I'm not going to go further with that. I don't want to reveal who this person was, but this was his comment.

And he said, “You know, I can't deal with the ego in ufology any more. There are too many people out there that absolutely insist that they have the answers and they know what's going on and I don't know what's going on. And all we can do is sit down and communicate with each other and share ideas and not . . . “

He said, “I just can not deal with anybody anymore that just says, 'This is what's happening.'”

And I'm just thinking that's exactly right. What he said is exactly right. We all need to sit down and share information and talk through this.

We can't let ego or infighting and “it's my way or the highway” come in between us, because that kind of divide and conquer is exactly what we don't need.

Corey: Absolutely, I agree wholeheartedly with you what you just said.

Jimmy: It's crazy. And you know what, along with you, I will always . . . When I'm around the ego out there, I have stood my ground, man. I was like, “Stop this crap. Just stop it. I'm not going to be part of it.”


All right, let's get to the next question: “Could you please ask Corey what . . . “ - oh, this is great, by the way. You're going to enjoy this, okay? “Please ask Corey what he would tell Elon Musk if he found himself sitting across from him in a closed meeting?”

Corey: Well, I would first of all inform him . . . or encourage him to be extremely careful with this artificial intelligence stuff that he's starting to delve into.

He sounds like he's got a very good head on his head – a very good head on his shoulders - about the dangers of artificial intelligence. I would basically tell him to really focus on what he's doing to try to get his group to Mars.

I think there's going to be a lot of little things that are going to occur that are going to be setbacks just like NASA had when they were being interfered with.

And he just needs to persevere and push through. And there's just hope that this space program that he has that's a corporate one will give us more transparency than NASA has.

Jimmy: Space-X, which is . . . The main building is over here in Los Angeles, and I don't know if you've seen it, but the next time . . . If you haven't, the next time you're in L.A., I'll take you over there. You've got to see this.

The building . . . It's like the biggest thing you've every seen, right? It's huge. Now, it's not tall. It's just block after block after block, and it's deep. It's like five stories tall, but it is this monstrosity.

And you go and you see that and then you kind of understand the amount of money and what is truly is behind the program, because it's insane. It's like nothing NASA . . . NASA has nothing that looks like this. It's extraordinary.


There's a second part to this question: “What would you say to Donald Trump in a closed meeting?”

Corey: Well, Donald Trump, I believe, from what I've seen in the past, has an interest in conspiracy theories or a different non-mainstream types of information. So I think that he might be a little bit more open to hearing information in a briefing that would shed light on some of these programs that are Special Access Programs, unacknowledged programs, that he's going to have a problem being briefed on himself from the government.

Jimmy: Right.

Corey: You know, I don't know. Him being the supposed outsider, I would hope that he would be open to providing more information to the public. But I really don't think that any type of disclosure or any type of information is going to be released from a public office. I really don't see it.


Jimmy: “Does O negative blood have anything to do with empathic or contact?”

Corey: I have been asked that before and people of all different blood types are having these experiences. I'm O positive myself, so I really don't see a blood type being a part of it as much as a genealogy that they're interested in.


Jimmy: Interesting. Interesting. Man, the questions are coming in. Okay. “Can you ask Corey if he has been told anything about the upcoming election?” You knew this question is coming.

Corey: Well, the only thing that I've been told is that they believe that everything's going to . . . that the Establishment is going to do everything it can to prevent him from winning the election. You know, even if they have to steal the election, no matter what they have to do.

Jimmy: Yes, speak up. Speak up, Corey. You were loud and now you're quiet.

Corey: Yeah, sorry about that.

Jimmy: Oh, there you go. There you go.

Corey: Yeah, but . . . you know, I . . . Yeah, I've heard that there's a lot of interference going on that a lot of the Alliance were pushing for the movements behind Sanders and Trump, but as far as how the outcome will be, I have not heard any details.


Jimmy: How many people do not want to discuss other non-Earth races or energetic galactic waves? How do we breach that chasm?

Corey: Well, first of all, we can't just expect to breach that chasm immediately. That's the whole point of why we're presenting information the way we are at TrueDisclosure.org.

People have been programmed to ridicule anything that has to do with non-terrestrials or UFOs – any of that. People are thoroughly programmed.

The only way we're going to get them to begin to bridge the gap is to present the nuts and bolts information from people that are credentialed, people that they can look at, they can investigate, and at that point their mind starts to open up. They're going to start bridging the gap on their own by doing their own investigations into all the different contactees, all the different information that's out there.

They'll start filtering down that information when they're ready. But if they're not ready, we don't need to be shoving it down their throat.


Jimmy: Are you hip to the Mandela Effect?

Corey: Yeah, I've been looking into that just, actually, pretty recently.

Jimmy: Yes.

Corey: I think I'd heard about it in forums and stuff, but I never really looked at it. But when I was doing the last “Cosmic Disclosure” taping Jay Weidner brought it up and talked about it in detail. It definitely got my attention.

Jimmy: Yeah, it's pretty trippy. And that's what the next question is about. So I wanted to make sure that you knew what the Mandela Effect was, because it is so recent to as well.

But the question is: “Ask Corey if the Mandela Effect can be explained with parallel timelines?”

Corey: Absolutely. One of the things that is discussed on public disclosures is that, you know, when you can travel in space, you can travel in time. If you're traveling through space, far distances, you can travel in time. I mean, it's just . . . the technologies . . . It's just the way it works.

Jimmy: Right. I'm starting to lose you again, Corey. You need to . . .

Corey: Is this better?

Jimmy: Yeah. You see, there you are man. Now, you're . . . ha, ha, ha. It's okay. I know how it goes after two hours on the program. You tend to . . . not you, all guests, will drift away from the microphone.

Corey: Yeah, the phone is starting to drift away from my face.

Jimmy: Yeah, that's right. I won't tell everybody what you and I talked about earlier, but there's a reason for Corey and I being a little spaced out right now.


So, next question. And this was brought up last night. And I knew that this was going to be part of our conversation tonight. But can you elaborate on the intergalactic portal near our sun that David Wilcock spoke about last night?

Corey: Yeah, the entire galaxy and universe is connected by electromagnetic filaments. And in the Space Program they called it the Cosmic Web. Every star is connected to every other star through one of these filaments.

So you're going to have local stargates that . . . These filaments are basically what you traverse when you travel from star to star through a stargate.

In different areas you're going to have some of these Super Gates that feed into . . . that's a wider trunk, or branch, of the Cosmic Web that feeds off into smaller filaments.

Those larger filaments connect galaxies together, and . . .

Jimmy: Interesting.

Corey: And we have one that is very close to our star that is a very coveted portal.

Jimmy: Was it intentionally constructed to be here in our solar system, or was this a part of nature?

Corey: No, it's a natural portal.

Jimmy: Interesting. Why do you think that . . . I understand that it's natural, but why do you think that we got so lucky?

Corey: It's not necessarily that we got so lucky, it's that this is where all the action was and it's where a lot of the genetic farmers came to do their work, which apparently is what we are – their work.


Jimmy: Mahoney wants to know, it's his name, if there are nano-aliens?

Corey: I think I know what they're talking about. I don't have any information on microscopic types of alien beings, but there are some very, very, small non-terrestrials.

You know, there's been craft that will appear and it looks sort of like a giant wheel from like a big rig, that will be full of 40, 80 different types of beings inside of these very small craft.

So there are definitely very small beings.

Jimmy: When you say small, and small craft, how small are we talking?

Corey: About the size of the wheel of a big rig.

Jimmy: Oh, really?

Corey: Yeah.

Jimmy: Okay. And so the beings themselves, what are we talking about? An inch tall? Smaller?

Corey: Yeah, you know, yeah. I don't know. I don't know what the size of the beings that were inside that craft . . . They . . . This craft that I'm describing, this sized craft, has appeared in front of a lot of people and they say that they just observed.

They'll pop in for a couple of seconds, and then pop out, and they're gone. They'll come in and observe something.

Jimmy: I'll be honest with everybody. I actually talked to Corey about this when we were sitting next to each other at our little bar-b-que, and it was the same answer then.

And I really, really want to know, but there you go. Okay, I just kind of threw myself under the bus.


Have you, Corey, ever seen – I want to read this exactly as it is written here. “Have you ever seen an ET that looks so funny that you laughed out loud?”

Corey: No, not to where I laughed out loud. No.

Jimmy: Did you see one that was . . . ha, ha, ha . . . and I know you understand and appreciate the question. Yeah, you know, it's something goofy.

Corey: You know there are some that will move around a little bizarrely. You know, they'll kind of twitch – move around real jerky like or twitchy like. They'll strike you as very strange, but nothing that would make you laugh.


Jimmy: Right. Right. Ha, ha, ha, ha. “Jimmy, please ask Corey, those who are born with red hair, are they galactic human?”

Corey: I have no idea. We're all galactic human.

Jimmy: Fair enough.

Corey: Yeah, I have no idea what it means if you're born with red hair, or you're born with blue eyes or green eyes. I have no idea.

Jimmy: “Please ask Corey to update us . . . “ I've got to tell you, man, I've got 10,000 questions here. This is no joke, Corey. So just stay with me.


“Please ask Corey for an update on the latest info regarding the war above Earth.”

Corey: The only update I've received since what David Wilcock and Dr. Salla released, were meetings where I heard about the aftermath of the intelligence that we released – how it affected the different people involved.

It was basically . . . It was communicated that all these different groups were not happy about the latest information dump that we gave for different . . . for a variety of different reasons.

The Earth Alliance weren't happy that their new fighter craft that attacked the teardrop-shaped cruisers over Antarctica had been semi-announced.

There are different people that were part of the Earth Alliance that didn't know that they had this technology, but they know now.

There're groups that are a part of what the Cabal, what we call the Cabal – the Nazi-type kind of group - were very upset about the information that we released about the locations of these installations in Antarctica.

They were upset that they did not detect the Anshar craft when it was there doing a reconnaissance flight.

That's pretty much the only real updates that I have since what was released publicly.

Jimmy: Lori McDonald say, “Hello”. And you remember Lori. She was sitting, actually sitting, . . .

Corey: Oh, yeah.


Jimmy: Yeah, and she just posted . . . She said, “Jimmy, please ask Corey, has he ever seen a transparent species?”

Corey: Well, I mean, yeah, there have been beings that . . . I mean, they weren't completely transparent, but there were beings that were like gel kind of like. You could see into their bodies, light penetrated.

And there were beings that used technologies to mask their appearance that appeared, I guess, real . . . You could just see a slight outline of them and some of their features, but not a glass-type transparent being.

Jimmy: “How can someone tell if they have alien DNA?”

Corey: To be honest, I think that every single human on the planet has alien DNA.


Jimmy: Now, I don't know if I've talked to you about this before, so I'll just ask the question, because it was submitted. “Can you ask Corey if he knows and/or has worked with Randy Cramer?” You know, Capt. Kaye. Have you met . . .

Corey: You know . . .

Jimmy: Go ahead.

Corey: I'm sorry.

Jimmy: No, go ahead.

Corey: No, I have not . . . I do not know and I have not met Randy Cramer.


Jimmy: There you go. “Could you ask Corey when . . . “ Okay, “Could you ask Corey if/when disclosure happens, will all the people who have been involved with MYLAB projects and are not aware of it, have information available to them?”

Wow! That's a great question.

Corey: You know, I think they will. These people will be dealing with the exact same problems and issues that every other human will when we get disclosure. We're going to have to reconcile the information with our belief systems, with our life experiences, you know.

It's going to be difficult. It's going to be a little messy. And it's going to be that way for people that were involved in it as well, because a lot of these people will have the ability to start getting their memories back.

They're not necessarily going to want these memories back.


Jimmy: Do Blue Avians indulge in music, and if so, have you listened to it?

Corey: I have heard nothing that resembled music with the Blue Avians.

Jimmy: Hey, you know, that's actually a really good question. So as far as you know, no stereo systems . . . I'm not being cavalier here. I'm being very serious. You know, no stereo systems, no headsets, no iPods. If you know what I mean.

Corey: These beings . . . Yeah, these are higher density beings, the Blue Avians. There are other non-terrestrials out there that definitely have different aspects of their cultures that are similar to ours, you know, music, foods that they like, art that they appreciate.

So a lot of the beings that we meet are not going to be as different from us as we may imagine.

Jimmy: Interesting. And I've always wanted to talk to you about the food aspect too as well. But right here, we need to take a break. And when we come back, I'm going to open up the phone lines for Corey.

Keep the questions short, okay? And there's going to be a lot of calls coming in. Keep the questions short and I will try to get everybody in. Tonight it is Corey Goode. This is Fade to Black. I'm your host Jimmy Church.

I'll be back with Corey and taking your phone calls. 323-825-5045. Great stuff tonight, Corey, and thank you for taking phone calls. And we'll do this right after this short break. Stay with us.

BREAK (1:58:36~:2:02:36)

Jimmy: Wow! Okay. Phone lines are doing what I expected. Fade to Black. I'm your host, Jimmy Church and our guest tonight, Corey Goode. And he said “Yes”. Let's take some phone calls. So we're going to do just that. 323-825-5045. If you are not on hold, keep calling. That's all that I can suggest. And let's go to the phones.

Who's calling? Say, “Hi” to Corey Goode.

Caller: Yeah, hi, guys. This is Susan.

Jimmy: Hi, Susan.


Caller: Yeah, hi, Jimmy. It's nice to talk to you, and hi, Corey. And I have a question for Corey. And it concerns . . . if you have ever read anything or heard from the scientists recently that these Schumann frequencies or the Schumann resonance has been going out of sight. I mean, they've literally had to increase the graph for the amount of energy that's being currently produced.

I think it's part of the Ascension – increasing the vibration of the planet, of Gaia, and if you knew of anything about this?

Jimmy: Corey?

Corey: Well, thank you for your question. I have not seen anything in the programs directly relating to the Schumann resonance changing. I've heard that, but I have not seen confirmation for myself, but I do think it's very possible with the increased influx of energy that's coming in through the sun and through the outer part of our solar system due to our solar system entering into this high energetic cloud field.

Caller: Yeah, like people are even complaining . . . I'm sorry . . . People are – I don't know if it is legitimate, but I think it is. People are really starting to complain of like types of Ascension symptoms. People who are . . . And I don't know, maybe even you're abilities . . . you notice the change in your abilities . . . that people are awakening to the fact that they are empathic, they're intuitive. I mean, it's happening to me.

And I'm hearing that from a lot of people and it's a part of this as well of kind of breaking down the veil and we're
going to feel a lot more of this.

Jimmy: Thank you for the call, Susan.

Corey: Yeah, people like us that are sensing it and can feel it – the change of energy, the change in the behavior of people and animals. You know, people like us, yeah, we see the changes occurring.

Caller: Okay.

Jimmy: Thank you for the call, Susan. Great questions by the way.

Caller: Thanks a lot, guys.

Jimmy: You got it. Hi, you're live on Fade to Black. Whose calling? Say 'Hi' to Corey Goode.

Caller: Hi, Corey, it's Melissa.

Jimmy: Hi, Melissa.

Corey: Hi, Melissa.


Caller: Random question for you. Do you know if like the not good guys of the SSP and those guys, will they ever show up in people's houses?

Corey: Yes, they have been known to.

Caller: Really?

Corey: Yes. Military re-abductions, that kind of thing, where people are being picked up by non-terrestrials. These people will come and pick them up to find out what the aliens are interested in.

Caller: Well, mine was different in that they showed up in my home, but they were behind me. And someone touched my arm. He put his hand on my arm and said, “We want to let you know that we are here.” But they wouldn't let me turn around and all communication was being done telepathically.

It was like, what is going on here? And it was before you had mentioned the smart-glass pads or before you came out with any of that.

They actually had one of those and were showing me pictures of what I was looking at in my house.

I've never been so scared in my entire life. And there was a man and a woman and I heard the woman because I was doing something with my iPad and I clicked it off when this guy touched my arm. And I was trying to use my iPad to see what was going on behind me.

And when they realized what I was doing, the woman was like, “She's trying to see us.” And I stopped, and he increased his grip on my arm. And I pretty much shut down.

And when I woke up, the guy went out. And when I woke up the next morning, I knew they'd been here, but it took a lot for me to be able to get any memories back.

Jimmy: Yeah, interesting. And Melissa, was that the only time that this type of thing happened?

Caller: Well, that was that and then in the last three or four months, I've had maybe four, at least four times, where I've been doing something – in the middle of doing something in my home - and I black out while I'm doing . . . I mean, I can be writing something on a notepad in the kitchen or something, and I come to because I'm running into a wall, but the only thing I can see is . . . I have a vision like I'm walking down a hallway, but then I hit a wall and then I go right back out.

And then I'll come to a couple hours later and be sitting in a chair.

Jimmy: I do that when I'm driving, Melissa.

Caller: Ha, ha, ha. I haven't had that good fortune.

Jimmy: Right. And thank you for the phone call, Melissa. And I do find that interesting and certainly the reference to, you know, the glass panel, or how Corey described that in the past.

Caller: Well, when . . .

Jimmy: Well, I've got a bunch of . . .

Caller: It was Corey talking about the glass pads . . .

Jimmy: Yes.

Caller: And I went, “Oh, my God, I've seen one of those.”

Jimmy: Exactly. Exactly. And thank you for sharing that with us, Melissa. And have a great . . .

Caller: Thank you so much.

Jimmy: You got it. Hi, you're live on Fade to Black. Say “Hi” to Corey Goode. Who's calling?

Caller: Hi, Mr. Church. This is Tanner.

Jimmy: Oh, hey. How are ya?

Caller: Hey, I'm doing great. Hey, Corey.

Jimmy: Corey, say “Hi” to Tanner.

Corey: How's it going, Tanner?


Caller: I just wanted to say, I appreciate everything you do, Corey. It's awesome. My question to you is for those of us who aren't empaths, what role do higher-dimensional beings have in our everyday lives?

Jimmy: Oh, yeah. There you go.

Corey: These beings, they have the same role that they've always had. They're bringing us knowledge and comfort, because they're trying to guide us in a responsible way. So, that's the best I can answer that at this point.

Caller: Yes, I guess what people call guardian angels could be interpreted as higher-dimensional beings.

Corey: Oh, absolutely, yeah.

Caller: Oh, that's awesome. Thank you for that clarification.

Jimmy: And thank you for the phone call, Tanner. Be safe out there, my brother.

Caller: Yes, sir. Bye.


Jimmy: You got it. Before, you know, . . . Oh, the phone lines are jammed. I'm going to keep them going, but, Corey, I wanted to ask you, when you say, higher-density being, what do you mean by that? Are we talking about their minds. Are we talking about their consciousness? Are we talking physically?

Are they thicker, you know? What do you mean when you say higher density? Or is it necessarily . . . Are you referring that they are just better than us? What do you mean by higher-density?

Corey: You hit the nail on the head in the beginning. They are of a higher frequency consciousness – a more cohesive consciousness. And because the physical follow the mental and spiritual development, physically their molecules are vibrating at a higher rate.

Jimmy: I got you. Very interesting. And thank you for that. Hi, you're live on Fade to Black. Say “Hi” to Corey Goode. Who's calling?


Caller: Hi, Corey? Hi, Corey? This is Brian and April. We have a question for Corey with respect to the supernova, ASASSN-15lh. I don't know if you're familiar with that or not, but I was wondering if that could possibly be heaven or the new Earth as described in Revelations 21?

Corey: I'm sorry. I have not . . . I'm not familiar with that heavenly body.

Caller: Okay.

Jimmy: Okay. I actually spoke about that a couple of weeks ago. And it is certainly truly remarkable to see and, Corey, you should just check it out the next time we talk. Maybe you'll have some . . .

Corey: Yeah, I need to see what they're talking about.

Jimmy: Yeah. It's pretty amazing. And thank you, you two. And you guys be safe out there.

Caller: Bye, Corey.

Corey: Bye.

Jimmy: There you go. Okay, the phone lines . . . I went through that bank of calls, so I'll open them back up. 323-825-5045 and, okay. Now, I've just released it. Here we go. Let's keep it going.

Hi, you're live on Fade to Black. Say “Hi” to Corey Goode. Who's calling? You're live. 3-2-1. Okay. We'll go to the next caller. Hi, you're live on Fade to Black. Who's calling?

Caller: Hi, Jimmy, it's Lisa.

Jimmy: Hi, Lisa. Say “Hi” to Corey.

Caller: Hi, Corey, it's so nice to talk to you. Thank you for everything you're doing for us. It's wonderful.

Jimmy: And what's your question, Lisa? Even though it's good to hear your voice, what's your question for Corey?


Caller: My question is what did your parents think when you were going through this as a kid? I mean, did they know what was going on? Were they . . . Did they approve? Or was this all kind of done behind the scenes?

Corey: You know, it was something that was being done behind the scenes. There appears to be no one in the family that knew about it. So they . . .

Caller: Interesting.

Corey: My family, when I was real young, there was a lot going on, you know, like in a lot of families.

The parents are pretty much wrapped up more in what was going on in their life than what was really going on in my life, to be honest. But I know that the relationship that I have with my daughter, if something like that was going on with her, I'd know.

There's a lot of times when . . . They like to get assets, or people also, that don't have a real tight-close family situation going on, because a lot of times these people are easier to exploit. Their situation is easier to exploit.


Jimmy: While Lisa is on the phone, I'm going to ask you this. How is your family right now dealing with what's going on?

Corey: Well, I have not had . . . Comments have come in from some of my nieces and nephews to where I know they are aware of what I am doing, but no one has, I guess, wanted to have conversation yet.

Like I said on “Cosmic Disclosure”, I fully expected a full-on intervention of all of my family, the family pastor, and maybe a psychiatrist, to all sit down and say, “What is going on?”

Jimmy: Yeah, the surprise. You get home and they're all in the living room. Right?

Corey: Right. But there has not been a moment like that yet. So, I've got a feeling that it's coming up.

Jimmy: Yeah, thank you for the phone call, Lisa. Be safe out there.

Caller: Thank you very much. Goodnight.

Jimmy: You've got it. And I'm going to keep the phone calls going. Caller, stay right there. I want to share this with the audience. Corey and I were talking – I don't know if it was last week or this week – but, so I call over and Corey and I are talking and I said, “So what's going on?” And he goes, “My nieces and nephews are over, you know, we're having a little get-together.”

And I could hear everybody running around and then Corey and I moved on to actual business and were talking about stuff. And I just thought to myself. “Do they have any clue about the conversation that you and I are having right now, Corey?” And they didn't, apparently, did they?

Corey: No. No. And even for my kids I try to shield them from as much of this as possible. But there are some things that you just can't shield them from.

Jimmy: Right.

Corey: Yeah, so. Yeah. They have no idea. They never have any idea.

Jimmy: And they were right there too. I just . . . They were right there. I heard the party that was going on in the background.

Hi, caller, you're live on Fade to Black. Say “Hi” to Corey Goode. Who's calling?

Caller: Hi, Corey. This is Greg from in5d. How are you?

Corey: How are doing, Greg?

Jimmy: Hey, Grey. How are you man?


Caller: I'm doing wonderful. Great show, Jimmy, by the way. A quick question. A lot of people are having dream tsunamis and tidal waves. I had this dream where two converged and there was this amazing effect that happened afterwards where basically there's unconditional love all over the planet when these two waves converged.

Do you know anything about these waves of energy? Are there any two waves that are coming that are converging that you know of, Corey?

Jimmy: Great question, Greg. Thank you for that.

Corey: Yeah, definitely. Yeah, the waves that I have observed while being in the Blue Spheres have been like a very electrostatic charge looking waves. It's not coming in like you'd picture a wave of liquid.

It's coming in in waves, but it's very kind of charged, electrical. And so . . . I'm sorry, I got off of fully remembering what the question was.

Caller: Well, you know, a lot of people are seeing waves of energies, actually tidal waves, in their dreams and water is a convertible energy, so it can be solid, liquid or gas. So I'm feeling that these are waves of energy instead of water.

Corey: Yes, they are. Yeah, definitely, they're waves of energy. And it's increasing. It's ebbing and flowing.

It's coming in and then it slows down a little bit and then it increases again. And it's coming in at a more steady rate right now and that's why we're seeing a lot of very bizarre behavior from, you know, human beings around and animals as well.

Caller: Perfect.

Jimmy: There you go, Greg. And thank you for the phone call, my friend.

Corey: Thank you.

Caller: Thank you.

Jimmy: Yeah, it's great to hear your voice. All right, let's go to, well, it wouldn't be a complete night without having Dino come in. Dino, say “Hi” to Corey Goode.


Caller: I know it's your busy night, Jimmy. Corey, hi. I just want to ask you, with all these things coming, no one wants disclosure more than I. I've even given money to Stephen Bassett, but I want to ask you.

Dan Sheehan has been talking a lot lately about how we, with all the different political bents and all the different religions, would try to come together to present to any ET group, why they should include us in the galactic federation and with all the good things you're saying, do you think they'll even, you know, with all the problems that we have, how are they going to let us deal with that – just leave us on our own?

Jimmy: Thank you for the question, Dino. And that's a great question. Thank you so much.

Corey: It is and the state of humanity right now is not one that is ready to be introduced or to join a giant galactic federation. What's going to have to happen first is we'll have to have disclosure. And then we'll have to begin a healing process.

It's not, you know . . . A lot of people just picture that someone's going to come out, tell us about aliens, and then a big ascension occurs.

Things are going to become more difficult before they become better. And the whole process we're going through right now, energetically, and in the physical world, . . . it's shaping us and affecting our energy to where if we're positive, we're more likely to have these energies flow through us and over us more easily.

Jimmy: Hi, caller, say “Hello” to Corey Goode. You're live on Fade to Black. What's your name?

Caller: Hey, what's up, guys? This is Brian Iota. I called in last time and we spoke about the bi-location during the 20-And-Back.

Jimmy: Okay. What's your question tonight, Brian?


Caller: My question is about karma and about the Cabal and, I guess, the aspect about forgiveness – kind of stopping the Wheel of Karma. Is that something they might be able to exploit and what role does perception and belief and intention play in all of that? You know, if they think that they're doing good. How does all of this fit together?

Jimmy: Thank you for the phone call, Brian. And a great question. Corey, you want to try to tackle that?

Corey: Can you reword that for me? I'm trying to get the full spirit of the question.

Caller: Well, I guess you know how they say that, you know, forgiveness of yourself and others you can stop the Wheel of Karma for yourself with that, and is that something that, you know, say someone who has done a lot of really bad things, you know, they're doing all kinds of things against people.

Is that something that they could possibly exploit by truly kind of forgiving themselves and others and the other part of the question is as far as belief and intention, behind all of this, like, you know, if they think that they're doing good, based off of whatever their beliefs might be, where does the true authority on you know whether they're doing good or not, where does that lie and who makes that call?

Jimmy: Yeah, thank you for the phone call, Brian. What do you think about that - the Wheel of Karma?

Corey: Well, yeah, that's what the Blue Avians said is that through forgiveness you can stop the Wheel of Karma.
If you've truly made a reckoning with what you've done and are making the changes and are not going to continue that behavior, and you've gone through the process of having your victims forgive you and forgiving yourself, then it's not really a scam.

I mean, you're doing what you need to do to transition.

Jimmy: One last phone call. You're live on Fade to Black. Say “Hi” to Corey Goode. Who's calling?

Caller: Hello?

Jimmy: You're live. Right now.

Caller: Hi, this is Blue Oshi 16.

Jimmy: Okay, what's your question for Corey, Blue?


Caller: Oh, my god. My question is, well, me and my dad are fans of Corey and we've heard about this thing called like evolution, like humans are in stage three and like we're going to go stage four, and I just wanted to know how that's going to work? Like when are we going to evolve like, you know, that's . . . ?

Jimmy: Yeah, I understand the question, Blue. So Corey, stage three to stage four.

Corey: Well, what the Blue Avians have communicated, is that we are already a transitional species. We are in transition. We are evolving. We are ascending already.

And depending on our . . . where we are in our journey, individually, that's going to dictate what our experience is going to be in this transition. You know, there are a lot of people . . . some people that are more spiritually developed than others that are going to start showing different signs and abilities before other people.

And going back to . . . we all have to deal with our karma, deal with what we are as beings before . . . and also to deal with all of the information that's going to come at us in disclosure before we can move on.

But the energies have been coming into this solar system since at least the '30s, and since then we have all been a transitional species.

Jimmy: There you go, Blue. Did that help you out?

Caller: Wow! That's so cool. I'm so glad I got to talk to you guys. Thanks so much.

Jimmy: Yeah, thank you, Blue and give my best to your dad.

Caller: Oh, yeah, yeah, definitely. I'll tell him.

Jimmy: Thank you so much. And, Corey, I want to thank you, (A) for coming on the show, (B) for all of the work that you do, and certainly thank you for taking those phone calls. That means a lot to this audience and it means a lot to me.

This is a family here. And you know that you're part of the family and just thank you for everything, man.

Corey: I had a great time with your people at Joshua Tree.

Jimmy: Yeah, absolutely. What's next, my friend. What is next? Is there anything that's going to go on as far as the Federation? Do you have anything planned for that? And, you know, what's next up for you besides Mt. Shasta?

Corey: Well, you know, besides Mt. Shasta, I've got an online conference the same month and I'm being asked to come to a lot of other conferences. There's a negotiation going on right now to see if we'll be at Alien Con.

Jimmy: Right.

Corey: So that should be really interesting.

Jimmy: Yeah, Alien Con is coming up and I'll speak to you a little bit more about that too off of the air, because well, anyway. I can't really say too much now, but, yeah, Alien Con is coming up and that is a pretty big event, and we'll see if we can get that worked out.

Thank you so much, Corey. Have a great safe rest of your night and you know the drill, man. Keep rolling that rock up hill.

Corey: I hear ya.

Jimmy: Ha, ha, ha. Corey Goode. Thank you so much, Corey.

Corey: Thank you.

Jimmy: Corey Goode, everybody.

END (148:48)

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