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Jimmy Church: All right, welcome. Fade to Black. Monday, that's right, Monday, March 28. 87 days into the new year. Oh, 277 days left. We are live from a bunker right here in downtown Burbank, CA.

I'd like to welcome everybody listening all around the world, all across the United States, hether and titter, too and fro, back and forth, up and down, east and west, north and south, far and near. It's Fade to Black. For KJCR, the Game Changer Network and KGRA, The Planet, I'm your humble host, Jimmy Church.

What is crackin' everybody? Great weekend. No time off. I had a nice little Easter weekend run on Coast to Coast. I had enough time to get a couple of hours of sleep yesterday and then just work on this show this week. We have not taken our foot off the gas.

It's good to be back in the chair, though. See over at Coast I stand. It's old school over there. It's nice, but I stand for four hours. Imagine that. Standing for four hours, five hours, six hours. I get there at 8 o'clock at night. Show doesn't start until 10. I'm standing. There's no place to sit. There's no chairs. It's a torture chamber, man. Got to talk to George about that.

So now I'm sitting in my chair in the bunker. Getting ready for Corey Goode tonight. Tonight, to kick off our Secret Space Program Breakaway Civilizations week right here on Fade to Black.

Tonight, it's Corey Goode. Tomorrow night, Joseph P. Farrell is here. And then on Wednesday, Richard Dolan will be joining us. Great week. Very anticipated. I put this show together for six months. That's right. To be able to get all these schedules lined up together to get everybody on this week and to do this. Yeah, it's huge. It's big. It's epic and it is going to be an amazing week.

Now, I say it all the time and I mean it. I'm here to learn. That's what this show is about. You know, what it is is you get to cheat. You get to cheat. I'm the guy taking the notes in class, so you can go and goof around. Right? That's it. I'm the guy in here learning. And if you hear that, you see that, you feel that, you can touch that, then you are riding right along with me.

It's going to be great. This is going to be an amazing week. When we decided about six months ago to put this program together, we took a crack at it, couldn't quite do it. Couldn't get everybody lined up. Tried it again a month later . . . just couldn't get schedules.

This week we made it happen. Very, very excited. So let's do all of this.

Now, and another thing about how epic this week is going to be, you know after Corey, after Joseph, J. P. Farrell, Richard Dolan, then on Thursday night, Jon Rappoport will be here starting the premier of No More Fake Newsroom. Thursday night.

What a great week this is going to be right here on Fade to Black. I'm very excited about all of this.

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JC: Welcome back to Fade to Black. I'm your host Jimmy Church on the Game Changer Network and KJRA, The Planet. Tonight, is night one of our Breakaway Civilizations and Secret Space Program week right here on Fade to Black. Kicking it off with Corey Goode. Corey was identified as an Intuitive Empath (IE) with precognitive abilities and was recruited through one of the MILAB programs at the young age of six. Goode trained and served in the MILAB program from 1976 to 1986 and 1987. Towards the end of his time as a MILAB, he was assigned to the IE support role for a rotating Earth delegate seat shared by Secret Earth Government groups in a human-type/ET Super Federation Council.

Goode's IE abilities played an important role in communicating with non-terrestrial beings termed interfacing as part of the Secret Space Program. During his 20 year service, he had a variety of experiences and assignments, including the intruder/intercept/interrogation program, assignment to the A.S.S.R.I.S.R.V. auxiliary specialized space research interstellar-class vessel and much more.

This all occurred in a 20 and back agreement from 1986 all the way through 2007, with recall work until the present day. He now works in the information technology and communications industry with 20 years experience in hardware and software virtualization, physical and IT security, counter-electronic surveillance, risk assessment and executive protection. He served in the Texas Army State Guard from 2007 to 2012, command, control, communications and computations and intelligence. That has nothing to do, by the way, with what he does with the SSP. Goode is in direct physical contact with the Blue Avians of the Sphere Being Alliance, who have chosen him as a delegate to interface with the multiple ET federations and councils on their behalf, liaison with the SSP Alliance Council and to deliver important messages to humanity. Of course, his website is You can click on that over at

And I would like to welcome back to Fade to Black, our good friend, Corey Goode.


JC: Corey, good evening.

Corey: Good evening. Thank you. I don't think you missed one controversial detail on my bio there.

JC: Hey, man, you know what Corey? It took a big breath, but you know I decided tonight to go full on. And I appreciate it. Let's start off with this. I want to . . .

There's a large audience here tonight who's here for the first time that may have never heard you speak. So I want to address them first. I want them to kind of get a picture of who you are, because you have been . . . You know, you've done some Gaiam TV stuff, but pretty much you've been behind the scenes and speaking through David Wilcock and with David.

That's fine. But I got to meet you personally a couple of months ago. We got to hang out for the first time, because we've always done stuff, you know, over the phone and so forth through the show.

But, I want to say to everybody, Corey Goode's a great guy. He's actually a really good looking guy too. But he's real. When I looked into your eyes, this is what I want the audience to understand, is when I looked at you, met you, shook your hand, and hung out with you, I realized that your feet are on the ground, you're uber smart, your intelligent and this comes from that – your entire presentation and everything.

I need the audience to understand, because they see the web, right? They see the stuff, but I have met you personally. There is such integrity there that the audience really needs to wrap their mind around that. That's where I wanted to start and it was great hanging out with you.

Now, for the last couple of months since you've been away, really quick before we jump into this show tonight, what have you been up to for the last two months?

Corey: Since the Conscious Life Expo, things have been extremely hectic in a really good way. You know I thought I was going to be coming to all these different people and groups trying to get them to come up with, you know, ideas to come together and bring unity in the community and come up with ideas to help spread this information – not my information, but information about the breakaway civilizations having these suppressed technologies that could make this planet a completely different place to live for us.

It turns out that the hundredth-monkey effect is already occurring and there are all these people already doing things. And all these little projects starting up and they're coming together so organically that it makes you sit back and smile because you know they are meant to be.

It's been very exciting. I've been working harder than I've every worked. I haven't been able to put as much time as I'd like into getting some of my updates out there as I'd like, but I think when people see what is unfolding from this time period, they will understand why.

In this new effort, the website just went live today. It's

JC: There's one other thing I wanted to ask you more on a personal level, but I think the audience will dig this, which is you were nervous, right? Couple of months ago.

You were talking to me, “Jimmy, man, I a little freaked out about all of this.” And coming out to L.A. where there's going to be, you know, thousands of people there waiting for you. And now that you've gotten that over with, and I told you that it was going to be just fine. How do you feel now?

I mean the reception was good and it was a nice positive experience for you, I'm sure. But are you okay now? Have you calmed down a little bit?

Corey: Yeah, I mean, after shooting all the episodes at Gaiam, I was starting to get comfortable in front of the camera, finally. But, you know, we were shooting 12 to 20 episodes in a week, so it was work.

But for the first time being in front of crowds of people, being introverted as I am, it was very intimidating. I had a lot of trepidation going in. But just like you told me beforehand, the people were great. There was such beautiful loving energy from people there. It was a great experience.

I was very pleased. It took me a few days to recover.

JC: Yeah, I know. You know, you looked also, I'll say, you looked relieved. That was the other thing. When you go into anything like that . . . And it's kind of like, you know, if you're a guitar player, right, and you've got a big gig coming up or it's the first show for the band or whatever, you're freaked out. Then all of a sudden the show ends and you go, “Wow, okay, all right. It wasn't that bad. It was actually pretty . . . “ You know what I mean?

Corey: Yeah.

JC: And that's a big part of it.

Corey: We're our own worst critics.

JC: Exactly right. That's exactly right. All right. Now, now that we've kind of settled down a little bit, let's to this. Let's kind of start here.

Everything kicked off for you at a very, very, very young age. Let's do an abbreviated version of your early years and how things actually started with the SSP and MILAB for the audience that may have not heard it before. They've probably read it, but they've never heard you speak about it. So let's kind of start there.

Corey: Okay, I'll give a real quick summary. At around the age 6, they started introducing some standardized testing in the elementary school I was going to. And the standardized testing was your normal standardized testing to make sure children were learning certain subject matter at a certain age, but it was also designed to weed out and identify individuals as anomalies to be followed up on by people coming out and doing other tests.

And that's what occurred with me. I popped up as an anomaly somehow. They came out and did one-on-one testing with me – everything from written tests, you know, Rorschach kind of tests, tests asking me to guess what were on cards, you know, squiggly lines, stars, you know, those kind of weird little tests.

And then they asked the school . . . Through the school they asked my parents permission for me to go into this program where I was going to be taken off campus on occasion and taken for field trips and extracurricular kind of things. That's how it was suppose to begin.

The vans would come and pick me and other children up and they were taking us to places like Carswell Air Force Base and other places like not really malls, but commercial real estate that was closed down or in transition. They would take us there to do training or different types of operations when we were children.

JC: How many other kids were with you throughout that period?

Corey: Well, it dwindled down. In the beginning, there was . . . I don't remember the exact number. There was around 100 in my area that was in my age group. And as people . . . as they either washed out or they didn't make the grade . . .

JC: For whatever reason.

Corey: . . . or they were rejected for whatever reason, or as people were identified for different abilities and qualities were identified in them, they were brought off into slightly different programs and so the group started getting smaller and segmented as we got older.

JC: Are you still in contact with any of those kids today?

Corey: No.

JC: When did that . . . We don't have to spend a lot of time on this. I'm just curious. When did you start to lose contact with them? I guess what I'm saying is, did it just dwindle down to just a couple – you and a couple of others?

Corey: Yeah. By the time I had graduated high school, there was only one other kid in the area that I occasionally saw and at that point he was going to a different high school.

JC: And are you still in contact with him?

Corey: No.

JC: Have you ever spoken about what high school you went to in Texas?

Corey: No, I haven't. I transferred around the area quite a bit, so I went to a number of junior highs and high schools in the area. But I ended up graduating from Richardson High School.

JC: Okay, okay, gotcha. So by the time you are in Richardson now that's 10, 11, 12 years have gone by and you were in that program all the way through obviously graduating high school.

Corey: Right, well, yes. At the 17 year-old mark, when I was returned, after that point, I was mainly, they were observing me and then pulling me in on very rare occasions for certain things that were needed. But I was out at that point.

JC: I gotcha. Yeah, that just must have been really interesting. What did the . . . Again, I don't want to spend a lot of time on this. We have way, way too much to talk about tonight. But what did your friends and family say about you coming and going and, you know, just disappearing, and what were you telling your friends at the time that you were up to?

Corey: Yeah, my friends were the ones really making the comments. They didn't understand why I was never at school. . .

JC: Right.

Corey: . . . and why I was . . . You know, I wasn't making the best grades, but, you know, I was continuing to be, I guess, socially promoted to the next grade. But I was never at school.

Kids were asking me what was going on. When I'd go to a different junior high, we transferred to a different junior high, they'd have to end up setting that up for me – setting up the situation. So sometimes I would be in like a star-kind of program to where the teachers were talking above my head in the curriculum, and then I'd go to another one and they wouldn't know what to do with me and they would stick me in a class to where kids were sitting there doing doodles on paper all day.

It was just very disjointed. The school system, I don't think, really knew what to do with me a lot.

JC: Do you know . . . Did the school system have any idea about what you were up to and why you weren't in school? Were the teachers . . . Was there just . . .

Corey: They had fronts going on, but on some level some . . . There had to be . . . Someone always has to know in an organization. There always has to be someone who knows in an organization that's working with intelligence groups.

JC: Right, right.

Corey: There's always somebody who knows.

JC: Let's jump ahead a little bit. I wanted to ask you about what has been going on with Hillary and Podesta and Jimmy Kimmel and Obama and all of this talk about ET lately. Do you have any information on that and why suddenly this is the subject of conversation out there with the masses?

Corey: Yeah. There's a major negotiation going on right now between what we loosely call the Cabal groups, but there are these Earth government syndicates that have been running the Western . . . well, I guess, everything. You know, the military-industrial complex, the finances, everything for some time. And have had this 100-year Federal Reserve thing going.

Well, you know, this group is finally losing their grasp on power, and these Earth Alliance groups that are called by all these different names are now negotiating from a place of power. And what's being decided is exactly how much information is going to be disclosed.

What we're seeing with little snippets of Hillary, Obama, you know, making little comments about ETs, this is all little drip, drips of this partial disclosure that they're giving us.

We're hearing more and more that . . . The Alliance is beginning to believe that partial disclosure is not going to be possible. There's too much out there once people get a little bit of the information and they see the rest of the information. There's just going to be too many questions.

JC: Are you a part of this decision process?

Corey: I absolutely am not.

JC: This is what's frustrating for me, because I feel what you are talking about, right? Because I witness it. I feel it. Why is it getting out of control and why are they forcing themselves now to dip into this disclosure, which seems to be picking up at a pretty rapid clip?

Corey: Well, there are a number of groups in the Earth Alliance that have stated, “You do the disclosure or we're going to do the disclosure.”

JC: Right.

Corey: But the whole thing is, when it comes to the disclosure, they don't want to let the whole genie out of the bottle, because along with all of these years of them keeping the secret . . . In order to keep the secret, they had to commit a lot of crimes.

And there's a lot of information about contrived wars and manipulated coups and all kinds of other stuff that they would rather not come out. You know, some nice stuff that would make them look good like some free energy . . .

JC: Curing of diseases.

Corey: Yeah, some stuff like that that would kind of make them look heroish, you know, they're kind of behind. But a lot of them are not behind the full disclosure narrative. They're behind giving us a good junk of it to chew on for a while, and once we've swallowed those pills, then (they'll) give us another round of pills to take.

JC: Yeah, that's interesting, because it's one thing to digest an alien presence, right, and to disclose that and put that on the world, although we could handle it. I don't have issues with that. But it's a whole other thing to come forward and say that “All of history has been manipulated because of us and different dark organizations that have been running in the background. All of your fears are actually true.”

Corey: Yes.

JC: That could run us into insanity.

Corey: Absolutely. And how will we feel as a collective when we find out that 0.01% of the population has manipulated us through this money-magic-debt slave system and also by our small differences leveraging those against each other - you know, ridiculous things like the color of our skin, the color of our upholstery? I mean, the differences in religious beliefs. Those types of things are what they use to keep us fighting amongst ourselves and distracted while this small little percentage leads us around by the nose.

If we start to come together and put aside all of these differences, their power is gone immediately.

JC: When it comes to money and understanding money, when we talk about the alliance that is out there – the dark and the positive side of those alliances that are pushing and pulling - do the alien . . . the dark side of the . . . do they understand what money is? Do they have . . . Do they deal with that in their own society? You know what I mean? How do they understand how we manipulate each other down here in such a bad way? Where does that understanding come from?

Corey: You know, money is an ancient concept, but it's not necessarily something that was natural to humanity. People try to say, “Without the financial system, what would we do?” Yeah, the population was smaller, but back in antiquity, before money, we bartered, we lived as a community.

What has money done to that? It has caused people to be more in competition with each other instead of living in harmony with each other. It has brought out greed. It has brought our all the negative things.

It reeks of tool of destruction to me. It doesn't sound like something that just naturally developed. It sounds like something that was inserted into our collective consciousness in society as a way to manage us.

JC: I spoke at the very beginning of the show. I don't know if you heard it, but I was talking about the missing trillions of dollars every fiscal year and it's a frightening thing but when you and other whistleblowers are talking about these massive, gnarly, insanely huge expensive programs that are going on, and how they are getting funded, and I speak about this kind of missing money and how budgets are done, then it starts to become a little bit more clear.

When you look at the SSP and breakaway civilizations and the possibility of this going on, what kind of money do you think is being spent in the background on these budgets? Do you have any idea?

Corey: You know, the number, money, it's so arbitrary. You hear of the dark web. You know there's also like a dark financial system. There are two financial systems. So there is a whole other financial system that we're completely . . . most of us are completely unaware of.

And all of these are 1s and 0s anyway. But I hear what you're saying. Where's it all going? Where are all these 1s and 0s going?

Once you get . . . and the money . . . we're going to talk about trickle up economics instead of trickle down since we're going into space. The money goes up through the bureaucracies and through all the corruption there and gets fleeced and what's left gets pumped into these unacknowledged programs or Special Access Programs.

Another source of the income is through the drug trade. A lot of this money goes into the intelligence and lower secret space programs. Some of these more advanced programs are pretty much self-sufficient at this point. They are a completely broken away civilization that do not rely on us for money or any type of operational support.

JC: Let me jump in right there. Let's take a quick break. That's a good spot to take a break. Let's do that right now. Our guest tonight is Corey Goode. Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilizations Week here on Fade to Black.

When we come back, we're going to start – we've got a lot to cover – we're going to start with the Breakaway Civilizations – what they are, what his participation was, and we're going to talk about that lost money. This is Fade to Black. I'm your host Jimmy Church. Follow me on Twitter @JimmyChurchRadio. I'll be right back.

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JC: Welcome back to Fade to Black. I'm your host Jimmy Church. Tonight our guest is Corey Goode, breakaway civilizations and the Secret Space Program. The is the website.

Yeah, hey, Corey, check this out. During the break I went to the studio next door and if you log into our website, it says immediately, “DDOService”, a service attack.

Corey: Oh, wow.

JC: So it's checking everybody's browsers to see if you are legit before you can log back into the website. Awesome. That's what I'm talking about, man. We've thwarted a DODS attack at the top of the hour and . . .

Corey: Oh, yeah, I see that. I'm looking right now.

JC: Yeah.

Corey: Cool. That's smart.

JC: Yeah, isn't that cool? That's what I'm talking about, man. Yeah. A lot, a lot of people are tuned in to what you are saying tonight and I think that is very important. So totally cool. We will fight the powers. That's what we're going to do, man. They don't want us to speak, but they didn't get past us, man.

Corey: And we're just getting started.

JC: We're just getting started and we . . . Today we had all hands on deck. All of our technical people, everybody was on-board and we knew that this was going to happen. And it did! But it didn't work. And that's the truth.

Okay, so, let's go with the breakaway civilization part of this evening first. The original documentary that the BBC put out, “Alternative 3”, and the idea of a breakaway civilization, the possibility, I look at that as a big . . . a serious disinfo project.

They put that out there. That information is there, but a breakaway civilization now is something that is not only talked about now, but is something that is being taken very seriously, not only through the alternative circles, but scientific community as well.

So what is your definition of a breakaway civilization?

Corey: A breakaway civilization is a civilization that has become so self-sufficient or has broken so completely from another civilization that its it's own entity now. Like they would not be . . . A group that broke away would not have any loyalties to the United States or to Russia or to the EU. They are an entity that is both global in how it is directed, but it is completely off-planet in infrastructure, such as pulling materials from asteroids and planets, other planets, and taking those materials and converting them into usable raw materials like we have down here and then they have people who process those materials and produce goods and services and these are people that are living on bases on another planet within our solar system and will mostly likely live out their entire lifetime doing that type of work on said base or colony.

JC: Is there going to be a situation where, you know there's something going on on Mars. We know that. There's something going on on our own moon. We know that. And suddenly, we're going to have this miracle of construction and a base that was already there. They are going to say that we just built it or . . . You know what I mean. Is that how . . .

Corey: Well, what they're trying to get us ready to start sliding . . . You know, you're seeing all these Lockheed Martin commercials all of a sudden and Boeing commercials about the space age technology. They don't need to advertise to the public. We don't buy their goods and services.

You know, they're bought through locked in contracts. They need to advertise for PR for people to invest some, but this is obviously one part of this campaign they have to slowly release the existence of the lower space program, which at first, we will hear about some very advanced – maybe 50 to 100 years to us more advanced – shuttle-type craft that service some, let's say maybe one or two advanced military-intelligence space stations that have been floating around up there for a while.

That'll be our first introduction, possibly.

JC: Are you prepared to discuss . . . Well, we're going to discuss some new information now, but do you have any information right now that pertains directly to that? Do you have any information about current contact with a space station that we have out there that isn't the ISS?

Corey: Yes, there are a couple of space stations out there that the DIA and NSA and a few other three-letter agencies and military assets, secret access programs, are doing things on and it's not a . . . They are not super advanced.

They're more advanced than ISS, for certain, you know, like 50 or 100 years. But they have lower space program things going on all the time that are on a lower level. They are not as exotic in technology, I guess you should say.

JC: And touching upon that is Gary McKinnon, of course, and his accidental, you know, backing his truck over his information he found on our servers over here with NASA. Was that information that you were able to corroborate and was he talking about the exact same thing or . . .?

Corey: As an IT professional, what he was able to do with a homemade desktop computer and a modem should scare the living snot out of just about anybody. But we're in a different world now. What he was able to access is amazing and I think a lot of what he was accessing was information from the beginning of one of the more advanced parts of the naval and the naval-military intelligence Secret Space Program.

JC: It was interesting to me with Gary when he spoke about how he was able to do that in a very simple way. People don't change their passwords, right?

Corey: Or they use the default . . .

JC: Admin.

Corey: . . . the default Admin password.

JC: Right. And that's all he was looking for.

Corey: NT used to roll out . . . Microsoft NT would come out with the same password and . . . yeah. That's just ridiculous. He exploited it and if he hadn't done that . . . He paid heavily for it. But if he hadn't of done that . . . A lot of this information wouldn't have made it into our consciousness, or at least not as soon.

JC: Yeah, exactly. And so for you, when you started to hear about Gary McKinnon, and some of the things that he was talking about, did you start to cross check your own personal experiences and what you knew to see if . . .

Corey: Absolutely. There were a couple of times I thought, “Okay, it's coming out now. It's coming out now.” It didn't happen. There were certain witnesses that I saw interviewed that I won't name, but I knew that they were walking right up to the line and stopping. They knew a lot more and they could be saying a lot of this stuff that I am, but they were walking right up to the line, dancing around on the other side a little bit and then stepping back and then disappearing.

JC: Why do you think that was? Were they being silenced?

Corey: Yeah. There's always . . . All it takes is . . . for someone to . . . not just threaten someone you love, but really put you in some of these situations before you realize how you will react. Some of the people that are the most docile, laid back . . . You really cannot predict how a person is going to react when you start threatening their loved ones.

JC: Yeah, exactly. No, you can't. Which goes back to the breakaway civilization. You have all of that with every single family member with somebody that is indoctrinated or becoming a part of the breakaway civilization.

Do you have any idea how many . . . how large the breakaway civilization is today?

Corey: I've heard many estimates and there's a new whistleblower that forward, I think his name is Bill Tompkins.

JC: Yep, yep.

Corey: He's been talking with Dr. Michael Salla. His first video interview is going to be coming out tomorrow on But he discussed just the amount of people that went down to secret bases in Argentina and Antarctica being, I believe, between 5 and 7 million.

That number that disappeared to go down there is incredible, but I can't even remember the number of people that were brought to Plymouth Rock and started these colonies. I haven't heard all of the history of the colonies. I hope there weren't any Jamestown-kind of horror stories.

JC: Right, right.

Corey: They were the ones that really got a lot of this going. But they haven't stopped recruiting. They still approach people and present them with what I call the Jetson's package, showing them all of this deceptive information about how they will live and how they'll be leaving . . . they and their family will be leaving the planet, but they will be saving this planet.

Then they leave and they arrive at their destination and they have a whole different reality one of, in most cases, one of slavery.

JC: With the Brain Drain that happened, if we look back to historical fact, and I'm talking about the stopping of Apollo, our space program – the one that we know about - completely going sideways. We allegedly made all of this progress and here today we are still dropping our space capsules in the ocean. Right?

Corey: It's as totally ridiculous a notion as we are driving around cars and flying in planes that were designed basically the early 1900s with only material science changing a little bit around them. It's a totally ridiculous notion to think that in the last 100 years we haven't come further than that.

JC: Progressed. Right. I spoke about that a couple of weeks ago. I was looking at the German Messerschmitt, the 162, and I was looking at that and I was like, 'You know, planes have not changed at all. Right? They have just not changed at all. The designs that were done in WW II are exactly what we're flying today.

They're bigger. They're faster. They're more efficient, but they're the exact same design. We have not taken a step forward. And is that because the Brain Drain, all the uber intelligence is somewhere else now and it is not here working for us?

Corey: No, absolutely not. We have such wonderful talent and beautiful, beautiful, beautifully intelligent minds right here now to source. But the problem is that the information that these beautiful minds are receiving is, I mean like . . . The physics . . . The suppressed physics models that could unify a lot of these different fields and theoretical physics and have them applying it immediately. This is just knowledge that is being suppressed. We haven't even gotten to the technology yet.

The technology . . . The big thing, they say, that we talked about earlier, they say, “We can't handle disclosure.' Well, the fact is I heard Laura Eisenhower say, “We've handled all of their wars. We've handled all of the disease. We've handled all of this other stuff. We can handle the truth.”

It's definitely time that we demand it. I'm sorry if I got off the exact topic.

JC: No, you're exactly right. It's just fascinating to me when I look back and I . . . because when I talk about the things that are obvious and one of them is when in 1970 we were dreaming of moon bases and a Hilton Hotel in an orbiting space station and an elevator to space and all these huge fantastical dreams that we were suppose to fulfill. And none of it happened.

And today we . . . They want us to think that we're not doing anything. That we're not going to go to Mars until 2030, maybe. We might go back to the moon. We might . . . We haven't done anything since 1972, 73, 74.

Corey: I'll tell you though, the signs are encouraging. You see the Rockefellers and other groups getting out of energy, commodities, getting out of oil and coal and all these other things at a record pace.

It makes you wonder why they don't want to be involved in . . . why they are getting their money out of these old energy technologies. Maybe they know something. Maybe they know that some new energy technologies are about to unroll.

People see a lot of signs that give them fear and trepidation, but there are a lot of signs out there to encourage us. Around the world right now . . . You know, looking at the elections now, we see a lot of people that we may not to vote in, but the movement out there, like the movement behind Bernie Sanders and Trump, regardless of what we think about the individuals that are being voted for, who are running, it's the movement that's important.

There are so many people that are tired with the establishment and are tired of the corruption that there's a movement on both sides. And we see what's going on in Brazil and across the world. People are standing up and unifying against corruption.

That's a wave that I think is going to continue and 2016 could be seen as the beginning of revolution, and I'm not talking violent revolution, but a revolution in spirit of the people against all of this ? slavery that we've been living through, and we're finally going to stand up.

JC: One of the things that you and I and David and a few others have been talking about over the last few months is we all need to get along – right, our little circle of friends here - that in-fighting and separation is not the way to move forward. And you are certainly a . . . You know, you're spearheading that and I commend you for that. But with the Blue Avians, are they influencing that kind of decision-making and that kind of mind set and have you been in communication with them about exactly what your intentions are right now with the launch of the website and so forth?

Corey: Yes, yes, and I have been in contact with them about it and they've made it clear that they are working together with our collective consciousness as our collective consciousness is making a decision of how it's going to move forward during this time of change. They're not here, you know, stopping things, doing things. They're working in concert with our collective consciousness and with the laws of the cosmos, which we've been kept totally ignorant of.

Now, you know, this is something that . . . this project is related to, because this project has to do with . . . We're not . . . We're about to start ad campaigns, guerrilla marketing campaigns, not towards our own community that's already awake, but towards the masses that are out there that still have the giggle-factor programmed if they hear anything alien or UFO. So we need to come together, because we need people like your next two guests that are coming that hold on to the nuts and bolts kind of information, interview people that have credentialed information. Those are the kind of people we're going to need to present . . . That's the kind of information we're going to need to present to the mainstream people in the beginning.

If we come to them with all these different ideologies that we have, it's just not going to go well. They're going to have to go through the same process that we did of waking up. We're going to have to, you know, let them wake up at their own pace, but also we need to realize that if we do a project like this and present nuts and bolts information to the public, that it will start bringing the public to all of our information eventually. We all have something to gain in it and what we have to gain is putting aside our differences that keep us at each other's throats and focus on what we all want, which is the truth, which none of us have an embargo on, and none of us can say, “We fully know.”

JC: Exactly, and as a delegate or the delegate that is interfacing with these . . . the federations and the councils, do you have – and I'm not making light of this, Corey, just go with me. . . Do you have an agenda when you sit down for these discussions? Do you take notes and minutes of the meeting and do you guys present an agenda and then an execution list – not an execution list, but a to-do list - and organize in that fashion? Take me through that, how it works?

Corey: Well, it depends on how much the SSP Alliance Council's involved. That's how they like to do things. They like to have everything planned out and oriented in that way. When I'm appearing in a location to do interfacing on behalf of the Sphere Being Alliance or the Blue Avians, on almost every occasion they have put me on the spot with little to zero preparation and . . . So I go in knowing very little about what I'm walking into and the information is provided to me as I'm interfacing.

JC: Are you on a first name basis with everybody?

Corey: With everybody . . .

JC: In the Federation and the Councils . . .

Corey: Oh, no, no, no. No, not on a first name basis. I have never gotten to converse with any of those beings on really any type of real level. I mean it's always been just . . . I mean let's say you're an interpreter that's working at the UN and you're interpreting for someone. You get to talk with someone famous, but you're just interpreting for another person. You don't get to have an in-depth conversation about . . . how many children do you have, where do you live? That kind of conversation.

JC: Yeah.

Corey: That's why the conversation I had with Karee from the ? group (Inner Earth group), had such a big impact on me, because it was the first being that I had been able to sit there and have a conversation like that with.

JC: I actually want to talk about that right after the break, because what I'm imagining is, when I think of Congress, sort of the Senate, right, the House of Representatives, there may be 500, 400, 250, whatever, 100, but they all know each other. They come in, they sit down, “Hey, Bob.” “Hey, Bill.” It's a day of work. They may not like each other, but they are there around each other all the time. They may not know or be friends with anybody, but they still see the same people all the time. That's what I was referencing to you. When you get there is it always the same group? And let's talk about that right after the break. That's what I was referring to and I . . . I find it interesting for everybody to kind of understand exactly what is going done at one of these council or federation meetings.

This is Fade to Black. Our guest tonight is Corey Goode. The Secret Space Program, Breakaway civilizations and breaking information. More with Corey right after this break. Stay right there.

(1:28:46 ~ 1:32:25) (Break)

JC: Welcome back to Fade to Black. Our guest tonight Corey Goode. Tomorrow night, Joseph P. Farrell, and then on Wednesday, Richard Dolan. All part of our Breakaway Civilizations, Secret Space Program Week. Very important subject.

Corey, what I was trying to get to is . . . just trying to get a sense of, when you are sitting as a delegate, do you see the same faces every day or is it kind of interchanged when you seeing and meeting with and conversing with different people – different species and faces?

Corey: Well, at the Super Federation, yeah, it's usually all the usual suspects. It could vary. Sometimes there would be around 40 participants and upwards of 60. But in recent meetings, which was, I guess it was a fairly important one, it was standing room only. But to answer your question, yes, these are the same faces, the same representatives that I saw when I was brought in when I was an adolescent – just into my teen years – to be an Intuitive Empath support . . . in an Intuitive Empath support role as I have seen recently.

JC: What happened at this recent standing-room only meeting? What was discussed and when was it?

Corey: I'm trying to . . . It was probably about, I think it was before the September meeting. Sorry, I'm having problems remembering exactly when that one was. That was the one when there were several ET groups that no one knew about that were in our biosphere of the Earth. They were groups that were very high tech groups that cared nothing about humanity, were not here to study us. They didn't care anything about us except for maybe how we affecting our environment. But they were here to study the flora and fauna.

They were under the oceans studying life in the oceans and taking genetic samples and that kind of thing and they ended up getting trapped here when a quarantine went into affect. A lot of them were stuck down here and were having kind of a hard time of it and they wanted to get back with their operational support teams.

That was being allowed after a period of time. They were being allowed to return to their operational support teams or their groups that were in the solar system. And these were peaceful groups. They were here. They just happened to be caught, stuck here doing their normal studies at the time.

JC: What was the quarantine? That's interesting.

Corey: Yes, that was in December of 2015 when the barrier went up around the complete outside of the solar system and there was another quarantine barrier around the Earth for a short period of time.

JC: Interesting. Interesting. And so that's why it was standing-room only? And were the other attendees alarmed because they weren't . . .

Corey: They were members of these . . . They were there on behalf of some of their members that they wanted retrieved or allowed to leave the biosphere of the Earth to come back into their care.

JC: Oh, interesting. Interesting. Yeah. And I suppose that would be standing-room only, because they felt like it was almost a hostage situation.

Corey: Well, kind of. If you have . . . Let's say you have Greenpeace people caught behind some borders when a coup happens or something like that, it becomes very hard to get your people out. I guess that's the closest analogy that I could put to what these people were going through.

JC: And let's discuss the Secret Space Program really quick. We kind of touched upon this earlier, but the breakaway civilization aspect of things I consider one part of it. Then we have the Secret Space Program, which is the other half.

Do you have any idea how many people are involved in the SSP and how can they pull it off and keep it secret? I mean, I have my ideas.

Corey: They say it's impossible for the government to keep secrets, but that's a major misnomer. The government can't keep secrets when someone in the government has something to gain from that secret leaking. When it comes to keeping this secret . . . This is seen as a secret that will collapse their entire regime. This is not a secret that will send someone to prison, end a career, damage a reputation.

This is a secret that will end the need for large pharmaceutical companies and large energy-oil companies and what are the largest companies in the world again?

JC: Well, you have Exxon-Mobil that is the largest oil company, and then you have Apple . . .

Corey: And the pharmaceutical companies are some of the powerful. So that's just one little part of it. Then, again, there's all these crimes against humanity that have been created for them to perpetrate this fraud and to keep this massive secret. So it's kind of like someone begins to lie to their spouse about something and then they have to lie about why they lied to their spouse.

Eventually, they are too invested in the lie. And these people are not only invested in the lie, and what they've had to do to keep the lie, but they truly . . . they're zealots. They believe in what they're doing. They believe . . . Many of these people believe truly that their bloodline comes from another planet in our solar system. They migrated here a long time ago. Their lineage took over this planet when it moved here and they rightfully should run it.

They raise their children in a certain tradition. Those are hard things to overcome.

JC: When we talk about the not only MILAB, but when we talk about a Secret Space Program that the Navy is running or the Marines, and were doing these off-planet expeditions, are we armed? Because there are references of battles that have gone on on Mars and so forth.

Is this something where we are armed? And if we are, what is it that we are fighting? And why would we need to be armed?

Corey: Yes, we're absolutely armed. The current state of . . . The reason they state that we need to be armed is that we have to not only protect the planet from invasion, but also protect the planet from pretty much snatch-and-grap kind of groups that come through – traveling through the cosmic web, through the portal system that go through this area.

There are some non-terrestrial groups that pop in here every once in a while, fly down to the Earth, snag a couple humans and a couple other genetic samples that they desire and then they take off and they leave.

The SSP monitors, I guess you'd say, the air space – monitoring for friend or foe signals when craft come in and out. When the hail a craft, they want to see the craft's behavior.

JC: Well, let me jump in, because that's interesting. Have we been shot at? And are there . . . Are some of these aliens armed with bad intentions? Have we been shot at? Have we lost personnel? Have we had somebody that was killed in the line of duty?

Corey: Absolutely. Yes. They've lost many people in not only just accidents that happen out there, but in armed conflict on the surface of bodies out there and also in craft, in vessels.

JC: Let's talk about planet Earth for a second. Underground facilities and underground civilizations – off-planet and on. Where does this occur? And what about Dulce?

Corey: Well, you know, I've been asked a lot about Dulce. When I was in the programs looking at the smart-glass pads, I never saw any information on the Dulce bases. And as I said, that does not mean that known of that didn't exist, it just means that I saw all kinds of information on underground bases, but I never saw any information on that particular one.

JC: And you and I were talking earlier today about some underground stuff going on right now. Let's talk about that. What were you referring to?

Corey: There's been a few things that I was going to release from a recent briefing I had and some of it's actually come out in a few other people's reports. One of them being that . . . I've been reporting for nearly a year that a lot of shipping containers and all kinds of materials have been shipped down to Brazil and Argentina and it's been going down into the ground there into some very sophisticated bases.

I was given some interesting information regarding . . . that these bases that people are going into like an ant colony, that it's a part of a natural underground network that has been excavated and re-engineered that goes along some fissures or a part of the West Antarctic rift and that they have run silent submarines, black submarines, that are several different sizes, but are electromagnetically propulsed under the water underneath some of these areas and some of these areas have trams or trains that go under them in between South American and Antarctica. And that there's been a lot of activity and a lot of material moved down there by more of these, some of these groups that we'd call Naziesque-Cabal-type groups.

JC: Why Antarctica?

Corey: Well, Antarctica . . . There are several reasons. Antarctica . . . There were some ready-made cities from that were there from ancient times. There are a lot of resources that they can pull out of the ground there and there are geothermal areas that they can use for thermal energy.

Under the ice . . . There's a lot of the area there that are what used to be some shallow seas, so they're able to travel under the ice a great deal. It's not as much land as you would think.

JC: Do you have any information about the Malibu underwater base?

Corey: Yeah, in the Malibu area there is definitely a submarine base that goes to . . . It's similar to what I just described. They enter in close to the Continental Shelf there. They enter in and it goes into these giant underground cavern fissures and they have one that pops up in a desert lake where they do some submarine training.

JC: Huh, China Lake? Are you referring to . . .

Corey: It could be. Is that in . . . Is it Utah?

JC: No. Well that . . . what you're referring to . . .

Corey: Not Utah . . .

JC: Nevada. You're talking about Nevada.

Corey: Nevada, Nevada. Thank you.

JC: Yeah. Yeah. It's a direct line from the Malibu entrance certainly.

Corey: And there's a lot of that that goes underneath the western United States, especially huge underwater caverns.

JC: And who . . . Between Antarctica and Chile, Argentina and Brazil, who's occupying the tunnel system there? Is it . . . Are we interfacing with aliens? Or is that our installation?

Corey: It's infrastructure that the Nazis began to build in the late 30s, early 40s, that they began to build in some ancient ruined cities that were pointed out to them by some non-terrestrial groups that they began to work with. And these groups also pointed out some large cavernous areas in Argentina that ended up leading down to these deep underground fissures or rifts deep in the ground that travel all the way down to Antarctica.

JC: You had mentioned earlier, Corey, I want to go back a little bit. You had mentioned the barriers that were put up. Who is in charge of those barriers?

Corey: You know, that's very difficult to say who's in charge of the barriers, because these little blue orbs we see, those are the actual sphere beings. Those are beings.

JC: Right.

Corey: And the Neptune-size and moon-size spheres that are out there, those are also these beings. These are not craft, and so exponentially these things go up, up and up in size. So they're an energetic life form that is in some sort of symbiotic and karmic relationship with our mass consciousness and with everything that's going on in this local star cluster. That's just what I've been able to glean from my experience.

JC: That's interesting. Okay, I'm just banging out a bunch of questions really quick before we get to the top of the hour. Hey, you want to take some calls?

Corey: Go for it.

JC: Yeah, man, we should take some calls. We'll open up the phone lines after the next break, so everybody get ready for that. Help me out with this, because, again, I have my own ideas here. I need you to help me make up my mind. Why would the cabals need to go underground? Are they trying to protect themselves from something? Is there something they are worried about?

Corey: Yeah. And it depends . . . There are so many other different groups. They have all these different belief systems about what's going to happen at the end of an age and all this thing. Some of these groups, they're bugging out and going underground because they really believe there's going to be some sort of what they call like a kill-shot sun explosion that's going to wipe out the Earth and they're going to be the only ones that are going to survive and all this other stuff.

Other groups plan on . . . They know that they are about to lose control of the surface. They plan on trying to start WW III and set off charges that they have on some super volcanoes and basically tear up all the toys and leave the play yard because they didn't get their way.

JC: Do you have a bunker?

Corey: I do not. No. I used to have a area that I could go to, a bug out area, but no, I no longer . . .

JC: Do you care about it?

Corey: Ah, not really. I make sure that, per the instructions that I was given, I think that if a person is financially able, they should have a minimum of two weeks of food in their home.

JC: Do you?

Corey: I do.

JC: Okay. Just checking. I don't. I got a butt load of ramen noodles and chili without beans. Ha, ha, ha.

Corey: Ha, ha.

JC: I've got cases of that. And if anything goes down, my family is eating ramen noodles and chili until the . . .

Corey: Well, it keeps you out of the FEMA lines.

JC: Yeah, it will. Until the atmosphere clears back up we're going to be doing chili. Do the Blue Avians have the ability to listen to this show? And are they listening right now? Do they know that you and I are talking?

Corey: You know, they seem to because every time I've gone to deliver . . . I'm suppose to deliver a message. Every time I go to open my mouth to deliver a message, up comes the hand and they respond and they give the answer to the message. They already know. So I can't answer you're question without speculating, but I would have to say they seem pretty aware of what's going on and I don't have to explain things to them.

JC: Have they ever said that Jimmy Church guy, he's completely nuts.

Corey: Well they told me I could talk with you on the phone, but I should probably not, you know, rub shoulders with you too much. It might rub off on me.

JC: That's whey we didn't have drinks. Yeah, you know what? That's really good advice, by the way. And have they told you . . . Do you guys have an agenda in moving forward? I like the guerrilla approach that you had mentioned earlier. There's television, there's other radio, of course, there's the Internet, and there's YouTube. You know what I mean? There's all of these different avenues to feed into. Are they up on that technology and do you guys have a game plan?

Corey: Yes. We're putting a lot of that together right now, but we're also going to be collaborating with a lot . . . We've got so many talented people coming together. We've got all kinds of producers of documentaries, short films, musicians, people that want to come together and collaborate and collaborate in a unified way that's going to make a difference. And there's some people coming together that will be pretty surprising once we fully get all the infrastructure done and get everything announced.

It's going to be very exciting. It's already exciting to see these different projects coming together - all these different people that . . . There are people out there that have financial resources that are Service to Others and that have always wanted to find a way to contribute, but have been leery of getting involved in certain things that are now starting to step forward.

There are people that they can not be introduced with people that are doing serious documentaries on this type of subject or maybe doing movies or animations – music, songs, all kinds of medium that can seep into the collective consciousness of the masses and help them to not only start to wake up, but to start acclimating and getting ready for Full Disclosure.

JC: Let me ask you this. One of the funniest things . . . I think you and I have talked about this before, but one of the funniest, most hysterical things that has been discussed lately is the flat Earth. It's hysterical. And obviously, . . . I think I asked you one time, “Did you look out the window?” Right?

What do you say to those flat-Earthers out there?

Corey: I've tried going round and round and when it comes down to it we're going to believe what we're going to believe. And I'm not going to try to step on anyone else's little reality bubble, but all I can do is share from my own experience and my own perspective. And I've flown around in these little spheres and . . .

JC: And your perspective is round.

Corey: My perspective is a spherical . . . spherical geometry is my perspective.

JC: And let's just end it . . . Let's just stop right . . . I'm totally with you. It's so funny . . . And you're right. You can believe what you want to believe. It's fun. It's fun. If you want to have that fantasy, okay, fine, but there's no proof in anything being flat. But if you want to go there, and live in that fantasy, go ahead. It's fine.

Corey: You get to about 160,000 feet . . . You have to get pretty far up to start really to see the curvature of the Earth.

JC: Yeah, and they other thing is this, though, and we're going to hit a break and when we come back, we're going to grab some phone calls, is this: Even if it is flat, or if it's round, it doesn't change a dang thing. Nothing changes. We still live and breathe and we still go to work.

Corey: It sounds like one of those mental exercises.

JC: That's exactly right. Our guest tonight, Corey Goode. This is Fade to Black. We'll be right back.

(1:58:44 ~ 2:02:08) (break)

JC: All right, welcome back to Fade to Black. I'm your host, Jimmy Church on the Game Changer Network and KGRA The Planet. Phone lines are jammed. Spreaker Chat Room, all the chat rooms, Twitter, out of control, website attacks, this is just an awesome evening, Corey. Thank you for all of that.

Let's go straight to the phones. Hi, you're live on Fade to Black.

Caller: Hi, Jimmy. How are ya?

JC: I'm doing good. What's your question for Corey?

Caller: Okay. This is Captain. Corey, you have been one of my favorites and I just want to tell you this, kudos, brother, cause you're doing it. And all that you say is absolutely true and I did want to say this, what do you know about President Obama – his protection in the White House? And what off-world beings are protecting him?

JC: Thank you for the call, Captain. Excellent questions. Thank you so much and I'm going to keep rolling through these. Thank you so much, Captain.

Corey: Sure, thank you. Yes, I do not know of any beings that Obama is in contact with or any information about Obama's past in any of these MILAB or space programs. I have not seen any of that information my self. I would definitely intuitively hit from some of his Jimmy Kimmel or other comments that he has had a briefing. I don't know on what level he is.

JC: All right, there you go. Hi, you're live on Fade to Black. What do you have for Corey Goode?

Caller: Hi, Jimmy, it's Allison. Hi, Corey.

Corey: Hi.

Caller: Hi. I have just . . . okay, it's kind of a personal question. And you don't have to answer it if you don't want to, but I wondered since they extended your abilities when you were a kid, how it is being out in the real world and did these abilities bug you, give you problems like in the grocery store – you know how it is when you are extra sensitive. I was just curious about that aspect if that bothered you or affected you or if they gave you training or do you remember you had them?

JC: Great question, Allison, and thank you for the phone call.

Caller: And Corey, I'm going to take my answer off the air. Dude, you just rock. You really do. Thank you.

JC: Thank you, Allison. Did you get super-duper powers and could you control them?

Corey: Well, in the program, we were being genetically enhanced. So we were being given chemicals that genetically enhanced our abilities. But, you know, once you use a muscle, even if that muscle atrophies, you still have some muscle memory. You still know how to use that muscle and you've still developed that ability.

And, yes, very much it's being in large crowds or being around a lot of people is difficult because most people don't realize that when we interface with people it's a bidirectional communication, and most people are constantly broadcasting. They're broadcasting their energy of frustration or anxiety or whatever they're feeling they're constantly broadcasting it.

And if you are an antenna, you're picking up very mixed and confusing signals from all the people around you and it can be very disconcerting.

JC: Well, that's a great point. Let me ask you about something, me, personally. You have always been open to coming on this show. Is it because of me? Did you . . . I'm not saying this from an ego standpoint, but did you have a vibe that it was going to be okay to come on here and take your clothes off?

Corey: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, stripping down, I guess, on your show is no big deal. Yeah, you're . . . I liked the energy when I first talked to you. You know, there was some controversy going on and you showed that you're a kind of person that doesn't get in the middle of things and you stay objective and you've . . . the things you've said. You're real big into unity and positive stuff, so I've gotten positive vibes, so, yeah, why wouldn't I come back?

JC: There you go. Hi, you're live on Fade to Black. What do you have for Corey Goode?

Caller: Hi, Jimmy. Hi, Corey. How are you doing?

Corey: Hello.

Caller: This is Brian down in Florida. My question is during your 20 and back, where you in a different timeline during that because I know that you said there was a six-month window where you were actually gone from when they put you back? And my question, if you were in a different timeline, does that mean that you were in like two different places at the same time up until 2007? And if you were in a different timeline, could there possibly have been changes in that timeline to what happened on Earth considering that you and thousands of other people were gone on Earth and possible changes could have happened?

JC: What's your name?

Caller: Brian.

JC: Hey, Brian, that's a great question. I've asked Corey this before, so he's . . . probably a year ago. But it's a great question and I think it should be addressed. Thank you so much for the phone call, Brian.

Okay, Corey. How did that work?

Corey: Yeah. And the way I understand it is that I basically did exist in two places at the same time for a period. There was some sort of bifurcation that existed in . . . It seems to violate all the laws of physics, but when you get into this new world, everything violates what you think of as the classical laws of physics that everything must abide by.

JC: Is it because – and caller, stay right there on hold – Is it because leaving the Earth in a linear fashion at a certain speed and returning back that the time here on Earth wouldn't have past at all – or very little of it? Or would it be the opposite of that?

Corey: What most people don't understand is that if people are traveling in space and they're able to travel these great distances with basically no time, they are also time travelers.

JC: Exactly.

Corey: So there's really no real difference in time travel and highly advanced space travel.

JC: All right, there you go. Hi, you're live on Fade to Black. What do you have for Corey Goode?

Caller: Hello, Jimmy. Hi, Corey Goode. People tell me that you are very connected. You have a lot of fans here. I'm a more practical guy and what I'd like to know is . . . I keep hearing from various sources “Disclosure's coming here!” “Disclosure's coming here!” You've talked a bit about it. Steven Basset seems to be doing the nuts and bolts of it and Dr. Steven Greer, too.

I want to know is it going to come in my lifetime and when it does come, I see a lot of things going on on Earth right now, economic inequality and one of the things is energy. Are we going to get an energy source in my lifetime that's going to help equalize people on this Earth economically?

JC: Thank you for the call, Dino.

Corey: And, ah, I would say that the most probable answer is yes that it will happen in your lifetime. I don't know how old you are, but this is something that has already been decided. What they're deciding is how to roll it out. You've been keeping this secret. How do you finally take the mask off? That right now is what they're doing.

While they're dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's, they are doing what they've been doing for decades is continue with this slow unwinding disclosure and conditioning of the mass consciousness to where at any given point if a type of disclosure is sprung on them before they can unroll it, then they can have some sort of . . . they can say, “Oh we were telling you here or we were preparing you here.”

JC: Interesting. Interesting. Hi, you're live on Fade to Black. What's your question for Corey Goode?

Caller: Hi, my name is Derek and I have a question in regards to the energies that the sphere beings and the Blue Avians are ____ and if Corey has any idea about when that is going to be kind of unleashed on us more so than it already is? Would it depend on Disclosure or any information on that?

JC: And your name was Derek?

Caller: Yes, sir.

JC: Thank you, Derek, for the phone call. Great question. Corey.

Corey: Yeah, this galactic high frequency change or energy that's coming into our system is . . . I'm sorry, I got a little feedback.

JC: Yeah, that's okay. I just brought in another phone call. They're jammed up. Go ahead.

Corey: Okay, okay. Sorry, it kind of broke my train of thought there for a second.

JC: Yeah, it broke mine too. It was cool. It was kind of a eery, but . . . ha, ha, ha.

Corey: I'm sorry. What was the question again? I'm so sorry.

JC: He was talking about energy from the Blue Avians.

Corey: Oh, yes, yes. And when is it going to be unleashed upon us.

JC: Right.

Corey: What's happening is that we're learning more and more that we are joined by this mass consciousness, this co-creative mass consciousness. And this mass consciousness that we are all a part of is going through some sort of a process in tandem with what's going on in the cosmos to make up a decision on what sort of a timeline or how it's going to proceed.

All of us on the planet are a part of this co-creative consciousness and are contributing. So there is no set time and date to when these things are going to happen, because we're the ones that are going to make it happen through not only our co-creative consciousness and willing it to be, but getting out there and manifesting it – not sitting back on the key . . . hitting the keyboards saying, you know, “When is Disclosure going to happen? When is it going to happen?” But getting out there and manifesting it ourselves. You know, getting out there and demanding it. Talking about it. Making it a part of the public discussion.

JC: Yeah, I totally agree with you and I'll say this as well, is that the power of the Internet is one thing, but also, the collective mind electronically is connecting brains too as well at a subconscious level that we don't even realize.

Corey: It's amazing.

JC: It's a serious amount of juice, man. It's a serious amount of power that we are focusing, and I am not in anyway getting weird. It is just the way that it is.

Corey: It's tangible. It's not an esoteric weird thing to say any more.

JC: It's not is it.

Corey: Energy is tangible. You see it in the behavior of people all across the planet right now. I think David said Richard Hoagland coined this phrase that “the good are getting better and the bad are getting worse”, and I've thrown in that the crazy are getting crazier. They don't have the ability to acclimate and handle these energy changes very well and causes problems.

JC: And the crazies swing a lot of juice as well. Hi, you're live on Fade to Black. Say “Hi” to Corey Goode. What's your question?

Caller: Hi, Jimmy. Hi, Corey. Sorry for breaking your train of thought there, but my name is Chris from New York. Corey, hey, man, thank you for everything you're doing and I got a million questions, but I'll talk really fast like ___ and try to get one in.

My question is this, with all the things you're saying about raising our vibrations, being more positive and really trying together and all, and that's great – I'm with you on that – but I still feel really powerless in this whole thing. My biggest question is, you're on the inside, brother, like I really think even though we have CGI and all this crap and we don't believe anything we see, I think that it would help for us to see something.

You talk about all these amazing things and even something as little as the smart-glass pads and things like that, and these benevolent ETs – they're saying that they're waiting for us to rise up and to do that. Why can't we take initiative and say, “Okay, well we are and we're asking you for help. Come and help us, man. Come and reveal yourselves.” Like we want to see this stuff. Let's get going. Let's get moving, because I know, for me, I can't wait a 100 years. None of us can. I'm dying here. I cannot go without having . . . you know . . . seriously.

JC: Yeah, Chris, you're right and it's through the efforts . . . Chris, you're so right and I know you know exactly what I'm about to say, which is it's the efforts of this show and this audience and you and Corey that is the collective, you know, and all we can do is do the right thing and continue.

Look, I've only got so many years left on this beautiful planet too, myself. And I want to get to the end of this and be able to say that I've found some answers. And we're working on this really hard, Chris. But you're absolutely right.

Corey: Well, you know, that's one of the number one questions I get, people are . . . they feel completely disenfranchised, disempowered. They've been led to believe that this Cabal group is . . . they cannot be defeated.

JC: Right, that they're too strong. Right.

Corey: Yeah, the question is, you know, “What can I do?” Joining meditation groups is great, and it has a tangible effect on what happens in our reality that is for sure. But we're going to have to get out there and start putting some skin in the game. Now, when we say . . . When I say these groups are waiting for us to realize our own potential and come together, this is our reality that we are fighting for. We're wanting these beings to appear in our reality.

Now, a lot of these beings have been manipulating our reality, of course. But, you know, the people that are saying, “I need to see an alien so I can believe. Then I can make this transition in my mind and move forward.”

Well, that . . . The people that are just to a point that want to believe so badly that they are just to a point where they're like “I want to see an alien”, well, that's just . . . I couldn't even give a percentage of the people on the planet that are at that point.

JC: Yeah, exactly. Hey, Chris, thank you.

Corey: The rest of the people are, you know, they're trying to figure out how they are going to put gas in their car, or how they're going to get water from the river, or, you know, all of these other mundane things that are put in front of us.

Caller: Will won't that change if they see something?

JC: Hey, Chris, Chris, . . .

Corey: People see things all the time and they get ridiculed.

Caller: Yeah, I know.

JC: Hey, Chris, thank you for the phone call.

Caller: Thanks, guys. Thanks, guys. Really appreciate it.

JC: Thank you, Chris. Hi, you're live on Fade to Black. What's your question for Corey Goode?

Caller: What's your question?

JC: You're live, right now.

Caller: Is that me?

JC: Yes.

Caller: Please respond if this is me talking.

JC: It is you talking and what's your question?

Caller: Jimmy, I've got a good beer buzz going on tonight. Corey, what's up bud?

Corey: Hey, not a lot. How you doing?

Caller: Is it true, because I read the last article, is it true that you're actually in your 60s?

Corey: Well, I guess I have 20 more years of experience on top of my 46 years . . .

Caller: Ah, f**k. . .

Corey: . . . that would add 20 years to my 46 years of experience. Yeah.

Caller: God, dude! Can you frickin' believe this stuff? It's happening!

JC: Okay. All right, man. Hey, have a great night. Let's keep going on here. Hi, you're live on Fade to Black. What's your question for Corey Goode?

Caller: Hey, Corey, I have a question for you.

Corey: Yes, ma'am.

Caller: You believe that the Blues are here to harm us? Is that correct? Am I understanding you right?

Corey: Do I believe the Blues are here to harm us?

Caller: Yeah, am I understanding you right on that?

Corey: Um, who are "the blues"? – the Blue Avians?

Caller: Yes, sir.

Corey: No, no. No.

Caller: Okay.

Corey: No, they're not here to harm us, no.

Caller: I know that. I actually . . .

Corey: Yeah, they are karmically tied to us. Yes.

Caller: Can I explain what happened to me one night? Me and Mike were outside watching these ships - literally lights going in and out. In what seemed like 16 minutes jets came and started shooting at them. There was a white light that fell down. Within six hours we had at least 800 people in military gears searching our woods, our backyards, everything.

I didn't go anywhere the next day, but the day after that me and dog went for a walk, because we always went for a walk. Her hair stood up on every inch of her body. And she whimpered like she was scared. In my mind, I heard something say, “Don't turn your dog loose. I'm not here to hurt you.”

Basically, it was a blue. It had fallen. It had gotten hit. Mike and I had seen them getting shot at from jets during the day time as well.

My question is, if we're suppose to be afraid of them, why aren't they shooting back?

JC: Okay, honest question. Why aren't they shooting back?

Corey: Well, we're not suppose to be afraid of the Blue Avians. They have never engaged these Cabal groups. The only time that anything – any retribution kind of thing - has happened, they used an aikido principle when a very high energy particle-weapon was fired at one of the spheres, and it just redirected the energy right back at its source. And it caused some wide destruction on the base where the weapon was located.

But, no, they are not a military or offensive group by any means.

JC: I have a question. This is from Renee. She says, “Members of Human Colony – – have said that one of the things that positively influenced Earth's ambassadors meetings with ETs off-planet in the past year was several ETs showing a sense of humor. Human colony members claim that this helped the humans to trust the ETs they were negotiating with about Disclosure, because it showed our races do have something in common.”

Did you see, and have you felt, a sense of humor?

Corey: Yes, yeah. They're going to have a different sense of humor. Usually, they try to emulate your sense of humor. But, yeah, you're going to . . . Like in the Intercept and Interrogation programs, you would get, as an Intuitive Empath, when these beings were being interrogated, you'd get to feel all different types of their emotions.

They have their own spectrum of emotions just like we do. We can't paint them as automatons that have no sense of humor or no eye for art or those types of things. That's extremely limiting on such a extremely vibrant universe.

JC: So, sadness, happiness . . .

Corey: Yes. Love.

JC: Humor. It all comes into play.

Corey: Yes.

JC: And what . . . How do they feel about the death that happens on planet Earth? I mean, we are so free to, you know, cross a border and blow something up. How do they feel about that? Do they, you know, do they have the same types of interactions amongst themselves? Do they war amongst themselves and kill each other?

Corey: Well, obviously, they do at times, because there are areas in the solar system to where before they had their last – a millennial ago – before they had their last big treaty – a treaty that also involved they would no longer appear and walk among humanity, they would allow humanity to develop on their own without the gods or intervention – you know these groups were having open warfare up until the times of our own historical record.

But that's something that has not occurred openly, at least over the skies on our planet in quite some time. But it is something that occurred here quite a bit and there are signs throughout the solar system of different periods of conflict.

JC: I want to get to this question here. This is somebody that can't call in. And it is – this is from Donna – she says, “I'm interested in the Secret Space Program because of past experiences that I have yet to reconcile. Recently, I met someone on Facebook, who claimed they were from the NSA and this person threatened me that if I said anything about the program. The only thing I revealed was that I have the ability to see certain events in the future, which is a gift I have had since childhood. The group I have made CE5 contact with are Arcturians. During the different groups of ET communicate frequence, do they communicate frequently for our safety? I'm not sure whether I am safe or not. And have you ever experienced the same thing?”

Corey: The threats or . . .

JC: I think both. I think both. Have you made contact with different ET groups that communicate frequently for our safety?

Corey: Yeah. I've had several weird incidents. Yeah, around my house there's been some very interesting incidents. There have been, I guess, there were several groups that are very interested in observing what's going on around here right now.

JC: Well, you know what? You want to hang on and take some more phone calls for a few minutes?

Corey: Go for it. Yeah, sure.

JC: Okay, let's . . .

Corey: People have a lot of questions, I understand, and I'd like to answer some of them.

JC: They really do. Okay, so let's take a quick break. More of your phone calls when we come back. Our guest tonight is Corey Goode. This is Fade to Black. I'm your host Jimmy Church on the Game Changer Network on KGRA The Planet. More of your calls with Corey right after this short break. Stay right there.

(2:28:40 ~ 2:32:00) (Break)

JC: Welcome back to Fade to Black. I'm you host, Jimmy Church. Our guest tonight, Corey Goode. Unbelievable show tonight. Great conversation. Phone lines lit up. We'll take some more calls here. 323-825-5045. If you can get in, good luck. Hi, you're live on Fade to Black. What's you question for Corey Goode?

Caller: Hey, Jimmy. Hey, Corey. I just wanted to say, thank you guys. I'm Alex from Boston. I really trying to spread the Sphere Being Alliance word, you know, one person at a time the best that I can. And forgive me if this has been talked about already, but I haven't heard of it.

Now, I've watched all of Corey's interviews, all the Cosmic Disclosure, everything, and one thing I always was curious about that I never heard of was . . . it's kind of two part – it's the Norway Spiral and this giant pyramid that was filmed over Russia a couple of years ago. I'm just curious if this is something legitimate or if this is just more, you know, disinformation put out there?

JC: All right, Alex. Thank you for the phone call, and welcome to Fade to Black.

Caller: Thank you.

JC: Have a good night. Yeah, Corey, let's address that – the spirals over Norway. I don't know what your thoughts are on that, but I think it's been pretty much represented as a Russian space program stuff. I just brought in a caller. Caller, if you can hear me, turn me down in the background.

Caller: Oh, you're not even on. Sorry, maybe that was somebody. . .

JC: Well, hold on, hold on. Let Corey finish this question. The phone lines are completely jammed. I'm just trying to squeeze in everybody, one call after another.

Corey, the spirals . . .

Corey: Yeah, these . . . Both of those were technologies . . . Both of those were technologies that were from the Special Access Programs or some of the lower space programs down here that are doing all these different programs, but also these were . . . these two incidents were not just coincidental incidents.

Both of these were brinkmanship kind of incidents to where people were rattling swords or making a statement with their technology one side to the other.

JC: Yes, demonstrations.

Corey: Yes. Demonstrations of power.

JC: We had the same thing off the coast of California. Hi, caller. Say, “Hello to Corey Goode”.

Caller: Matt here from San Diego. I really appreciate you guys taking my call. My question for Corey is in one of your past episodes or interviews you talked about how there were groups of people that are in the Inner Earth that had been reaching out to us so to speak. And for those of us that are into the more spiritual aspects and like a meditation angle, do you recommend trying to make contact with them?

Corey: It's a very difficult question, because everyone out there has their own idea on how spiritually strong and protected they are, about how impervious they are to trickery and that kind of thing. There are a lot of different beings that are out there waiting for you to reach out. You know, you just have to be discerning.

Caller: Right.

Corey: Don't take any type of communication, don't be just totally excited and take everything as truth. You've got to be discerning. Like I tell David, you know, I see something new, I'm looking around for zippers and buttons and any type of deception. I'm not automatically like, “Oh, wow. What's this? You know, this is new and amazing.”

I question it. I'm looking for deception, because I know how these groups work. So, if you enter into it in that way, then you're more likely not going to be . . . as likely to be deceived.

There are a lot of these beings out there that . . . They are really reaching out and they have some spiritual guidance that they would really like to give us because they are concerned about us in the way that we're acting.

But there are a lot of beings out there that want to prevent these other positive beings from doing what they are doing, so they pretend to be positive beings and they come in and will sidetrack us on our path. So, you know, it's a tricky question and it just depends on how much you trust your discernment and if you're willing to go that route.

JC: Matt, thank you for the phone call and welcome to Fade to Black.

Caller: Thank you guys.

JC: Hi, you're live on Fade to Black. What's your question for Corey Goode?

Caller: Hi, Corey. My name is also Corey. My question is about seeing orbs. __ for years and what's really going on with that. I can see lights and things when I'm looking around and I'm wondering what is that really? What's going on with that? Thank you.

JC: Thank you.

Corey: Yeah. With orbs, a lot of times what people see that are very sensitive spiritually and they see orbs, it can be disembodied consciousness or that kind of a thing. It can be anything from that . . . There are all kinds of different plasma kind of . . . plasma and energetic sphere kind of experiences that people have. They're not all exactly related.

People that are having the experience, you know, like I had an experience out when I used to hunt, I hate to say, a long time ago with a friend. We saw an orange self-contained orb fireball that was just kind of going up and down a corn row, just like it was searching for something.

People report seeing green orbs and somewhat clear orbs. I don't have an answer for all these different things, but these . . . The blue orbs that are appearing in front of people are these higher-density beings that are appearing mostly to starseeds and communicating with them either on a conscious level or on a higher-self level.

JC: Hi, you're live on Fade to Black. What's your question for Corey Goode?

Caller: Hi, Jimmy. Hi, Corey. Yeah, my question tonight is, I didn't get to catch the beginning of the show, but I was wondering if there is currently a war going on in this galaxy between various races at this current moment in time and if there's also a war going on over this planet? And I'll take my answer off the air.

JC: Thank you for the phone call. Corey?

Corey: Yeah, there's definitely a struggle going on for control of this solar system and this planet. The reasons are many fold. It has to do with our position in the galaxy – where we are to a local portal system, everything to our genetic diversity on this planet to . . . There's all kind of reasons why our solar system is important to these different groups.

These different groups over these oceans of time have fought over this solar system and different groups have been, you know, kind of kicked out and come back and . . . So there's been those types of skirmishes that have gone on all throughout our solar system's history and also through this local star cluster, which is at least 52 stars or so.

JC: Right. Right.

Corey: Now, as for the wider galaxy? That is beyond my purview of knowledge about if there's larger galactic wars going on.

JC: Hi, you're live on Fade to Black. What's your question for Corey Goode? You're live right now.

Caller: Hello?

JC: You're live. You're live. You're on the air.

Caller: Pardon me?

JC: Yeah, you're live. What's your question for Corey?

Caller: I'm so sorry, I didn't know if I got through. Hello, gentlemen. I'm Susan. I'm from Toledo, Ohio. And I have a question for Corey. It's a little bit of a two-part. Recently, about a week ago, I was having a conversation with Laura Eisenhower and we were discussing how the Sphere Being Alliance is giving us the ___ or you're going to get a 100 more years of what you have coming to you now.

And I'm thinking, higher-dimensional beings . . . I don't see how they would be communicating that way.

Corey: Yeah, and they're not. And they're not. That's . . . What was communicated was that our collective consciousness was making a joint decision on how we were going to proceed and that we are the ones deciding whether or not we will have these energies buffered for an 'age', which can be up to 700 years, not just 100 years.

That's something David stated at the Conscious Life Expo when I would like to have stated it in quite . . . in a little bit of a different way.

The Blue Avians aren't arbitrarily making a decision to block energies to come in and give us Ascension. That's not what is occurring. What's occurring is that they are working in tandem with cosmic . . . with the cosmic life, or beings, and the way things work in the cosmos and working in tandem with our collective consciousness in this transition and our collective consciousness is making a free will decision on how we as a group will proceed.

JC: And Susan . . .

Caller: I guess I just took it as a little bit of a . . . perhaps in the way it was worded was a little bit of a veiled threat. Another question I had quick was it hasn't been determined who the third party is in this Sphere Being Alliance, and why do you think they are withholding this . . . their identity? I'm just curious.

Corey: Yeah, there are two others that . . . two other beings. . .

JC: Well, let me jump in before you answer that. I just want to say, Susan, thank you for the phone call.

Caller: Thank you for taking my call. I appreciate it.

JC: Thank you so much. Go ahead, Corey, and finish.

Corey: Yeah, there are two other . . . There are five members of the Sphere Being Alliance. We've met . . . introduced the Blue Spheres - the sphere beings - the Blue Avians, and then the triangular-headed beings. But here are two others that we've seen hide, hair nor feather of. And they are not spoken of. So if and when they come into the picture and how they come into the picture, I have no answer.

JC: Hi, you're live on Fade to Black. What's your question for Corey Goode?

Caller: I wanted to ask him if in his conversation with Karee if there is something else he can tell us about karma and about Sitchin not being right.

JC: About Sitchin not being right?

Caller: Not being right in his translations.

JC: Ah, okay. What's your name?

Caller: Katarina.

JC: Thank you Katarina. Have a good night. Thank you for the questions. Okay, go ahead, Corey.

Corey: Yeah. There's quite a bit in the conversation I had in the library, especially with Karee that I'm going to be writing about once I get . . . I need to get the time to get it all organized. That conversation has had me up in my head more than any of my other experiences. I've spent so much time just sitting there staring at the wall thinking about all the things, and, you know . . .

When it comes to further information about the information that Zecharia Sitchin has shared, what I've shared is pretty much what she communicated was that he was working with three other people in secret societies and intelligence that were feeding him this information that the over-all information was contrived to create this narrative for his book, that it was based on information that was real, but was mostly a part of one of these Cabal religious systems that they were trying to get other people to adopt. And that's pretty much the crux of what was discussed about that.

JC: One last phone call. What's your question for Corey Goode? You are live.

Caller: Hi, can you hear me?

JC: Yeah, we got you. Really quick.

Caller: Oh, wow. Thank you so much. Corey, I think I had an experience back in the '70s in New Hampshire either a little bit before or after this book was published with the same kind of alien that was sketched in the book, and it walked kind of like the Egyptians. I'm not making a joke, but it really did. It's head bobbed and it's always occurred to me ever since I heard about the Blue Avians like do you know if they ever would wear all black and have a big white kind of globe thing around their head? Or do you know of any beings that kind of walk like that, but would have an outfit like that?

Corey: No, that doesn't off hand . . . that description doesn't strike any memories.

JC: What about the black robes?

Corey: There are different beings out there that are going to have different attire and some of them are going to resemble each other.

JC: Right, I gotcha. I gotcha. Hey, Corey, did you have fun tonight?

Corey: Hey, yeah, I did.

JC: Man, great show. And I want to thank you for coming on and, you know, we're going to do this again very soon. The audience – I know what they're saying right now – Church . . .

Corey: And before . . . And really . . . I hate to interrupt, but any body that feels disempowered and wants to get involved with the Full Disclosure Project, we've got a sign up sheet for people that want to get involved. We're just getting started, but if you want to come to, please do.

JC: Yeah, do that and I know that that website was just launched. Are there links from over to the new website?

Corey: Yeah, and right now I'm funding it all myself. We have some very great volunteers that are putting a lot of hours in getting it up. The site just came up today. There's going to be a lot more coming out. It's not directly linked from yet. It's stand alone, but it's . . . You should start seeing advertising and it being linked everywhere soon.

JC: Okay. Do me a favor, Corey, drop me the link here so I can hand that over to everybody and we can get that up both on Twitter and Facebook and our website.

Corey: Absolutely.

JC: And we'll get aggressive with all of that now. And you and I have a lot of stuff that we need to talk about. I'll follow up with you first thing in the morning. I just want to say thank you so much. Great conversation tonight and we'll be doing this again, everybody, very, very, very soon. Thank you so much, Corey.

Corey: Yes, sir.

JC: Be safe, my brother.

Corey: You too.

JC: Corey Goode. That was a show and that is the way we're going to kick off this week on Fade to Black. Tonight Corey Goode. Tomorrow night, Joseph P. Farrell. Wednesday night, Richard Dolan. All of it, the Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilizations. Corey Goode.

And you know, I'm going to say this really quick. Corey is getting a little bit more comfortable with himself. And it showed tonight. And thank you, because being, being new to all of this is difficult at times, but he is getting better and better and the conversations are getting smoother. Thank you so much, Corey. Absolutely brilliant conversation.

And thank you to everybody that called in tonight. If you're on hold right now, if you're calling in, no more calls. But all brilliant phone calls tonight. Thank you to everybody that called in.


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