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Interview Corey Goode - George Noory – October 2015 (Episode 4-54)

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George: I hope you had the chance to see my first program with Corey Goode, a whistleblower spent 20 years n Secret Space Program. If you haven’t seen it, right after this one go back and look for it in our "Beyond Belief" files. You won’t believe it!

Corey, welcome back! Good to have you again.

Corey : Thank you.

George:You know, you startled me in our first program, because it is scary to think that there’s truly a government program out there that would capture our kids at age of six, and start training and manipulating them. Who came up with this idea? Did you ever find out?

Corey : I have no idea, the genesis of how that got started

George: Brilliant, I guess.

Corey : Yeah, it is, yes.

Noory: How many people do you think, are involved in the program now?

Corey : I would have to completely speculate.

George: A thousand?

Corey : Many thousands. And I don’t know how pervasive it is at this point. I just know that this is how they get the majority of people in their deep Black Ops Programs down here, and their operatives inside these secret Earth Government syndicates, and in the Secret Space Program.

George: Is this a Worldwide situation?

Corey : Yes.

George: The Secret Governments all over the place?

Corey : Yes.

George: So, you’ve got on one faction, this Cabal, the one-world government people, the Illuminatis type, that have been running a Secret Space Program for a number of years. And then you’ve got a group of people like you that have basically said: Enough is enough. I’m getting the word out. What finally drove you to that decision?

Corey : In 2011, after I had seen many whistleblower recording videos, and from seeing them and listening to them, I knew what they did in the programs. And I knew what they knew. And each time, I saw them walk right up to the very edge of the big stuff, and then lift the leg up, turn around about face, and walk the opposite direction.

George: Were they afraid? Scared?

Corey : Under orders. Afraid. They maybe were brave till they got to a certain point, and then received a threat to someone they love. Any number of things could have happened. I was getting frustrated because there was a lot of information that I knew these people could be getting. I started on an internet forum. I opened up the username GoodETxSG, which everyone knows is the pseudonym I went by at first. And I slowly start filling out the situation, would release tiny little bits of information here and there, and they finally started releasing more, and more, and more, to where it started getting the attention of a lot of people.

George: Well planned out.

Corey : Yeah. And then finally, I was approached by a member of the Secret Space Program Alliance, who goes by the pseudonym of Gonzales, Lieutenant Colonel Gonzales. Not his real name. And he said I was requested by name to start releasing certain information to the public as a representative. And that I would be afforded a certain amount of protection as long as, I guess, laws of karma kind of thing. I don’t cheat on my wife. I don’t beat my kids. I don’t tell lies. I don’t do this kind of stuff to invite things.

George: Negative energy and stuff like that.

Corey : Negative energy onto myself. And that’s been difficult because the haters come at you, and you want to fight back. And anytime I’ve done that, I’ve opened myself up.

George: And you can’t win.

Corey : You can’t win. But they wanted me to start releasing the high tech information I knew, which I’ve released quite a bit about a treasure trove of high tech information about how the Secret Space Program works, the different levels of it, the complete infrastructure in our system of a group called Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate. And I’ve released a treasure trove of that information. But they wanted me to go a step further and start to release some of the more troubling and upsetting information that most people call ‘fear porn’.

George: And what is that?

Corey : Information that just upsets and makes people very fearful.

George: Because it’s so horrible? So dramatic?

Corey : Yes.

George: Can you give us an example?

Corey : Well, one of the examples is what I had mentioned about the secret Earth Government syndicates, abducting human beings, and in some cases, in third world countries entire villages.

George: Just taking them all.

Corey : Taking them. Taking them to sorting facilities, genetically tagging them, and testing them, and deciding what group they would be best for, to trade them off for technologies.

George: That’s the deal. They want the bodies, we want the technology.

Corey : Right.

George: Are any of these people alive now do you think? Those who have been taken?

Corey : Yeah. There’s a lot of them that are alive that probably wish they weren’t.

George: They must be in shock.

Corey : Not only that, just horrible trauma.

George: They’re on other planetary systems?

Corey : Yes. And not only that, here’s a little tidbit for you. Some of the most precious, ancients art and relics of Earth are sitting in other solar systems.

George: They’ve taken things?

Corey : We’ve traded that stuff as well. There are merchant races that deal in nothing but barter and trade. And they barter nd trade anything.

George: Did they share with you knowledge of how the pyramid were built? What they’re used for? Because I to believe there must’ve been an ET influence there.

Corey : There is another aspect to this. People talk about Lemuria, Atlantis, and all these ancients societies, I mean ancient civilizations. And people talk about breakaway civilizations, current now to our era. But what most people don’t realize is that the Mayans had a breakaway civilization – that had their priest caste. You know, we think of priest -- the priest caste were also scientists. And they guarded the scientific knowledge from the kings and below. And this was the case with a lot of the ancient groups. -- The priest caste, they guarded the information.

Well, they had a Space Program too.

George: Ancient Space Program

Corey : Ancient Space Program. And through the ebb and flow of the cycles that our solar system have been through, there have been catastrophes, there’s been all kind of things that you’ve reported about on your shows. Lot of these groups have gone underground. And lot of these ancient human groups have gone underground into the honeycomb earth. It’s not a hollow earth. It’s a honeycomb earth. And they’ve gone out to other solar systems. And they have come back in the past and presented themselves as gods to the people on the surface, until we came to a certain level of sophistication. And then, they started presenting themselves as benevolent ETs, when they’re really using their trickster god model of pretending to be something they weren’t.

George: Corey, you caught the eye of a friend of ours, David Wilcock, who truly believe you are probably the biggest whistleblower he’s ever come across, so much so, you’ve got a program, "Cosmic Disclosure". Aren’t you concerned that you’re going to say too much?

Corey : That is actually my job right now, is to say too much.

George: You could be on set one day with Wilcock, and somebody might barge right in.

Corey : That’s absolutely true.

George: That’s possible. I know David looks over his shoulder all the time.

Corey : Yep.

George: Is your family aware of this?

Corey : Yes.

George: Does it concern them, the wife?

Corey : Yeah. There have been security incidents that I won’t go into, that have been very upsetting. I am being provided a certain amount of protection, security protection.

George: Are you telling us everything that you want to on this program right now?

Corey : There’s a lot more that’s going to come out in "Cosmic Disclosure". At first we were very careful not to hit the stuff that people would call "fear porn". But there is going to be a lot of very uncomfortable information coming out. And it is not my job to throw out documents, offer proofs, photographs. It is my job to start planting these little seeds, getting the information into the consciousness of humanity for when these documents dumps and all of this proof is dropped on everyone’s lap.

George: How many others are like you out there in this country, trying to get the word out?

Corey : I know that there have been others that have attempted,but have benne thwarted and killed.

George: And killed?

Corey : Yeah. Right now, I know that that’s a possibility for me. But I have to trust that at this point, if something like that were to happen, it’s going to draw more attention to what I’m saying. Right now, the et tool they have is to ridicule what I’m saying.

George: And they’re trying to do that?

Corey : Yeah, because I don’t have documents. I don’t have photographs. So ridiculing me is the best option they have right now.

George: You sound believable.

Corey : Well, anyone can sound believable. There’s a lot of people out there that could sound believable enough. But you really have to do in any situation is use your own discernment, inside, what feels true, , what feels right. If what I’m saying doesn’t jive with your inner energy, and the way you feel and believe, that’s perfectly fine with me. I’m not going to force it down people’s throats.

George: If you could change your mind and go back into time, would you do this all over again?

Corey : How far back?

George: Six years old. Wouldn’t you want to be just that kid that plays baseball and sports?

Corey : Absolutely not. I would not. The things that I was forced to take part in and do, I had to – I have made karmic amends. I’ve forgiven myself. That stops the wheel of karma.

George: Have you done bad things?

Corey : I have had to do bad things. And I’ve allowed bad things to happen, standing by.

George: Turned your head.

Corey : I didn’t even turn my head.

George: Watched

Corey : Stood there and watched. It was part of a job.

George: You regret that?

Corey : Absolutely! It’s a very haunting thing especially when you’re an intuitive empath. Because, the empath part, you strongly feel other people’s emotions and other being’s emotions. And you don’t forget those feelings.

George: Have you witnessed a situation Corey, where somebody was abducted by an ET? And they were taking that person maybe off the planet to another planet. And you watched that happen. And they had that look They looked at you right in the eyes, and there was nothing you did to stop it.

Corey : Pretty much.

George: That’s tough to live with sometimes.

Corey : It’s tough to live with all the time.

George: So, through all this, have we come across benevolent ETs who are really out to help us? Or are they all evil?

Corey : No, they aren’t all evil. And a lot of it is point of view. I mean, is the scientist who is doing experiments on the lab mice, is he evil?

George: Some would say yes. Some would say no. He’s bettering humanity.

Corey : A lot of it’s point of view. This group that has come in, the late ‘80s, early ‘90s, that have been called the Sphere Being Alliance.

George: Which is what you’re part of.

Corey : Which is who have contacted me, and contacted the Secret Space Program, and asked for me by name. There’s a group called the Blue Avians.

George: And what is that?

Corey : It’s a 6th density being. It’s about 8 ft tall, resembles an Aian or a bird type being. Bipedal, it’s very human-looking. We had an artist do a depiction of it.

George: Scary?

Corey : No, no, very loving. Very loving. Communicates telepathically and using sign language at the same time.

George: Have people seen this thing on the planet? Like Moth Man? Maybe they’ve got is confused with something like that?

Corey : No, that’s something totally different. More and more people are starting to say they’re in contact with the Blue Avians but the only other person that I have been working with that I know is in contact with then is ‘Lieutenant Colonel Gonzales’. They have put forth a message that states that we, as humans, need to become more loving, forgiving of others and ourselves.

George: We’re, here I agree with that.

Corey : Which will stop the wheel of karma. That we agree to focus daily on becoming more service to others, on raising our consciousness and our vibration. And that by doing that, we will change the world, one person at a time, even if that person is ourself.

George: I know a lot of secret military people. And they’re good soldiers. They’re dedicated Americans. If they heard this, they would want to stop it immediately. They would way, where do I sign up? Where do I go to war to protect this country from these intruders? How so we stop it?

Corey : That is an excellent question. And that’s exactly where this is leading with the Blue Avians. People have been asking, why aren’t these higher density beings – why don’t they just come down and save us?
Well, the sad reality, and what people don’t like to hear, is they’re creating a situation to where we have to save ourselves. And one of the biggest secrets that’s been kept from all of humanity is the power of our consciousness.
Our consciousness has a co-creative mechanism to it. All of light, energy, matter, they’re all different states of vibration. And consciousness, and especially us as we become together with our group consciousness and focus on one outcome, and use love as a trigger for that consciousness, we can change our reality with our co-creative consciousness abilities.
And that is what is going to make the changes. It is not going to be ETs coming out of the sky to overthrow the Cabal…

George: It is not going to happen that way.

Corey : It is going to be us. It is going to be us going through an awakening. First, it’s going to be rough. We’re going to have to have something terrible – that’s just an example – maybe like a total huge financial collapse.

George: Again.

Corey : Again. But something really massive.

George: Bigger.

Corey : That will really tick people off, to make them open-minded, to look, to say, hey, we’ve been hack in a big Ponzi scheme. To make them think, OK, I want to know what is going on. Then boom. Data dumps. Then they’re open-minded. They have access to all of this data. Then, us together, with our co-creative consciousness, will take over.
That Cabal has used us, our co-creative consciousness, as the foundation of their black magic for all these years. That’s why they do false flag for. They’ll make a movie, or do a song, or do something to plant a seed in our mass consciousness.
And then, they’ll do a false flag to cause us , with our fear or emotion, to trigger that mass consciousness to cause something to happen, and us to co-create it in our reality. And that is the secret to their black magic and how it works.

George: How long are you going to keep trying to get the word out? What’s going to stop you if anything?

Corey : I’m going to stop when either I’m instructed to by the people I’m working with, or when I see the data dump happen, and I see all the stuff. I’m in it for the long haul

George: What if – just saying what if, in all respect – you’ve been set up by the government to be some kind of informational specialist who is trying to divert us and the attention?
Maybe something else is going on. I’m being the devil’s advocate here. But they need someone like you to get us to concentrate on something like this, where the big picture is going on over here, and we don’t even see it. Could you be that person? In all respect.

Corey : In all respect. I’ve thought about that. And this is something I’ve thought about heavily because one of the projects that I was under was called Project Bluebird, when I was a kid.
Well, all of a sudden now, these Blue Avians come in. And other people that are the Secret Space Program said, OK, what is going on?
We were in Project Bluebird, and now there’s these Blue Avians. Is this another mind – you know? What is going on?

George: You might be being used and don’t even know it.

Corey : Yeah. They said: Is this another mind screw? And when it comes down to it, the Cabal is all about to gaining ‘loosh’ from humanity, which is fear energy, to feed their masters. Controlling humanity through ignorance and fear.

George: They’re doing a good job.

Corey : Yeah. They’ve gone through – I can’t tell you how many scientist and regular people have been murdered to keep the knowledge of our co-creative consciousness away from humanity.
And the Rand Corporation did a study of, I believe, 7,000 people under one roof, meditating. And worldwide, they dropped terrorism and crime by like 71%.

George: That’s huge. And it works.

Corey : Ah, yes.

George: We’ve done experiments on "Coast to Coast" Corey and we’ve made it rain when it wasn’t supposed to by concentrating on different efforts. Lynne McTaggart, with her field research, had crime dropped in Washington DC and did an experiment with a "Coast to Coast" audience. It works.

Corey : Yeah. This is THE power; the power of consciousness is THE power that they used against us, THE power that we can use to overthrow them. And they are not going to want us to be using love and forgiveness.
These are not concepts, these are not tools, of the Cabal. So, I can see where a lot of people are going to think that, and may want to believe that. I’m playing devil’s advocate.
I’ve seen the abilities to mess with people’s mind, to make them think they’ve seen things, to believe things. And I know some incredible things are possible.

George: I want you to look right into your camera here. ARE YOU A DISINFORMATION SPECIALIST?

Corey: (looks directly at camera) I’m absolutely not a disinformation specialist. I am not lying. I am not telling anything that is not something I experienced. I am not misleading anyone. I am not an agent of the Cabal. I am delivering a message of Love, of Forgiveness, and Empowerment for each and every individual to claim for their own, and to take away from the group we call the Cabal; because it’s a tool they’ve used against us for far too long.

George: How long can you keep doing this before they get to you?

Corey : Time will tell

George: Because they will.

Corey : I know.

George: They will try.

Corey : Yeah. There’s all kinds of disinformation campaigns going on against me. I had an amazing thing. There were four people that were heavily attacking me, viscerally. Just email campaigns, blogging against me. And, all of a sudden, they apologized to me.

George: Just overnight?

Corey : Overnight. And I told them I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t accept their apology, and give them forgiveness.

George: If you could just wave a magic wand and stop something, what would that be?

Corey : I’m really ready for humanity to stand on its own two feet for the first time ever. I’m ready for us to stop being manipulated from down here and up there.
I’m ready for us to be out from under any type of financial slave debt system. We don’t need it. We don’t need a financial system at all.
I’m ready for us to have the technologies down here now, that will give us a type of life to where we can, not spent 9, 10 hours a day working, spending 2 hours a day in traffic.

George: Sure would be a different planet, wouldn’t?

Corey : Yes. We’ll be able to follow our muse. And in a post-disclosure era, there are so many new types of careers that are going to be available. People being able to study all these beings that are in the upper atmosphere of Earth.

George: It’s going to be an exciting future. But I want to thank you for having the guts to step forward.
And I look forward, of course, to your interview with David Wilcock in "Cosmic Disclosure".

Corey : Thank you.

George: Somebody’s got to step forward and disclose what the heck has been ging on to protect all of us. And Corey Goode is the person. I’m George Noory and thank you for watching "Beyond Belief".

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