Hack Statistics and the Battles in Our Skies and Oceans

The Massive Push to Cause Some of the Cabal's Prophesies to Come True

Corey Goode    12 Jul 2015
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re: Sputnik News: "Massive US Federal Employee Hack Six Times Larger Than Original Estimate" 

The powers that are soon to be gone have released this statistic about the recent hack(s). It is still just the tip of the iceberg of what really occurred. This also occurred in the EU and was far more pervasive than they are letting on.
This hack was a treasure trove of data to add to the data dumps of the future.

I have also received reports of more battles occurring in both the skies and under the oceans here on Earth between groups unrelated to the SSP Alliance. There have been some massive explosions in the upper and lower atmosphere. Many of them are occurring out at sea and reports of them may come from people that work on the oceans etc. Some are occurring over land and well up in the upper atmosphere. There is also quite a bit of weapons testing going on right now as well that shouldn't be confused for some of the activity I mentioned in the update. There is a massive push to cause some of the Cabal's prophesies to come true to bolster their followers. Damascus being destroyed and the world seeing smoke rising up from the fallen city is a major one. They have also tried to have Israel and NATO (Pretending to be Israel) attack IRAN several times. These attacks were unsuccessful because of interventions from a few positive groups. The number of false flags that have been prevented that we will all find out about some day will blow the minds of the public. These failed false flags have frustrated the opposition forces greatly. Not all of these can be stopped, there have been quite a lot that have been so far that is for certain.

In my upcoming article "The Lt. Col. Gonzales SSP Council Delegation Briefings. Part 2: Super Federation Conference, Blue Avian Meeting and SSP Alliance Council Events"  I will discuss the relaxing of the Earth containment barrier that Gonzales announced at the human-like ET Super Federation conference. The Sol system's outer barrier still stands and is dual purpose. It keeps certain beings in and others out of the Sol system and it is also apart of Sphere Alliances network that is helping diffuse incoming galactic/cosmic energy waves by a certain percentage and time period (unknown to me). With the relaxing of the Earths containment barrier we may begin to see quite a few new UFO reports and interesting anomalies in the skies.


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