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  • For those that are Targeted Individuals, by Neg ET, AIs, Black Ops, etc. Is there any effective, permanent way for them to stop the attacks etc that are being done against their will, without permission, consent etc?

    I am not really sure what to say,

    Even though I have some level of protection I have been "Picked Up" by a Couple Black Op's Groups and "Questioned" about the material I have been releasing and also about how my "Service File" has had huge area's of information removed (It is not supposed to be possible). They asked me if I remembered serving under anyone that would have the ability to do that for me. They had never seen anything like it, and if this person trained me in the "Scattering Technique" that I used on several RV'ers/RI'ers that they had looking into me. They didn't harm me and returned me home.

    This was 3 days after we saw the "Triangle Craft" above our house in the back yard that I reported in the Q and A on PA...

    I know I can use my "Scattering Technique" (Technique used by RV/RI to protect "Facilities/Bases" from Remote Viewers, to "Scatter their thoughts or presence. "Program RV'ers" often call them "Those who Scatter") against "Etheric Intrusion or Attacks" but not against Physical Encounters.

    Unless they are prevented from doing this by another "Group" then it is going to happen. I am told that if it is an ongoing program that on some level you are in agreement on a free will level that you may not be aware of. I know it sounds unacceptable but that is what is said. Sorry I do not have any wooden crosses or silver bullets to give you.

    Sometimes it is what it is. If you are a MILAB and get in contact with someone like James Bartley they can often find a way to end some of this. I know they have done so with others in the past. I just do not know how it is done. You may think about looking into contacting him or Eve Lorgen. Tell them I sent you. I have talked with James for years and he is a good and trustworthy soul (Honorable Man, IMHO).

    Good Luck!

    31 Mar 2015