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  • What is the Sphere Being/Allie Beings/SSP Allied Ultimate Agenda?

    I am not going to speculate on the full details that I have not been deemed to have a "Need to Know", but I think it is becoming more and more obvious to those with eyes to see.
    It shouldn't take too long for these recent changes to begin to have an affect down here on the surface where everything is very much still in control of those who are trying to flee right now. I was told that we shouldn't expect to be spared turmoil by off world beings. That we as Humans have been under control for so long and have been in a cycle of repeating history for so long that we will need to have a shocking series of events down here for us to have a sort of "Genetic Memory" that will prevent us from doing so in the future once we are on our own two feet and not being controlled by any "Alien or AI Gods"...

    Whether true or not I have a feeling we will find out with in a short time. The "Cabal Groups" are in panic mode and are already in a separate battle over Earths Financial Control System (AKA Babylonian Money Magic Slave System) against BRIC's AKA "The Alliance". I do not personally see how BRIC's is going to be that much better if any than what was in place before it as long as a Financial Control System is in place (IMHO).

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    10 Feb 2015
  • Why is there a kind of lock down in effect preventing even some of our own SSP Programs from "Coming or Going" as they wish?

    There has been a Stealth Civil War going on for some time between the various SSP's (Dark Fleet, Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate's and the "Solar Warden" Components) as well as the hand full of Ancient Break Away Civilizations of Earth and Each of the "Off World Groups" they are "Allied With".

    The Sphere's have been entering into the Sol System from 2 directions ("Through our Sol" & from "Outside our Sol System") and remaining "Cloaked" in what has appeared an "Observation Mode" for some time. Recently more and more of these Spheres have arrived in 3 sizes so far observed (One of which is the size of Jupiter 1/1000 the size of the Sol).

    Very recently these Sphere beings have showing themselves to certain people on Earth and meeting with Human Allies in the SSP that has aligned itself with them and their allies.

    All that being said, WHY are they preventing the "CABAL Type Human Break Away Groups" from leaving Earth (Escaping?) or their "Off World Allies" that are based on or around Earth as well?

    It seems that a wide net has been cast around our Sol System and in particular Earth to make sure that "Everyone" is present for the upcoming "Event's" what ever they may be.


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    01 Apr 2015