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  • Can you confirm if the 1969 moon landing was a hoax?

    It was not a hoax. There were some studio video re-shoots done because of artifacts and damaged film fragments. After we crashed the moon lander into the moon to test the seismic equipment and to see what the core was made of we were warned off from returning. We also picked a poor place to make our first landing because it was protected territory. Some of our ignorant acts made us most unwelcome there as a civilian Space Program. The first landings did occur and the remnants of their landings can still be seen on the moon.

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    04 Jun 2015
  • What is so special on the moon, that there are so many embassies on it?

    The moon is an ancient "device" or space station that was built by the "Ancient Builder Race". It is hollow after hundreds of feet of debris that have collected on it. It is also the perfect place for these various "ET's" to observe their "Grand Experiment" on Earth.

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    07 Jun 2015